Thermate911 - Neil Morgan - obituary

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Thermate911 - Neil Morgan - obituary

Post by TonyGosling »

Got this touching email.
I'm sure Thermate wouldn't mind me revealing his real name all things considered.
Hello I'm Josh, Neil Morgan's (thermate911 poster on your site) son. He sadly and unexpectedly died of thrombosis related pulmonary embolism probably caused by a lung tumour.
On his death bed Neil asked me particularly to post an obituary on your site. I gather you didn't always see 'eye to eye', but I'll say that over the years Neil always spoke highly of you and your cause. He has been an inspiration to me and convinced me of all sorts of realities that surround this quest for truth.
Josh Shenton
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'Come and see the violence inherent in the system.
Help, help, I'm being repressed!'

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Thank you for your insights.
Rest In Peace.
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Thermate 911 orbituary

Post by sonofthermate911 »

Hi everyone. Its been a few weeks since thermate911's death but I have only just made it back to the UK. Coincidently flew back today and the first opportunity to post was today. I think he'd have liked that. It was his wish that I reveal the real Neil here. Thanks. Josh.

Neil Anthony Morgan

Neil Morgan who died on July 16th aged 64 was a lifelong advocate of freedom truth and justice for all.

Neil’s first love was the sea. He sailed to Iceland in his famous old Gaff Ketch; ‘Saoirse’, almost sinking in extreme weather off the coast of Scotland. This prompted him to restore and rebuild a beautiful Looe Lugger (Cornish fishing boat) called ‘Seagull’ to his own specifications. Gaff rigged with a Square sail on the main mast, ‘Seagull’ was a credit to Neil’s skills as a designer , shipwright and carpenter. ‘Seagull’ was rebuilt with a voyage to New Zealand in mind. It was not to be. Part way through the trip a serious back problem curtailed the journey. After major surgery Neil left the sea.

A move to Northumberland and then Durham saw him embark on a very different phase of his life. Neil met and began to work with a small team of likeminded people on The Argus Project ( – a non profit making background radiation monitoring programme available to all. Chernobyl was not many months in the past and there was immense concern within this team that data should be very quickly available to all, not just a select few. Now, many years on this is still the only independent system still functioning to measure the effects of the disaster in Japan and is therefore more relevant than ever.

Neil’s diverse career then led him into Political Analysis. Neil’s deep accurate research in his quest for truth , his ability with words and clear thinking bright mind, enabled him to influence many. Neil saw through the subtle controls instilled in our system-he encouraged people to ‘think’, open their eyes, ‘stop sleep walking and act’. For the last ten years he has been continuously active and respected in the Blogosphere.

A necessary break for health reasons saw him again ‘messing’ about on the French Canals in a lovely old Dutch Aark called ‘Moonrise’ renewing once more his pleasure of being on the water.

More recently Neil lived in a small paradise; a stone cottage rebuilt by his son, surrounded by mountains. Neil found outlet here once again for his immense concern and compassion for his fellow human beings Via the internet and his music studio he used his bright, logical and incisive mind to fight for freedom of the individual.

We believe he will continue this battle out there in the Electric Universe that he recognised and loved so passionately.

Neil’s wife and two sons survive him. In their own way they will carry forwards his dreams and vision for freedom and respect for the individual.

There are no words to express the loss we feel.

Diane C Shenton- Morgan M.A.
"Where thou findest a Lie that is oppressing thee, extinguish it." - Thomas Carlyle: The French Revolution: A History; pg. 34.
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