ARK and EIM - YouTube video removed after legal threat

Privatisation of Education as well as corporatisation and dumbing down of the National Curriculum. Exposure of organised criminal child abuse networks and their links with the establishment. Naming of individuals running the new privatised education 'charities' and their connections. Tactics used to ensure the silence and inaction of officials who fail to protect children. State ownership of children: Social Services failing to act against violent, abusive parents. Instead stealing children, with spurious excuses, ripping them away from good parents.

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ARK and EIM - YouTube video removed after legal threat

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Posted by Caz: Mon Dec 17, 2007 7:25 pm

This video shows how EIM Consult and EIM Group are related. Remember, ARK is now running three schools in London and looking for at least 12. Remember, the chairman of EIM Group and the chairman of ARK is the same person.

What this demonstrates is the evidence on the website (Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutions) that EIM (European Institute of Management) grew out of the PIO (Public Information Office) which is described as 'a fascist "personal" Military Intelligence group that spied on journalists that had a negative attitude towards the Vanden Boeynants gang'. Vanden Boeynants was specifically named in the Dutroux child sex, torture, murder scandal in Belgium first reported in the main stream media in 1996. The perpetrators of this scandal were never caught, considered to have been protected by the 'paedophile lobby'.

From: ... 6107/Judge -tells-of-murder-plots-to-block-Dutroux-investigation.html
"The file talks of seizure of children, foreign trafficking, and perhaps even of cells, if I remember well," Judge Connerotte said. ….."The sum of 150,000 francs [£2,500] was mentioned as the price for girls. I was struck by the richness of these documents. Any magistrate should have acted the way I did later."…. The girls apparently starved to death in the dungeon while Dutroux was in prison for 106 days…….In January 1996 Judge Connerotte wrote to King Albert alleging that his investigations into crime networks were being blocked because suspects "apparently enjoyed serious protection"……He went on to say that the "dysfunctional judiciary" was breaking down as mafia groups took secret control of the "key institutions of the country"….."You would have thought that the Dutroux dossier was so serious that investigators would do everything in their power to discover the truth," Judge Connerotte said….."But exactly the opposite happened. Rarely has so much energy been spent opposing an inquiry."

It states on the PEHI website that 'Col. Rene Mayerus, a good friend of Major Jean Bougerol (the protege of de Bonvoisin and Vanden Boeynants and accused by X1 of being involved in the child abuse network) became administrative-director of EIM.' The EIM website ( clearly states under 'Who we are' that they are EIM Group. They have an interest in 'Human Re-engineering', 'Perceptions' for which they claim to have a registered trade-mark, 'Behavioural Change', and 'More nursing time for nursing staff'. Under 'Guaranteed Results' it states that the Chairman is Jean-Pierre Etter, although this is a document which has been scanned in, and so would not appear on a search. Clicking on 'Home' on the website takes you to EIM Group. Chairman Arpad Busson. This person is also Chairman of ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) who now control three schools in London and are looking to control 12 in the UK. The website has now been reconstructed and the link between the two EIM companies has now been broken. However, this recording was made some weeks ago and demonstrates the relationship between the two companies. We are in a situation now where there are vaccinations at gun-point in the US
Following the State of Maryland's threats against parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated, children were herded into a Price George County courthouse being guarded by armed personnel with attack dogs. Inside, the children were forcibly vaccinated, many against their will, under orders from the State Attorney General, various State Judges and the local School Board Director, all of whom illegally conspired to threaten parents with imprisonment if they did not submit their children to vaccinations.

We have New Philanthropy Capital (created by Goldman Sachs staff) producing documents such as ‘The Children’s Plan’ presented to the public by Ed Balls:
The Children’s Plan has been prompted by concerns that academic progress in England’s schools has stalled, amid a more general public unease about the state of childhood in Britain, with fears about the pressures on children to grow up too fast in an increasingly menacing environment.
And academies teaching vocational courses to suit the sponsors:

The ‘menacing environment’ has been created by schools’ sponsors, the banking elite, state judges and the likes of BBC staff who feel to write up such rubbish as is on the Teens website, encouraging children to grow up far too quickly.

Correction: I have had it pointed out to me that there were two documents produced at this time; the one by New Philanthropy Capital concerned itself with a report about outside school hours activities on the school site, not with police or social services on the premises.

from: ... ticle30314 06.ece
The move coincides today with research which suggests that children from deprived areas gain the most from after-school clubs but are often excluded because they cannot afford to pay for them.

The report, from the charity New Philanthropy Capital, said that state funding often paid only for schemes to be set up and not for running costs.


Posted by kbo234: Mon Dec 17, 2007 9:06 pm

Excellent research and video.

Well done Caz!

Some of us already knew that there are fiends at work who are busy corrupting and debasing the English education system and everyone inside it.

I have believed for some time that these people are those that direct the think-tanks. These bodies are funded by bankers and keep generating ever-more-idiotic and demoralising policies. The 'government' that we elect are merely the Sales & Marketing Department for these people. In truth the individuals at the top of the government we elect are not even chosen by ourselves but by these banking interests.

Now it would appear that we can see that there are degenerates at the highest level who are (self-professedly) working on a project of mass mind control....

......and that these same people already have 3 English schools in their fat paws.

Teachers. Wake Up!!!

Posted by Caz: Tue Dec 18, 2007 3:01 pm

Thanks KBO. Make sure you pass it on, and we don't have any more ludicrous articles in the MSM about what a wonderful thing academy and trust schools are. I notice a peculiar comment made by Sir Cyril Taylor: ... 96,00.html
"The whole building side has been a nightmare," he said. "Most of the 27 already open are OK. There are some outstanding ones, but there are some we shouldn't repeat."

Sir Cyril singles out for criticism the £31m Bexley Business academy in Kent, designed by Sir Norman Foster, which was once described by the prime minister as "the future of education". It proved a hit with architects but less popular with teachers as they contended with classrooms with just three walls and an open side, and a stock exchange style "trading floor".

Sir Cyril called the design "crazy" and added: "I would never have built that building," he said. "You can't teach in that, so we're filling [the open sides] in.

"We're not going to have any more glass palaces. We're going to have functional buildings built of brick. Glass is hot in the summer, freezing in the winter. People can look through it and nasties throw bricks at it. And you don't have balconies on schools, anybody can tell you that."
He promised "no toilets in nasty dark areas" in future academies.

Maybe he's woken up a little to what is going on with these 'schools'. A comment I heard recently was that an architect felt that what they are now building as schools in the south-west of England look more like prisons.

Makes you wonder.


Posted by Marie: Wed Dec 26, 2007 4:17 pm

ARK's website - ARK funding Hopes and Homes:

ARK’s work with Hope and Homes for Children (HHC) in Romania closed seven orphanages in just three years, placing 1,100 children into families or family-type care and preventing another 600 children from entering the institutional system. Partnership with government means that the costs of ongoing care are covered from public funds. ... mania.html

Hope and Homes' website:

Closing Institutions - We have developed a
de-institutionalisation model which is now
being replicated in other counties with a view
of being applied at national level in the future.
We have closed down an institution for infants and set up supporting services for families which means that no other infant in Maramures county will enter the institutional system again.

And here the press release about their cooperation. ... elease.pdf

Not a word on cooperation with ARK.

And both ARK and HOPES AND HOMES remain silent about the 60 million Euro project of the European Union that financed most of the de-institutionalisation of children in Romania.
You can read all about that in
Romania - for export only


Posted by Caz: Wed Feb 27, 2008 2:09 am

Although Eim Consult and Eim Group are called European Institute of Management and European Investment Managers respectively and were founded in different years, I find it extraordinary in the extreme that a company of the magnitude of Eim Consult should send potential customers to a completely different company when they click on the 'home' link. This is phenomenally bad for business and it beggars belief that such an error could have occurred. Unless, or course, they are closely associated. It is irrelevant if the two companies call themselves by different names and are founded in different years; that one has been diverting inquiries to the other is what is significant.

I have heard that on ringing Eim Consult, people were told they had the 'wrong number' and the business address in London, although giving an impressive photograph on their website, is actually a post-office box. This is deceit. You either operate from a building or you don't. You can hardly be mistaken. At the moment the Eim Consult website is not operating at all. ( However, they have moved to another location, and maintain an interest in 'human re-engineering', and profitability enhancement:

One of my concerns with the original EIM Consult website was the mention that they would provide 'more nursing time for nursing staff'. I did wonder if they meant something like this:
Fifty nine sixth grade girls were instructed to strip to their underwear and wait for a genital examination that was part of a state mandated physical. Sixteen of the girls started to cry and some asked to call their parents. The school nurse called them ``babies'' and refused to let them call home.

One 11 year old, Susie Tucker, wouldn't take no for an answer. ``I want to call my mother. My mother wouldn't want you to do this to me,'' she said. Her pleas fell on deaf ears. One nurse was reported to have blocked the door so that none of the girls could escape.

The physician reportedly put the girls in a room and had them lie down on a table, spread-eagled, with nothing covering them. Susie Tucker's mother, Katie, said, ``The girls had no idea what they were doing. The doctor didn't talk to them. She just did the genital exam and didn't say one word. All my daughter could do was stare up at the ceiling. And it hurt. It still hurts.''

The evidence on the internet for a 'Jean-Pierre Etter', chairman of EIM Consult, is scanty indeed. A Jean-Pierre Etter is mentioned as having written a book: 'Start small, grow big, stay human and conquer the world.' ... risult&Ite mid=999&desiditem=52428889&frommm=1

However, a google search for Arpad Busson brings up vastly more.

With respect to Eim Group, from ... l?in_artic le_id=391347&in_page_id=1770
EIM is reckoned to have about £5.5 billion under management. But available accounts reveal next to nothing. The firm's figures are consolidated in Luxembourg and are not released to the public. Neither is Busson's client list — although we know EIM has had dealings with the wealthy Bin Laden Saudi Arabian clan, albeit not with Osama Bin Laden himself.

Ark (chairman Arpad Busson) is already, provably, deceitful. On ARK Schools Website 4/9/07: 'Ark schools has no religious affiliation and is committed to non-selective education.'.....Job advertising 'Inclusion Coach': Under the Burlington Danes Academy School's coat of arms: 'A Church of England School'. Evidence for this is at

However for anyone to see the attachments they will have to be registered on this website. So Christianity with a lie. As someone has already correctly stated with respect to Ark taking control of schools: 'We did not need Ark'.

I have previously mentioned that Aecom ( will be taking control of children (has a military arm and sub-contracts to the pentagon); it masquerades as 3es ( and received Tony Blair's full support.

In ‘The Great City Academy Fraud’, it says:
Sir David, having no experience of education, asked one of the mushrooming educational consultancy’s to run the school. He chose 3E’s, the firm set up by the first head of the first city technology college, Valerie Bragg, and the late Stanley Goodchild, a former chief education officer for Berkshire. Tony Blair, opening the academy, made a point of crediting them: ‘Stanley Goodchild and Valerie Bragg, for their educational leadership of the academy project through their path-breaking company 3Es.' 3E’s apparently stands for ‘education, education, education’. I’ve heard that phrase somewhere before, and am wondering whether they should be paying royalties. The Prime Minister’s endorsement will have helped 3E’s win the contracts they now have for four more academies in Chelsea, Lewisham, Croydon and Liverpool; but this is hardly a surprise, since Valerie Bragg is also an advisor to the Prime Minister’s office on regeneration of schools.

What we need is transparency, and we certainly don't have that. This is, after all, about who gets their hands on our children.


Posted by Ian Neal: Thu Mar 06, 2008 1:14 pm

Our ISP has received a complaint and threat of legal action in response to a recent thread entitled ARK and EIM. If the thread had not been removed the whole site would have been shut down until the matter could be resolved. As a result I have decide to remove it pending discussion amongst the moderators.
Thank you for your understanding
Posted by Ian Neal: Thu Mar 06, 2008 1:16 pm

FYI email received 10 mins ago which led me to move this thread
Hi Ian,

We have received notification of possible legal proceedings against today
regarding possible defamatory postings on your forum under the thread 'The War on Children' - 'ARK and EIM'.

As we do not want to get drawn into a legal dispute on your behalf we must ask you to remove the post in question from your forums. The post linked is below:

We need a response to this email within 24 hours with confirmation of the
posts removal otherwise we may have to suspend the site pending successful resolution of the matter between yourself and the person making the complaint.

Kind Regards,

Simon Wallis
UH Abuse

Posted by Toby Gosling: Thu Mar 06, 2008 3:46 pm


That is not a post, it is an entire topic.

What exactly have the lawyers told the ISP are they objecting to?

Have you got the full text of the legal letter the ISP recieved?

Is all comms between the ISP & you on this thread?

This is a bit tricky of the ISP because they should give us the text of the objection so that we can decide what to do. We can then take out any offending info and replace the rest of the thread!!

We should have all that info up here on this thread and post the legal letter on the public forums.
Posted by Tony Gosling: Thu Mar 06, 2008 4:36 pm

For everyone's information.
this is the video EIM/ARK failed to get YouTube to remove

You can save it to your own computer using this link

Ian Neal is (I hope) curently in communication with the ISP to establish if there is any grounds for the legal threat.


Posted by Ian Neal: Thu Mar 06, 2008 8:12 pm Post subject.

I asked for the specifics

The letter from the solicitors to the ISP is confidential according to UH. If necessary they can pass my details on to the solicitors and ask them to contact me.

What I have posted is the full total of the communication


Posted by Tony Gosling Thu Mar 06, 2008 8:22 pm

That's ridiculous and where Greennet would be 1000 times more helpful.

Maybe you should xplain to them that unless there is a specific allegation we'll replace the thread tomorrow.

Can't have this sort of silliness.
Ian Neal wrote:
The letter from the solicitors to the ISP is confidential according to UH.

Posted by Tony Gosling: Thu Mar 06, 2008 8:26 pm.

Latest info is that the ISP FastHosts has told us to remove the entire topic or they'll close the whole site tomorrow - even though they won't give us any specific allegation of defamation.

Here's more on the man:
Arpad is the one on the left


Posted by Paul Wright: Thu Mar 06, 2008 11:52 pm
TonyGosling wrote:
Latest info is that the ISP FastHosts has told us to remove the entire topic or they'll close the whole site tomorrow - even though they won't give us any specific allegation of defamation.

Here's more on the man:
Arpad is the one on the left

Ouch.This the most appalling thing I've read in a long time .
Culpables in line with the Dutreux thing are threatening?


Posted by Tony Gosling: Fri Mar 07, 2008 1:51 am

From what they're saying all we have to do is change the headline and extract one post which Caz believes is suspect o a new url and we should be in the clear.

Let's see this as a challenge to be risen to.


Posted by Tony Gosling: Sat Mar 08, 2008 1:14 am

The discussion really needs to be with the ISP because we really don't know anything yet.

here is the legal note sent by YouTube
This email is to inform you that YouTube has received a defamation
complaint regarding your YouTube video "ARK Schools". While YouTube is
unable to give you legal guidance in this matter, please be aware that if
legal proceedings are commenced in relation to the Video, YouTube may be
forced to produce information concerning the video, such as your email
address and IP addresses associated with your account. Remember, you are
responsible for content you post to YouTube. If you are unsure whether
your video contravenes relevant defamation laws, we recommend you contact your own counsel for guidance.

Posted by Tony Gosling: Fri Mar 21, 2008 12:59 am

Youtube have now removed the video

nothing about why!!!


Posted by Tony Gosling: Sun Mar 23, 2008 3:17 am

version of video without the audio



Posted by Caz: Mon May 19, 2008 11:13 am

Video now at this location: ... ored_video

Talk page re video at this location: ... ored_video

Solicitors letter from Schillings at this location: ... to_EUTruth. Org_over_EIM_Chair_Arpud_Busson

What others have said about Schillings:

from: ... s_lawyers_ send_take_down_notice
Schillings Lawyers send 'Take Down' notice to
03:27:14 pm, Categories: The site, Rant and Rave, YouTube, Wikileaks, 1195 words
So I woke up this morning to find a "take down" notice in my email inbox, and to be honestly surprised it did not come from Scientologists. It came from some other bottom feeders... Rich criminal defence lawyers that protect the big money of convicted criminals.

Basically these law firms are very happy to accept the blood money their clients make in exchange for their "services". In my mind evil can only happen when good men (and woman) stand by and do nothing and in the case of a law firm like Schillings Lawyers.... they not only do nothing, they for financial reward, attempt to stifle free speech and those critical of the criminals they defend.

In my case, Schillings Lawyers sent a threatening email to my hosts (The full PDF of what they sent me can be found here: . I have hosted it off site so that my current host (The Planet) can not be held liable for it). However, that said, to quote the important bit:

"We understand that you host the website (“the
website”) and we write to you in that capacity.
We refer to a recent posting appearing on the Website entitled:
“Arsenal football club bought out with blood money” (“the Posting”). The Posting
reproduces an article originally written by Craig Murray. The Posting can be
found via the link: ... ootball_cl ub_bought_out_with_bl
The posting is false, indefensible and grossly defamatory of our client. Our client
views this matter extremely seriously"

A quick point to Schillings Lawyers... "labling something as "private and confidential" does not make it so. I have entered into no such contract with your insidious law firm.

The post they are referring to is one in which I wrote about how Alisher Usmanov (a convicted criminal) purchased Arsenal Football Club with blood money he earned while he allegedly built his cartel on drug money, extortion and other illegal activities.

However, this post is not about how siff the guy is (that was the purpose of my last post), but rather the bottom feeders that crow around his money at your expense. If you would like to find out more information about Alisher Usmanov please read this article by Craig Murray (former ambassador) ... manov.html .

The information Schillings Lawyers wanted me to remove was a copy of Craig Murray's post I had added at the end of my writing to give people more information about this shady character.

In response to that, I have had to remove the duplication of Craig Murrays article and have it now hosted in a country that is legally safe for it (and therefore out of the jurestriction of The Planet). I have included links back on the post back to the original article in its entirety.

When I used google to research what Schillings Lawyers have being up to... Google came back with a real lot of responses, and it seems that most bloggers that have reproduced that article by Craig have also being threatened by them.

Matt Warden, a prominent political blogger had this to say

"Schillings, a London Law firm, have closed down several prominent political blogs (case study on dealing with the “internet attacker“) by contacting their webhosts, on behalf the new part owner of Arsenal - Alisher Usmanov.

Mr Usmanov’s lawyers have also sent “cease and desist” type letters to a number of other blogs that dare to mention the fact that he has been criticised, including Arsenal Fan Blogs." ... loggerhead s-and-other-sites-after-legal-threats/

So it appears an all out attack on freedom of speech has being instigated by Alisher and law firm Schillings Lawyers.

It seems that its not only bloggers who are the victims of Schillings Lawyers. It appears that they attempted to take on one of the most important sites on the Internet today, is a website dedicated to getting the truth out. For the leaking of important sensitive documents that almost always incriminate those in positions of power.

An article linked to has this to say about Schillings:

"Have successfully faced down the notorious legal firm of London based minor celebrity media spin lawyers Schillings, whose attempts to censor UK political blogs backfired so spectacularly over their rich client Alisher Usmanov''s criminal past ?

They were threatening on behalf of the discredited Northern Rock plc, who managed to have the first run on a bank in the UK in over 140 years, and who, together with the inept handling of the crisis by the Labour government, are costing the UK taxpayer billions of pounds."

Original link

As you can see, Schillings Lawyers appears to be on the rampage in their attempts to silence people critical of their criminal clients. I just had a thought about this. From what I can see based on this information at my disposal... Schillings Lawyers clients that have being mentioned in the news and information I have seen... all appear to be very shady and illegal characters or companies that hide behind their blood money and lawyers. I wonder who the rest of Schillings Lawyers customers are, and I have to wonder if all of them are just as guilty of similar or worse crimes than the ones we know of their clients whos crimes we do know.

To me, if someone had to mention to me that they were represented by Schilling Lawyers the first few thoughts would be, "criminal, lots of blood money, dangerous". As you can see in the original legal PDF document sent to me the names of the partners at this infamous law are:

Rachel Atkins
Gideon Benaim
Rob Christie-Miller
John Kelly
Keith Schilling
Simon Smith

I am writing down those names so that history can remember them for the kind of people they are. They are the architects behind Schillings Lawyers and in my mind... are just as guilty as their clients.

There's an old saying, "No single raindrop believes it is guilty for the flood" Nowhere is this more evident than here.

Ive said what I have wanted to say about Schillings Lawyers and their siff tactics and I would suggest that everyone out there watch what this law firm and what their clients are up to, because they are the smoke that indicates that there is a fire.

On a personal note to Schillings Lawyers... should you send a take down notice to me about this post I will be shutting down my hosting account with The Planet, and I will be moving it to South African hosting which will be completely beyond your control. I will also make sure that all information about what you try do to this site and others is well documented for future generations to see.

Posted by Paul Wright: Sun Jun 08, 2008 9:59 pm

Anyway, seeing as that YouTube video has been taken down, and these parties are making threats, we can assume there is something very big to hide.
Is that video still up elswhere?
EIM's Human Reengineering and Profitability Enhancement is a worrying concept particularly if it's feeding into schools and young person's institutions
It's like an arm and branch of Common Purpose


Posted by Caz: Tue Jul 08, 2008 2:23 pm
Video and solicitor's letter here: ... ored_video ... to_EUTruth. Org_over_EIM_Chair_Arpud_Busson


Posted by Caz: Tue Jul 08, 2008 2:37 pm
Who is robbietherobot?

The following is a comment posted on youtube and the reply, while the Ark Schools video was running, prior to it being removed by youtube:
Robbietherobot (1 week ago)

This is a classic case of internet paranoia leading to sloppy
journalism. If you had done your research properly you would have
noted that EIM (European Institute of Management) was founded in
the 80s; the EIM Group was founded in 1992 by Arpad Busson
(former partner of Elle MacPherson, currently dating Uma
Thurman). A quick cross check reveals that the two are entirely
different entities. Get your facts right!
Cazzac111 (1 week ago)

If a company sends customers to another they are
associated. Eim Consult said people had the wrong
number, the business address in London is a PO Box, they
have a new website. Evidence of Etter is scanty. The Daily Mail,
Paul Bracchi: available accounts reveal next to nothing. The
firm’s figures are consolidated in Luxembourg…not released to
the public. Neither is Busson’s client list…we know EIM has
had dealings with the wealthy Bin Laden Saudi Arabian clan,
albeit not with Osama Bin Laden himself.

Both posted a week prior to when this document was printed, on 6/03/2008 ie. about Feb 29th.

This is not long before the website received a legal notice (on March 6th), youtube received a legal notice (on March 3rd) and Schillings letter sent (March 4th).

So, who is robbietherobot?

Is this robbietherobot?

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Posted by Caz: Thu Jul 10, 2008 9:27 am
Contact Robbie here or email him at
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Is this 'gray slot-nikov'?


Posted by Caz: Fri Aug 01, 2008 1:06 pm

Thread which was removed on account of legal threat posted here:


Posted by Caz: Sat Dec 13, 2008 6:03 pm

a possible connection to the Russian Mafiya?? ... f=46&t=166
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Where did the rest of this thread go??
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