10May1978 - Italy PM Aldo Moro Murdered -Red Brigades blamed

False flag operations are covert (black) operations conducted by special forces, corporations, or other organizations, which are designed to appear as though they are being carried out by an enemy. The name is derived from the military concept of flying false colours; that is, flying the flag of a country other than one's own. Generally considered a dishonourable and extremely cowardly act. False flag operations are not limited to war or counter-insurgency operations, and have been used in peace-time; for example, during the Italian Strategy of Tension.

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10May1978 - Italy PM Aldo Moro Murdered -Red Brigades blamed

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US envoy admits role in Aldo Moro killing

Aldo Moro, the former Italian prime minister, who was seized at gunpoint by the Red Brigades in 1978
By Malcolm Moore in Rome 12:01AM GMT 11 Mar 2008

An American envoy has claimed that he played a critical role in the fate of Aldo Moro, the former Italian prime minister who was murdered by terrorists in 1978.
Steve Pieczenik, an international crisis manager and hostage negotiator in the State Department, said that Moro had been "sacrificed" for the "stability" of Italy.
In a new book called We Killed Aldo Moro, Mr Pieczenik said he was sent to Italy by President Jimmy Carter on the day that Moro was kidnapped by the Red Brigades, a far-Left terrorist group.
Moro, who had been prime minister for a total of more than five years between 1963 and 1976, was snatched at gunpoint from his car in Rome.
He had been heading to parliament for a crucial vote on a ground-breaking alliance he had proposed between the Christian Democrat Party and the Italian Communist Party.
The alliance enraged both sides of the political spectrum in Italy, and also upset both Moscow and Washington.
Moro's widow, Eleonora, later said Henry Kissinger had warned her husband against his strategy. "You will pay dearly for it," he is alleged to have said.
Mr Pieczenik said he was part of a "crisis committee" headed by Francesco Cossiga, the interior minister.
Moro was held for 54 days. Mr Pieczenik said the committee was jolted into action by the fear that Moro would reveal state secrets in an attempt to free himself.
A false statement, attributed to the Red Brigades, was leaked saying that Moro was dead.
Mr Pieczenick said that this had a dual purpose; to prepare the Italian public for the worst, and to let the Red Brigades know that the state would not negotiate for Moro, and considered him already dead.
The following month, Moro was shot and placed in the back of a car in central Rome, midway between the headquarters of the Communist Party and the Christian Democrats.
In a documentary on French television last weekend, Mr Cossiga admitted the committee had taken the decision to release the false statement.
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldne ... lling.html

http://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/date ... 522891.stm

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New evidence of Kissinger's role in Aldo Moro murder by Umberto Pascali from Rome
https://www.larouchepub.com/eiw/public/ ... index.html

Some of the blood on Henry Kissinger's hands is at last seeping through to the pages of the international press. The Italian newsmagazine Panorama has finally pub lished what the European Labor Party and this news service asserted four years ago-that Henry Kissinger was the man behind the 1978 kidnapping and murder of former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro. Within days after Panorama identified Kissinger as the "symbol" of the conspirators who brought about Moro's death at the hands of Red Brigades terrorists, Kissinger's name surfaced last month in Italian court testimony as a member of the Comite Monte Carlo, a super-secret freemasonic lodge set up by Grand Master Licio Gelli. Gelli was, once upon a time, a torturer for Mussolini's secret police. More recently, he became the organizer of the Propaganda-2 (P-2) Lodge outlawed by the Italian government for plotting a fascist coup. Gelli's and Kissinger's Monte Carlo lodge has now been identified as behind the terrorist bombing of the Bologna train station which claimed the lives of more than 80 people on Aug. 2,1980, among its other crimes. You are about to learn what has become common knowledge to citizens of the Italian republic, but is banned from news media in the U.S.A.-two document ed homocidal episodes in the career of Henry Kissinger. The Moro case In 1978, former Prime Minister Aldo Moro, then the elected leader of the Christian Democracy (DC), Italy's largest political party, was trying to stabilize what had become a very shaky Italian repUblican system (40 governments in 35 years) by effecting a government 34 International enjoying the support of both the DC and Italy's second largest party, the Communists, who are supported by a plurality of Italian workers. Under this plan, called by Moro a national unity government, more than three decades of instability and "class war" in Italian political life were to be brought to an end. Leading sections of the Communist Party, including its General Secretary, Enrico Berlinguer, were agreed on this perspective. (Berlinguer called it the "historic compromise.") Then Moro, the architect of the plan, was kidnapped by the Red Brigades, and after being held for 52 days during which the Socialist Party and others carried out "negotiations" with the terrorists over the opposition of the government, Moro was killed and his bloody remains left in the trunk of a car in Rome. During the trial of Aldo Moro's terrorist captors and assassins, Moro's widow Eleonora testified. "Both my husband and other persons told me," said Eleonora Moro, "that from 1975 on, Moro had been told that his attempt to have all the Italian political forces collabo rating at a governmental level was not appreciated. He was warned not to pursue this poliy .... Otherwise he would pay dearly for his stubbornness." Previously, on April 13, in an interview in the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, Eleonora Moro stressed that these threats came from an important international personality. "I am trying to remember how the threat was formulated," she said. "You must stop pursuing your political plan to establish a political collaboration among all the political forces of your country. You either stop it now or you will pay dearly for it. You must decide how you wish to take this advice." EIR August 17, 1982
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