Coventry Schoolgirl's life made a misery by unisex toilets

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Coventry Schoolgirl's life made a misery by unisex toilets

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Schoolgirl's life being made a misery by unisex toilets
Jaspreet Kaur - Thursday ... r-AA1a4UsY

A mum has shared her fury after claiming that her daughter fears changing her sanitary products at a secondary school in Coventry. She said unisex toilets have caused a number of problems at Caludon Castle School.

She said her teenage daughter was diagnosed with a kidney problem at six months old. It means she definitely has to use the toilet when she knows needs to go, and more frequently.

The mum said the needs of her 14-year-old daughter, however, have not been taken into consideration despite repeated pleas to leaders at Caludon Castle School. She said her daughter has been refused to go to the toilet during lessons and also fears changing her sanitary towels inside the unisex toilets at the secondary school in Wyken.

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Speaking to CoventryLive, the 32-year-old mum, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “When the girls are in there, they are in there with boys, my daughter has had the door kicked in on her by boys when she is changing her sanitary towel. She has had it where it has come all down her leg.

“She has sometimes been too scared to change when she comes on her periods monthly and her pads have come through onto her uniform.”

She added: “She has come through onto her school uniform, loads of different things have happened. She has been the near experience of actually soiling her trousers and she has had to run otherwise there would have been an accident which she could potentially be bullied for.”

She said her young daughter will 'make excuses' to go home so she can change her sanitary towels during the school day. “She will make any excuse to try and get out of school when she is on her period to come and change her pad.

“I think that sort of affects her education and wellbeing in school. School is supposed to be a safe place,” the mum said.

She added: “She should be allowed to change her sanitary products no matter whether she is in a class or not and it should be in a safe space, not where a boy can walk in. She has had boys' heads coming over the toilet door when she has been on the toilet and that is just embarrassing.”

She said her young daughter was granted a week-long pass to use the toilet despite the fact she showed a letter detailing her condition from the GP. She said: “I do not know how many more doctors' notes I can get to prove to the school that she does have a problem.”

She added: “I have told her to walk out because I do not want her wetting herself again.” Although, this causes caused further problems as the schoolgirl then receives detentions for truancy.

She said: “I am getting a lot of notifications for truancy and when you ring the school to find out what it is it is like she completed her work and left to go to the toilet.”

She said the anxiety of not being able to use the toilet has negatively affected her teenage daughter. “It does affect her and she is on edge all the time because she cannot time when it is going to happen,” she said.

It comes after a teenage girl was left with a large cut to her forehead after a boy 'donkey-kicked' the toilet cubicle door at Caludon Castle School. Mum Gemma Brennan called on the secondary school to scrap unisex toilets which she previously described as a 'massive concern.'

Caludon Castle School has been approached for comment by CoventryLive.
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