Aleister Crowley+Twin Black Popes+9/11+Concorde+Miracle

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Aleister Crowley+Twin Black Popes+9/11+Concorde+Miracle

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If I were planning something this big and wanted to send one message to the world, and a secret message to my people, I would put special meaning into all of the times, numbers and names involved in the event. Nobody ever seems to focus on what the numbers and times could mean.

There is some talk about there being no planes involved. If that's true, why wouldn't they use real planes and real hijackers? Perhaps a real plane might miss an exact point on the target that was supposed to carry some hidden meaning?

I think I have a possible solution to what the numbers represent and why the towers were targeted in the first place.

I believe there is a secret coup on the position of the Black Pope. There are two candidates, actually three for this position and one group is trying to overtake the other by using this event as a magick time bomb that points to the date when one side will murder the other sides candidate(s).

One side are the TWIN BLACK POPES and the other is a single black pope. The Twin Towers were built to symbolize the twin black popes.

On July 25, 2000 the Concorde went down into Gonesse killing 113. The Twins were conceived on the 113th day of '67, born on 115 1968, January 15th. "GONE"= s-1 s-1 e=5. GONE 115. On July 25, 2000 the twins were 12147 days old. That's 12/1/1947, Aleister Crowley's death date. Concorde means "agreement", there was a secret agreement to back the twin popes. The "accident" destroyed the agreement. The flight number was significant also, which I will soon explain.

The events are multipurpose, casting spells against the black pope twin candidates and also creating war between the Christians and Islam. Get them to destroy each other and the black magicians (Kabbalah) come out on top.

We have to think as a black magician in order to figure this out.

Flight 77 hit the Pentagon's 2nd floor and broke through 2 rings. Officially it's 3 rings, but there is evidence that the inner ring wasn't damaged at all. How and why would the two outer rings be damaged but the inner ring spared? It is a formula that foretells the date of one Black Pope candidate's murder. 7x7x2x2=196 then reduce=1x9x6=54. I will explain the 54 later...

Flight 93 hits zip code 15560. 9x3x1x5x5x6=4050. Transpose and remove zeros=54.

Flight 175 hits floor 81 and Flight 11 hits floor 96. The floor, or number between these two floors is 88.5.

The calendar I believe they're using starts on March 20, 1904. This is the Thelema calendar started by Aleister Crowley.

The 54's and 45's are VERY important here, which I'll explain.

The date system counts in groups of 22. So the first group of 22 years is group 1. Group 5 would be 22x5 or 110 years after 1904. The date 54 or 45 would be 22x5+4 years or 114 years after 1904. The specific day of that year is counted from March 20th. So you're 114 years from March 20, 1904 and you add 88.5 days to come up with June 17, 2018.

22 year grouping was chosen because, "The Master Builder. Positive Characteristics: The 22 is the most powerful of all numbers, able to turn lofty dreams into realities. It is confident, pragmatic, ambitious and disciplined. Negative Characteristics: Impracticality and self-imposed pressure can get the better of the 22."

These groups of 22 years are called "docosades".

The flight number of the Concorde was 4590 which is 4th year of the 5th DOCOSADE on the 90th day. That's the day after June 17, 2018 which is also International Panic Day. A day that symbolizes the God Pan's "panic".

The Miracle on the Hudson flight number was 1549. The "1" symbolizes there being only one black pope and the 54 is 5th Docosade, 4th year, 90th day. Miracle on the Hudson occurred on the Twins birthday. It was a message to their people not to worry, only the Twins would go down, the passengers would all be OK. After the Concorde and 9/11 I suppose they were worried about themselves. The geese they hit were the Twin golden geese that were to lay the golden eggs.

Also important is the uncle of the twins allegedly committed suicide at age 15 on April 4, 1973. 4/4/1973 is the day the World Trade Centers were dedicated. Did someone check the northeast cornerstone to see if the Uncle is there?

September 11th is the 176th day on this calendar. The date they execute their opponents is 17 of June = 176.

I have other data that shows the specific time that day as 20:22 GMT. WHY WOULD THEY CHOOSE 20:22???

If you compare that time with the exact times in GMT of the impacts you will come up with the following:
  • WTC1 Flt 11 04:46:20 6123 days, 15 hours, 35 minutes and 40 seconds
    WTC2 Flt 175 05:02:48 6123 days, 15 hours, 19 minutes and 12 seconds
    Pentagon Flt 77 05:37:45 6123 days, 14 hours, 44 minutes and 15 seconds
    Flight 93 PA 06:06:05 6123 days, 14 hours, 15 minutes and 55 seconds
    WTC2 Demolition 06:28:22 6123 days, 13 hours, 53 minutes and 38 seconds
    WTC1 Demolition 06:50:19 6123 days, 13 hours, 31 minutes and 41 seconds
    WTC7 Demolition 12:20:33 6123 days, 08 hours, 01 minutes and 27 seconds
6123 days is 6x1x2x3=36=3 sixes=666. It's also like a reverse countdown, 321 to 6.

By totaling each event time to June 17, 2018 20:22 the time will add up to about 42865 days. Add that number of days to their Black Pope's conception date of 4/2/1974 and you will get the date 11/8/2091. Recall Quatrain 2:91 from Nostradamus and if you multiply 1x1x8x2x9x1=144. I'm assuming 144 has something to do with the 144,000 chosen ones.

Notice the frequency of the 15's and 35's. 15 is the Devil Trump Tarot card, 35 is 3x5=15 the Devil Tarot card. 13's and 31's are the Death Trump Tarot card. The 12 is the Hanged Man card. Recall the "Falling Man" photograph.

June 17, 2018 has a birth card ( of the TOWER Tarot Card and the CHARIOT Tarot Card. Recall in the Judy Wood's videos she mentions the cars that were burned far away from the towers. ( WHY would this happen? What symbolic purpose could that be? Cars that just caught on fire for no reason. The cars are symbolic of the CHARIOT card. The TOWERS are symbolic of the TOWER Trump card.

I believe this is why TRUMP is in office, to symbolize the trump tarot cards.

The secret war began on August 9, 1969 with the Manson Tate murders. That was a staged magick spell that pointed to the date they would overthrow the (at the time) baby black popes with their own choice. At that time they were 6 months, 25 days old. The birth date of Rosemary's Baby. The events in Las Vegas recently, occurred on the 52nd conception date of Rosemary's Baby. These events all connected.

The police report from the Manson Tate murders states that at 11:11AM GMT a neighbors dogs began barking and the police believe that was the climax of the murders.

The time difference between August 9, 1969 and June 17, 2018 is 17844 days, 9 hours, 11 minutes. On the Hebrew calendar June 17, 2018 is the year '78, 4th month, 4th day.

I believe THAT is why they chose 9/11 because of the time difference between events and because it's the 176th day which links to 17th Day of 6th Month.

Their candidate for Black Pope will be 16147 and 15874 days old from birth and conception dates on June 17, 2018. Note that in various faiths they will not write out the word G_d. G=7, D=4. So 47 and 74 symbolize G_d and D_g, the opposite of G_d.

This all leads to the question of why don't they like the twin black popes? I believe they feel they are outsiders and half breeds being raised by non-pagans who are Christians and is sympathetic towards those they oppose and are skeptical of a one world government and religion. They believe everyone has a right to choose a religion or no religion at all and that those choices should not infringe upon his neighbors and brothers rights. They believe a one world government led by black magicians could end up like the former USSR, unless you consider massive global depopulation. An idea which they oppose.
Birth Cards for June 17, 2018
Birth Cards for June 17, 2018
Falling Man vs Hanged Man Tarot Card
Falling Man vs Hanged Man Tarot Card
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