Gareth Newnham's British Intelligence Career Prospects?

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Were you on the 7/7 bus?
Certainly not.

Daniel is saying 'he is told' which is about as mild as it comes.
Don't make these unfounded miserable accusations against likely 7/7 victims.
Just take Daniel's mild criticism on the chin.
If you have any real evidence that Daniel is a "con-artist" then you are obliged to share it ... or move on.

7/7 bus bomb survivor, Daniel Obachike: The Peter Power Terror Drill Inquest
ian neal wrote:
Chi_of_life wrote:Crikey,

I can't believe activists are still tippy toeing around Gareth Newnham.
Such a bad tempered intelligence operative. The smiley faced helpful images on the web of him belie his red faced rant in which he declares every one who doubts his fakery is mad or worse.

I'm told Ian Neal is pretty high up in the intelligence machinery. No cast iron proof though.

You are a sad little fantasist, fraud and con-artist who knows jack about me. If there was ever a candidate to be (a very low level) intelligence operative, that would be you.
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China: Is Gareth Newnham a British spy who has ... "rel

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. ... 08-03-2014

China: Is Gareth Newnham a British spy who has ... "relocated" ?

Parliament Square Peace Campaign, 8 March 2014

It had been brought to our attention, that one Gareth Newnham, who is NOT one of our supporters, and has previously had a most unhealthy "interest" in our campaign, had been taking a "renewed"..."interest" in our campaign, recently.

This puzzled us, since we have not had reason to mention this particular...insect, for yonks.


tinker, tailor, activist...spy ?

A brief trawl of the twatter-sphere, appears to reveal that Mr Newnham has yet again !! re-invented his persona and China ?

Of course Mr Newnham is very well known in "activist circles" in London, having previously "ingratiated" himself into a controlling interest, in pretty much any campaign, going, over the years.

His attempts to "ingratiate" himself into our own campaign were ...repeatedly, "declined".

It would appear that Mr Newnham has deleted all reference to his quite considerable role, in the widely rubbished and wholly discredited government operation known as "Democracy Village", which was used as a vehicle, to try to violently remove our campaign.


there is a "crisis"....wherever Newnham goes.


Enough said....Just saying....

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