Watergate: CIA remove Nixon for asking JFK death questions

With the creeping in of fascist/far-right military political killings in the UK this section looks at strange deaths of police, forces personnel & killings such as that of Diana Princess of Wales made to 'look like' an accident who was assassinated because she challenged the cult of secrecy and manipulation at Britain's crooked Royal Family.
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Watergate: CIA remove Nixon for asking JFK death questions

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Sturgis claims CIA 'got rid' of Nixon
https://videttearchive.ilstu.edu/?a=d&d ... xIN-------

DALLAS (UPI) — Watergate burglar Frank Sturgis claims the CIA used the break-in at Democratic Headquarters to "get rid" of Richard Nixon because Nixon was getting interested in CIA files about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Sturgis made the charge in interview filmed in Miami and broadcast Wednesday by Dallas' WFAA-TV. "Several times the President asked then CIA Director Richard Helms for the file to the Kennedy assassination but Helms refused to give it to him; refused a direct order from President," Sturgis said. Sturgis said he felt Nixon may have been close to shedding new light on the Kennedy assassination, which was

why he wanted the file. He said the CIA was involved in the planning execution of the Watergate burglary. I believe Nixon would uncovered the true facts in assassination of President Kennedy and that would have taken off the heat in Watergate. Because Nixon wanted files, the CIA felts they had to get rid of him." Sturgis also was asked if Nixon ever was in danger. "Yes, absolutely," Sturgis said. "Nixon was lucky he wasn't killed — assinated President Kennedy." In the interview, Sturgis said he believed "Deep Throat" — a major source for Washington Post reporters Carl Berstein and Bob Woodward —

was Robert Bennett, then a partner in a CIA-front public relations firm in Washington and now employed by the late Howard Hughes 'Summa Corp. Sturgis said Bennett — on orders from Helms — was fed information by Alexander Haig, Nixon's chief of staff; Alexander Butterfield, who disclosed the existence of Nixon's taping system; and Watergate conspirator Howard Hunt. He also said the CIA feared Nixon because it felt he was too powerful and too easily influenced on foreign affairs by special interest groups. Sturgis, a Cuban-born resident of Miami and a former CIA operative, served part of a 1-4 year sentence for his role in the Watergate break-in.
CIA wanted Nixon OUT for trying to see CIA JFK assassination documents<br />Frank Sturgis on the WHY of Watergate
CIA wanted Nixon OUT for trying to see CIA JFK assassination documents
Frank Sturgis on the WHY of Watergate
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