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Mark Taylor - Bowling For Colombine

Posted: Mon Jun 07, 2021 1:36 am
by outsider
Mark Taylor is still incarcerated in a psychyciatric establishment and being drugged up. Michael Moore washed his hands of Mark, never giving him a penny for his appearance in his film 'Bowling For Colommbine', in which Mark was the star.And he never once helped him when the police and Big Pharma got revenge on Mark by fitting him up.
'Mark Taylor's Fight for Columbine. UPDATE!!!!! A Film by R. Todd Bentley':
Now his mother Donna has managed to find a lawyer willing to take up the case again, so if any of you can help by donating and advertising, please do.
'Help Mark Escape His 22 year Columbine Nightmare':
Let's face it, we all owe Big Pharma a kick in the teeth.

Mark Taylor - Update

Posted: Sat Nov 20, 2021 12:11 am
by outsider
'Help Mark Escape His 22 year Columbine Nightmare': ... orters-v5b
'My son Mark Taylor was shot 6 - 13 times at Columbine High School April 20, 1999 and almost died. The hospital doctor called his family physician & said, "I have one of your patients here. He is dead but he is talking to me." The media dubbed him the "Columbine Wonder Boy" after surviving such life threatening injuries.
We filed suit against the antidepressant maker for causing Eric Harris to suffer the now listed side effect of "homicidal ideation" to cause him to shoot Mark & his classmates that day. Our hope was to stop this from happening again. So we went on to continue lecturing about the dangers of these drugs. Mark gave a very powerful testimony before the FDA in their 2004 hearings which resulted in Black Box warnings issued for increased suicide in children given these drugs. The FDA panel was so moved by his words they even stepped down to shake his hand.
Sadly his attorney ruined his case by not meeting discovery. So the minute Mark turned 21 he was railroaded into a surprise "settlement" where he was pressured into signing a settlement agreement that the drug maker would pay $10,000 to a charity of Mark's choice! Mark got nothing for the damage he suffered & on top of that was led to believe if he did not sign that settlement he would have to go to jail!
Not long after we believe the drug makers set Mark up with false accusations to have him thrown into a psychiatrict hospital where the doctor in charge even told us there was no reason for him to be there. He had suddenly gone from being a Whistle Blower exposing the Anti Depressant involvement in school & mass shootings to a patient being forced to take the same drugs he was speaking out against!
Look up Mark Taylor Columbine and see all written. Now he is in a group home being drugged and wants out. He does not belong there & is very sick from all the drug side effects. He has rashes, shaking, vomiting, tired all the time, poor memory, & has little time to do much. I visit him weekly & the people in charge there are not the least bit friendly & never answer the phone for us to even check on him. I am very concerned about him & his current condition.
In order for you to see what has been done to him here is Mark being interviewed just before all this & then after t'hey started drugging him with the same drugs he was fighting to expose...'
Testimony before FDA in 2004:

Latest Update:
Updates (2)
by Donna Taylor, Organizer
Mark was taken to the Porters hospital in Aug by his mother because of stomach pains and unable to keep food down. They kicked her out of the hospital for a supposed restraining order by her daughter and would not give her any information about Mark health. After all the blood work they released him a day later saying he they couldn't find any wrong with him. with everything seemed fine later after his 1st Covid Buster that he did not want he had stomach pains again and was taken to the Lutheran hospital for a few day about Oct 20th. they did a biopsy and a week or so later said he has Hodgkin's lymphoma cancer and Colitis!! They are going to start the Chemo next week that he also doesn't want (11-22-21). Donna (his mother) has taken him to receive 3 IV vitamin(C, B-12, D3) treatment so far each time he feels better and able to eat and keep the foods down.

We want them to test/check him again to see if he still has the cancer or even has ever had it!

We have contacted Todd Nelson, D.Sc. Natural path at the Tree of Life wellness center in Denver we have requested the free 15min Health Strategy Session but also was told that it would cost $200 for a full check up.

So any funds would greatly help.

(I'm going to contact his mother, Donna Taylor, to try to get more info, but I have only just got this).