Eschatology from Islamic Christian & Jewish perspectives

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Eschatology from Islamic Christian & Jewish perspectives

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Following the weekend's Eschatology conference in London ... 250#174250
Here is a tidy summary of Muslim views on the End Times
Sensibly divided between what the Koran says will happen before and after the appearance of Islamic leader The Mhadi

As for the period before the appearance of al Mahdi a.s. the following signs have been mentioned:

Wars/destruction/huge number of people will perish as a result of war. Some ahadith mention that two third will perish and one third will survive
White death and red death. The first one refers to contagious disease spreading rapidly, in the past it was mainly plague, now a days many other diseases are known. Red death refers to bloodshed
The approach of black flags from the East. In the past it was interpreted for Abbasid density and nowadays ISIS try to interpret it in their favor
Dissipation of established moral convictions.
Logic and wisdom being suppressed by whims and desires.
As for the period after the appearance of Imam Mahdi a.s. Ayatollah Milani mentioned the following:

World will witness justice in every aspect of life.
Whims and desires will be controlled by wisdom and divine guidance
Enhancement of intellectual abilities
No poverty seen anywhere
Disappearance of clash of interests. Harmony and peaceful co-existence will govern
Emergence of Imam Mahdi will coincide with the descent of Jesus.
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