Netanyahu Greater Israel bloc's Gaza Genocide October 7th 2023

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Netanyahu Greater Israel bloc's Gaza Genocide October 7th 2023

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Killing your own people and blaming the enemy… ... 0307309319

A week ago I posted on this page an admission by IDF Brigadier General Barak Hiram that he himself gave the orders to use tank’s fire in hostage situations in Kibbutz Be-eri. It becomes evidently clear that many of the Israeli casualties in Be-eri as well as other places, were the outcome of Israel prioritising killing Hamas militants over saving the lives of hostages (Hannibal Directive). In practice it was Israel that was responsible for many Israeli civilians fatalities and it is Israel reckless operation and deployment of tanks and anti tank missiles in hostages situation that is responsible for the devastation in Kibbutz Be-eri and other 7 October Gaza Ring theatres.

Disturbingly Israel then brought foreign press to these devastated scenes and pointing at Hamas barbarism knowing very well that it was the deployment of Israeli tanks, anti tank missiles and heavy machine-guns that was responsible for the carnage and the civilian’s death…

Today we learned that an Israeli battalion commander colonel Salman Habka died in Gaza yesterday. Colonel Habka was fighting in Be-eri on 7 October and he confirmed to Israeli Ynet that IDF Bri. Genn Barak Hiram gave him the order to shoot tank shells into the Kibbutz buildings.

“In an interview held after the battle in Be-eri in which he (Col Habka) participated, the late Habka said: ‘The tanks are here, the tanks are near us. I arrive in Be-eri under the command of Bri. Gen. Barak Hiram and the first thing he ordered me to do was to fire a shell inside a house. The first question that comes to your mind is if there are hostages there. We did all the preliminary actions before we decided to fire a shell into a house." (ynet 2/112023)

The question you may want to ask is what were those ‘preliminary actions,’ because many hostages were found dead after this tank’s shelling… around 83 Israelis died in Be-eri…
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