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9/11 Truthers under electromagnetic attack?

Posted: Fri Aug 03, 2012 9:21 pm
by outsider
I have put this under '9/11 Controversies' because obviously lots of folks won't believe in this kind of attack, but here is a Kevin Barrett 'Vets Today' article which should be disseminated: ... -says-yes/

I am fully aware of 'psychic attacks' (having been the subject of them for a long time - (no, I am not going to go into details)), and I have increasingly felt that 'electromagnetic attacks' are also a factor.
I do not go for the 'whole caboodle' re psychics and so forth, but I am aware that Witchcraft is alive and thriving, as is the similar 'Second Sight' claimed by Freemasons.
And I am firmly convinced the 'Powers' they claim are not only real, but Satanic (or Luciferian, to spare any Mason blushes).

But, 'A Luta Continua!' (The Struggle Continues!).