Does Scotland need a new Tommy Sheridan?

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Does Scotland need a new Tommy Sheridan?

Post by 1984 »

Over the past week I have been hearing people saying that Scotland needs a Tommy Sheridan type to fight against the bedroom tax etc, the way he fought against the poll tax.
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Post by illeagalhunter »

Sheridan makes my blood boil , a waste of skin . He as never had a real job .Oh sorry full time tanning bed guy
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Post by malcks »

Tommy is in fact on the "case"!!!
addressing a rally this weekend in Stirling
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Post by TonyGosling »

Sounds like it'll be a brilliant speech
If anyone can record it please do!!
Go Tommy!

David Cameron to face hostile reception from bedroom tax campaigners when he arrives to speak at Tory conference in Stirling
6 Jun 2013 07:49 ... ed-1934865
...MacPherson is helping to coordinate a Stirling Against the Bedroom Tax rally planned for Saturday just yards from the Tory conference.
The meeting, at King’s Park, will include speeches by anti-bedroom tax campaigner Tommy Sheridan, Green Party leader Patrick Harvey MSP and former MSP Dennis Canavan.
Following the rally, protesters will demonstrate outside the second day of the conference.

Case study: Thomas Laird
THOMAS LAIRD uses his disability scooter as a mobile advertising hoarding to show his disgust at the bedroom tax.
The former security guard, from Glasgow’s Gorbals, isn’t affected by it but he knows plenty of people who are.
Thomas urged more people to join the movement.
He said: “I would call on the Government to stop this unfair tax before even more people suffer.”
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