LCD projector, Portable DVD player & screen available

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Andrew Johnson
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LCD projector, Portable DVD player & screen available

Post by Andrew Johnson »

Dear All,

Just to let you know that if anyone wants to borrow an LCD Data projector and Portable DVD player and screen for showing things, there are available for free use (providing I am not using them myself at the time!) from me for anyone who can pick up/return in a 10-mile radius of Derby. If desperate, I will try to come and meet you.

The projector can be hooked up to a VCR or Laptop too. I also have a wireless optical mouse which is handy for some powerpoint presentations.

Contact me through:

Ask the Tough Questions, Folks!
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Post by Graham »

great offer. could do with that, except I'm down in Bucks. :(
John. M


Post by John. M »

A very kind offer Andrew.

If I lived closer I might well take it up, but I live in Wiltshire.

Best wishes,

Angel - now passed away
Angel - now passed away
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Post by xmasdale »

We have another powerful projector in London available for public screenengs. It's a gift from Jimmy Walter.

So that's one in the Midlands and one in the South-east? Anyone got one available in any other region?

Mick Meaney
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Trustworthy Freedom Fighter
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Post by Mick Meaney »

And another one now in Lancaster, with 4ft X 4ft screen and remote control. Send me a PM if you want to use it.
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Post by ceylon »

i am so glad to see more people are finding out the truth.
i thought i was about the only 1.
it gives me hope that we might just stand a chance a slim 1 but still a chance.
rik st albans
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Post by rik st albans »

Ceylon-welcome aboard.Great to have you here-there are millions of us on-line.

The only problem is ,will they, and you come out onto the streets on September 11th this year, as only about 50 of us turned up last year.

Watch "V for Vendetta."

People should not be afraid of ther goverments,governments should be afraid of their people!
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