Suicide Drug Could Be Put in Tap Water

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Suicide Drug Could Be Put in Tap Water

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Psychiatrists are to study the idea of putting drug Lithium in Scotland's tap water.

Professor Allan Young of King's College London said: "We have a considerable body of evidence that suggests high levels of the chemical (Lithium) in the water supply could save lives."

He said he and his colleagues were beginning "urgent research" on the idea of putting Lithium in our water, in the same way as fluoride is added to prevent tooth decay.

Lithium is already found naturally in many water supplies. The scientists will measure lithium levels in water in different parts of Scotland and compare them with local suicide rates.

Dr Daniel Smith of Glasgow University said: "In Scotland, we have ideal conditions to carry out this research. A single organisation, Scottish Water, is able to measure levels of Lithium by postcode. We can also make use of the excellent data available from sources such as the Scottish Health Survey and the Information Services Division of NHS Scotland."

Studies in the US and Japan have shown that areas with low levels of Lithium in drinking water have higher suicide rates.

Source: Daily Record June 27th
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