Kaliningrad - Russia - WWIII flashpoint

How are individual nations doing under the influence of the US Unified Command Structure? also...Firefighters, Military Officers, Journalists, Architects, Religious leaders are all organising to professionally oppose the 'big lie' of the official 9/11 story
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Kaliningrad - Russia - WWIII flashpoint

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NATO pushing for Kaliningrad CATASTROPHE by provoking Russia into global nuclear war

Tuesday, June 21, 2022 by: Mike Adams
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Image: NATO pushing for Kaliningrad CATASTROPHE by provoking Russia into global nuclear war

(Natural News) The railway blockade of Kaliningrad is obviously a setup to try to provoke Russia into “attacking” a NATO member (Lithuania) so that NATO and the USA can justify a full-scale military assault on Russia. Once again, the neocons are scheming to plunge the world into global thermonuclear war in order to destroy the United States of America while attempting to maintain dictatorial control over the world’s natural resources and monetary systems.

To understand the full dynamic of what’s happening, you need to first learn about the geography of Kaliningrad. This Russian territory sits on the Baltic Sea, providing Russia its only year-round ocean access that isn’t frozen over for part of the year. Kaliningrad is land-locked, however, and not physically connected to the Russian mainland. A railway runs through Lithuania, connecting Kaliningrad to Russia proper. This railway passage has been in place for decades and has always been respected by Lithuania as Russia’s right-of-way to supply Kaliningrad.

See this map from Encyclopedia Britannica. Kaliningrad is shown roughly in the center of this map, to the west of Lithuania:

Lithuania’s railroad blockade

Under pressure from NATO and the USA, Lithuania (a NATO member nation) has now blockaded about half the cargo on that railroad, essentially declaring an illegal wartime blockade of Kaliningrad. This is an act of war against Russia, and it violates EU rules allowing open access across borders.

Russia has demanded an immediate reversal of the blockade, with the Russian Foreign Ministry saying, “If in the near future cargo transit between the Kaliningrad region and the rest of the territory of the Russian Federation through Lithuania is not restored in full, then Russia reserves the right to take actions to protect its national interests.” (SOURCE)

Kaliningrad hosts short-range nuclear missiles that can reach Poland and Germany

Kaliningrad is advantageously positioned to allow Russia to achieve denial-of-area military power projection over most of the Baltic republics, encompassing much of Germany and Poland, even using short-range missiles. Russia has the most advanced and modernized missile systems in the world, including the “Iskander” missile with a range of 500 km. Iskander missiles are launched from road-ready vehicles and are therefore mobile.

The Iskander missile system can carry nuclear warheads. It can also carry conventional warheads and even fuel-air explosives (thermobaric explosives) which can penetrate bunkers. Via WorldCrunch.com:

Vladimir Putin has put his nuclear forces on alert — a shock for many, but even more so for those just across the Polish border from Kaliningrad where Russian nuclear missiles are stationed, and aimed at European capitals from Warsaw to Berlin. The region, which is geographically separated from Russia and located by the Baltic Sea, is of vital importance to Moscow when it comes to threatening Europe — with nuclear weapons in particular.

NationalInterest.org also writes about the Iskander missile systems and why they matter. In an article entitled, “Why Russia’s Iskander SRBM in Kaliningrad Is Such a Big Deal,” the website explains:

From Kaliningrad, the Iskander can hit targets in Poland, parts of eastern Germany, southern Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, Belarus, and a great part of the Baltic Sea. …From the exclave, Russia can hit targets in most of the Baltic Sea, threatening an important shipping route, and hit NATO targets.

Short-range nuclear missiles have been spotted in Kaliningrad going all the way back to 2011. Via NonProliferation.org:

Ten years ago, almost to a day, The Washington Times reported that Russia had possibly moved warheads for short-range Tochka-U (SS-23) short-range ground-launched missiles into Kaliningrad… The SS-23s in Kaliningrad that were a concern in 2001 are still there, but recent reports add a new wrinkle: the additional presence of new Iskander ground-launched missiles with the range close to 500 km.

The bottom line? Anyone messing with Kaliningrad is risking retaliation via Russia’s highly-capable missiles.
Meet Russia’s RS-24 YARS ICBMs

Familiarize yourself with the following chart showing Russia’s missile capabilities. The chart is sourced from the Center for Strategic International Studies:

This chart shows that Iskander missiles can reach Poland, Germany and several other Baltic nations. It also shows, more importantly, that Russia’s RS-24 YARS ICBMs (noted as “SS-29 YARS” in the graphic, which uses NATO designations) can reach all of the continental United States, plus all of Europe. (The USA is pale white in the image above, a bit difficult to see but you’ll see it if you look for it.)

In effect, Russia’s ICBMs can reach any target in the Northern hemisphere of planet Earth.

What you need to know about the RS-24 YARS system is that:

It travels at Mach 20
It cannot be stopped by any known anti-missile defense system deployed by the USA or NATO
It can carry out evasive maneuvers during its flight, helping it avoid interception
It can deploy multiple MIRVs (nuclear re-rentry vehicles), each of which strikes a different target
Russia is rumored to have dozens or even hundreds of these missiles at the ready

In other words, the minute Russia decides it wants to wipe Western Europe and the USA off the map of history, it can easily do so with the RS-24 YARS missiles. And that doesn’t even require use of the SARMAT ICBMs which are even larger and can deploy Hypersonic Glide Vehicles (HGVs) upon reentry.
NATO and the USA are grossly miscalculating the outcome of a world war with Russia

The point of all this is that while the USA and NATO — both run by insane, power-hungry neocons who respect no rule of law, no international treaties and no national sovereignty — think they can beat Russia in a global thermonuclear war, they are just as delusional as they’ve been when trying to harm Russia with economic sanctions that have only devastated western nations.

If Biden forces Putin into a nuclear defense of Kaliningrad and Russia, the United States and NATO will be utterly destroyed by Russia’s nuclear arsenal, even if it means Russia has to absorb a retaliatory strike (which it can survive due to anti-ICBM defense systems and a network of fallout shelters).

By trying to force Russia into a war with NATO, the USA’s illegitimate, criminal cartel leaders (Biden, Obama, Clinton, Nuland, etc.) are thrusting the entire world into the very real potential for a nuclear apocalypse and the end of life as we know it on planet Earth. Importantly, the USA will lose such a world war badly, and the whole world will finally see how weak, pathetic and “woke” the US Pentagon has become. The US military is utterly incapable of winning even a single front war with Russia, not to mention a two-front war with Russia and China combined. And the Pentagon is far more concerned about paying for transgender surgeries for woke soldiers than actually teaching men how to fight.

That’s why we must right now arrest the criminals who stole the 2020 election. Remove them from power. Prosecute them. Pull us back from the brink of nuclear war with Russia and reaffirm Russia’s right to exist as a sovereign nation with its own interests and sphere of influence.

Yet we don’t see any evidence whatsoever that the neocon lunatics running the Biden regime have any willingness to recognize Russia’s right to exist. Thus, the entire world stands on the brink of disaster.

Elections have consequences, and stolen elections have catastrophic consequences.

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TonyGosling wrote:US-Russia nuclear war would kill 34 million people within hours and is increasingly likely, Princeton study concludes
Risk of catastrophic conflict has risen ‘dramatically in the past two years’, academics warn
https://www.independent.co.uk/news/worl ... 09116.html

Jon Sharman
Tuesday 17 September 2019 19:26
More than 90 million people would be killed or injured in a nuclear war between the US and Russia if a conventional conflict went too far, according to a new simulation created by researchers.

Such a scenario has become “dramatically” more plausible in the last two years because the two countries have dropped support for arms-control measures, according to a team from Princeton University.

The simulation, the result of a study at Princeton‘s Science and Global Security programme (SGS), suggests 34 million people would be killed and 57 million injured in the first hours of an all-out nuclear conflagration – not counting those left ill by fallout and other long-term problems.

In the animation, electronic trails of ballistic missiles arc across the screen, before blossoming into a carpet of white discs.

Worldwide destruction would include the nuclear incineration of Europe, which the Princeton scientists claimed could be brought about by the escalation of a conventional war between Russia and Nato.

20 years of Putin
Show all 21
They say: “In hopes of halting a US-Nato advance, Russia launches a nuclear warning shot from a base near the city of Kaliningrad. Nato retaliates with a single tactical nuclear air strike.

“As the nuclear threshold is crossed, fighting escalates to a tactical nuclear war in Europe. Russia sends 300 nuclear warheads via aircraft and short-range missiles to hit Nato bases and advancing troops. Nato responds with approximately 180 nuclear warheads via aircraft.”

After that, hundreds of further strikes are made on both sides against military nuclear forces. In the video, Russia’s red streaks lift away from the ground moments before America’s rain of blue obliterates swathes of the country; then, Moscow’s bombs crash into the US from coast to coast.

Later, Washington and Moscow would both target population centres, with up to 10 missiles per city from their remaining submarine arsenals.

SGS claims the video is “based on real force postures, targets and fatality estimates”. The first simulated nuclear blast appears to occur just inside Poland, near Wroclaw and the borders with Germany and the Czech Republic.

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Iran rules out talks with Trump amid Middle East tensions
The Independent asked Princeton if there were any other scenarios modelled, such as one in which Nato launches the first nuclear weapon, and what if anything the researchers suggest may trigger the conventional war in the first place.

Zia Mian, a physicist from the SGS programme, said: “This scenario was developed on the basis of a conventional US/Nato-Russia conflict, with Russia launching a ‘de-escalatory’ nuclear weapon strike in accordance with its current policy.

“It was mapped out before the Trump administration announced as part of the Nuclear Posture Review US plans for development of a low-yield nuclear weapon and expanded the conditions under which the US might use nuclear weapons.”

Both the US Department of Defence and Russia’s UK embassy have been contacted for comment.

Sam Dudin, a research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute, told The Independent that the mutually-assured destruction scenario envisaged by SGS would be unlikely to take place because US policy since 1950 has been to avoid direct conventional war with Russia. Moscow also does not want a war with Nato, he said.

Mr Dudin added: “From an operational perspective, it also seems that integrated air defence systems have disappeared from Europe. These systems would have a major impact on nuclear strikes launched from aircraft. The casualty estimates also seem to be low.

“Furthermore, several likely targets seem to have been missed out. Considering that France is a nuclear power, and British nuclear-armed submarines operate out of Faslane in Scotland, this seems like an oversight which demonstrates the American tendency to ignore allies.

“The terminology is quite typical of how the US thinks about Nato. Whereas the UK would talk about a Nato operation, as opposed to a UK-Nato operation, the US typically views Nato as something separate from them.”

Secret locations of US nuclear weapons in Europe accidentally leaked
SGS’ simulation comes as Princeton physicists launch a project to persuade fellow scientists of the need to reduce the threat posed by nuclear armaments.

Earlier this year Vladimir Putin signed a bill suspending Russia’s role in a key nuclear pact with the US, after Donald Trump pulled Washington out of the treaty.

The 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty banned the production, testing and deployment of land-based cruise and ballistic missiles with a range of 310 to 3,410 miles.
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