Previously hidden: ferocious WTC7 BBC World flamewar

Twenty minutes after Reuters and the BBC announced WTC7 had collapsed - it finally obliged - a controlled demolition at free fall speed despite only some minor fires and not having been hit by any plane - no wonder so many talk about Building 7 as 9/11's 'smoking gun'.
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AJ appears to be succeeding in torpedoing this topic much to the amusement of the "BBC Friends of Israel"

Would people please not rise to the bait and ignore him/her/it

I'll suggest to ther other mods tat AJ be banned and that we seperate all bitchy posts from both sides from the excellent quality of much of this topic and bin it

now i the meantime will everyone please just not bother to reply to AJ's silliness


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Post by AJ »

ian neal wrote:
James C wrote:What is your mission here?
I've been wondering the same.

Can I ask AJ do you believe that 9/11 was an inside job?

Do you believe a further investigation is required?

Do you understand why your posting style is irritating many users?
I've already said something on the inside job notion. Do you recall what it was? If not see my first post, and think about how you react to part 2.

There already is a further investigation. But without the forensic evidence how far can that go?

Yes, I do understand. People don't like having their irrationality exposed. That is why they are so upset. Nothing more. It is child-like. One sees this all the time in young, or not very smart people. Sadly ability is in deceline in this country and the USA, for reasons I won't go into here. Anyone with any ability would have understood what I was doing and acted more constructively.

I know what I am talking about - why don't you?
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TonyGosling wrote:I'll suggest to ther other mods tat AJ be banned and that we seperate all bitchy posts from both sides from the excellent quality of much of this topic and bin it
Thank you. . . well said.
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AJ wrote:
James C wrote: AJ,

Why do you have such a bee in your bonnet? You have spent days making an issue out of virtually nothing and what's more, you think yourself important enough to tell others not to post replies to you which you may take to be offensive.

You have made some fair comments but please stop harping on about this. Not only has the BBC admitted an error was made thereby confirming the tapes are real, we now have supporting the times and authenticity and yet still you talk as if you are right. I have looked through the thumbnails and my copy of the BBC footage and can see no evidence of any trickery or greenscreen type effect.

What is your mission here?
I have a bee in my bonnet about pursuit of truth! Not offensive, just stupid and irrational.

1) All that's discussed here could be described as a fuss about nothing.

2) What matters is how evidence is analysed, not what the subject matter is.

3) You have not substantiated why you conclude what you have, just have just told us what your beliefs are. What you should explicate is the evidence which led to your "belief" not just assert that you believe or don't. What value in such nonsense - ever? Are you going to count how many folk say yea and how many nay? That is not how pursuit of truth works, it is not a matter of votes for best rhetoric!

4) Try to grasp the substantial point there, instead of just lamenting about what you can't understand. Find out what you don't understand!

5) Incidentally, nearly all the inferences you made above are logically unsound and empirically false - that's induction for you. Try deduction instead.

Look into that and you'll see why.

I don't have a mission here other than to try to encourage those who assert that they're on a Truth Campaign to understand what pursuit of truth requires, and more importantly, what it proscribes. As I've said before, don't shoot the messeger. Either get an education, or just face up to the fact that there's really little respect for truth here at all, just a passion for gossip. Keep it up, you're behaving like a bunch of nattering, slighted, "women".
Pursuit of the truth requires a close look at the evidence, and once the evidence has been proven to be authentic, the truth is arrived.

Which is the case here. Surely a simpleton of your level of inferior intelligence can understand the arrival at the point of truth has been achieved with apparent ease, but you are of inferior IQ to really figure it out.

Now for simple phrases: Back to your dog, flea.
The most transparent of all materials on this Earth is a politician.
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tomi01uk wrote:AJ I'm trying to follow this thread and all 911 news relevent to the movement and frankly you are driving me nuts with your dribble.
I would venture to suggest that is exactly the effect he is looking for. The new TTWSU3 anyone?
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