Current forum management agreement & rules

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Current forum management agreement & rules

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Though this forum is independent of UK 9/11 Truth Campaign the formal 9/11 Truth committee operate in an advisory capacity.
Here is the agreement reached at a meeting of UK 9/11 Truth and the foum owners on 4th November 2007. forum moderators agreed mission statement
Tony Gosling
I will bring on several named users as forum editors with the permission to:

1. move any thread to what they deem to be its appropriate section
2. edit topic headlines wherever necessary
3. merge topics which are about the same subject
4. split topics where comments constitute a separate subject
5. flag up topics to moderators for moderator intervention
6. make decisions of the layout of the front page

All actions we take will be followed immediately by a PM to the user informing them of what we've done (moving, splitting etc.) and informing them that they can change the headline back if they wish.

As well as an editorial team I will institute a formal forum management team. I will work closely with Ian Neal, Simon Aaronowitz, Mick Meaney, John White and Jim Robinson to manage the forum and liase with our ISP on all forum management issues such as non-functionality and design, as well as site security (of passwords etc) and instituting a six monthly password renewal system. We will also look at the overall design of the forum and renew it as seems appropriate, for example giving local groups their own sections moderated by named campaigners in that geographical area.

I will also recruit a team of exclusively KNOWN people who will each give their real names on the forum as co-editors (moderators) with the express proviso that only insulting or defamatory comments will be removed and that in each case these posts will not be deleted but split and moved into the moderator topics section of the private part of the forum to be kept as a record of material hidden. This team will be contactable by email PM and telephone in emergencies and make themselves available for face-to face meetings with users approximately every six months.

I will continue to give Ian Neal a personal veto on all our editorial team's decisions to suspend for up to two months or to permanently ban users as he has built up valuable experience in this area.

All suggestions please by PM to me or on this thread


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