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Keith Mothersson
Angel - now passed away
Angel - now passed away
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THIS COMING SATURDAY (8th November) 10.00 for 10.30 am start finishing about 5.00 pm
at the Falkirk Christian Centre, 1 Glebe Street, Falkirk,
(FK1 1HX (01324-83178) - very near Falkirk Grahamstown station and bus station)

Keith writes:
With Paul Carline in Africa, I am feeling rather lonely as a 'co-ordinator' of ....what?

AGENDA - Non one has yet sent in their ideas - but there is still time, please suggest agenda items, workshops, volunteer ....


911 Truth Scotland
= very loose network huddling together with the like-minded?
= hobby club of recreational conspiracy geeks?
= Inquiry movement avoiding 'speculation' ?
= disciplined ongoing seminar/inquiry truth movment into what really happened that day?
= organised political current aware of the Big Lie at the core of the War on Terror?
= more general educational movement in society at large and/or within the movements for peace and anti-racism, etc - which treats 911 as a portal to wider understandings about Power and suppressed knowledge in a range of areas?

How can valid approaches avoid stepping on each others' toes?

How has 9/11 affected us personally?

What strains are there on us living in a cognitive minority?

Can we avoid denial/ill will concerning the denial and put downs we receive from others for being the carriers of tabooed knowledge?

Can we avoid cult/party/sectarian tendencies to try to impose party lines and to assume people who disagree with us are bad?

Can we discuss with people who hold different views of 9/11 (and the best approach we (who?) 'should' adopt in spreading the word) with care, patience and goodwill - in the interests of truth and maximum social change in the long run ...?

Are we engaged mostly in politics, reasearch, education, information provision, witnessing or therapy/healing/awakening and spiritual growth (Blake's 'mental fight'?) ....?

Should we produce a general introductory leaflet - or can it only be divisive ?

Ditto should we produce a leaflet about the core Physical impossibility of the twin towers 'falling' at a speed faster than falling?

Who is this 'we' - who will do the work?
who will raise the money and how?
is there anyone who would like to take over as co-ordinator or share the role?

I will be arriving by 10.00 and will put the kettle on (The venue is on first floor above a Christian bookshop, and it has two main meeting rooms, plus kitchen and hallway, excellent venue)


Please bring food and drink (no booze) to share at lunchtime.

Please bring Big sheets of paper, crayons, pens, etc for 'workshops' or 'playshops' .

Please let me know by phone if you need to bring children so we can discuss how they can enjoy the day as well (01738 783677).

Please bring DVDs, literature, T-shirts, etc to sell, give away or just show people what relevant books exist ....
For the defence of our one worldwide civilian Motherland, against whatever ruling or informal fraternities.

May all beings be happy
Keith Mothersson
Angel - now passed away
Angel - now passed away
Posts: 304
Joined: Mon Aug 01, 2005 2:06 pm
Location: Perth

Minutes of the 2nd Falkirk Conversation

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911 Truth Scotland – Second Falkirk Conversation, Nov 8 2008

Present: Cast in order of appearance: Keith Mothersson (Perth) , Richard Reid Ritchie (Stirling) , Tony Lennon (Motherwell), Malcks MacDonald (Alloa), Ramsay (Alloa), Alan Govan (Glasgow), Mizzie Hussain (Edinburgh), and near end James McLeish (West Linton)

Keith made feeble attempts at chairing but basically these cats were not for herding. Instead an interesting free-wheeling conversation developed, some of the points made being recorded below …... apologies for the many interesting comments people made that I didn’t write down and have omitted or got scrambled.


Co-ordination: Keith backing out of co-ordinating role, especially this winter as he needs to write. Mizzie reported Paul may be coming back earlier than otherwise planned – maybe early Spring? Alan prepared to do more but doesn’t feel confident, so needs someone to work with. Also Alan’s offer is to do with the network developing in a more general Truth direction – not just focusing on 9/11. He would contact Sharon Matheson about her offer to arrange some musical fundraiser in the West of Scotland. Keith encouraged all to jointly ‘co-ordinate’ to the extent of keeping in mutual touch, e.g. through REPLY ALL to e-mails (it wouldn’t take him long to FW to the original large e-mail group if a Reply All message came from the more recent short list or the Blind copy list – and vice versa). Or else to use the Scottish section of the 911forum website:

To Keith’s challenge about were we just a friendship and hobby club, Mizzy replied that there were worse things to be, that could still be valuable in our lives and the ripples would inevitably spread. Alan said how he valued our existence, as he found the last year or two had been a steep learning curve and it was nice to be among the like-minded (more or less) – at least no one would scorn his views here.

General Leaflet: Keith’s draft only briefly referred to. It was clear that there wasn’t a consensus for the No (Manhattan) Planes angle so Keith would redraft to make it clear this was just his own version. Anyone else fancy a go at drafting a general introductory leaflet for 911 truth Scotland? Alternatively Alan proposed our need for a more general truth Manifesto? [As things turned out we defined ourselves more through a quality of discussion and general approach to truth-work.]

Physics leaflet: As promised in our first Falkirk meeting, Keith distributed a leaflet about the Physics of Sept 11 intended for intelligent school and university students of Physics. [attached – comments welcome: this is the latest version I have sent to Perth and Kinross Education Dept with a request to be able to come in and lead a workshop with pupils or else guidance on distributing outside the school; I have just sent another version for university students to the Edinburgh University strudent journal, suggesting a story].

Richard and Mizzie to try to keep in touch with the elusive Jay (hi, Jay we love you and we need you!)

Mizzy to try to get Tariq Ghasnavi’s to resume his sequence of truth film shows he had put on at Forest Cafe, including Zeitgiest and Century of Self.

[KM adds: She now reports that he's proposing to organise a talk/event at the Forest on the opportunities surrounding the credit crisis, as well as an experiential event (outdoor market using alternative money/ trading systems).]

DVDs: Keith made available a set of DVDs by Andrew Johnson, available cheaply through – but Keith reckons that poor Andrew has tons to do, so it would be best if Scotland could come up with someone(s) who would take over at least some of the copying that we need – both from Andrew and maybe from others. Volunteers?? Please phone me on 01738 783677.

Richard too had a display of more general truth movement DVDs also at a very reasonable price- please contact him on 01786 812544 or e-mail richard[dot]reid999[at]btinternet[dot]com or snailmail: 29 Firs Cres, Bannockburn, Stirling, FK7 0AH – my haul included the following: Zeitgeist Final Edition; JFK Bush Connection; The Illuminati; ‘Evidence’ NASA UFO Footage; Riddles in Stone.

More General Conversation Points:

Awareness of the fragility of our Democracy (such as it is): Richard reckoned things were moving fast, the Wall Street crash had been engineered and the PTB would use Obama to front unpalatable crack downs, for which much of the legislation and the technology and installations was already in place. Eg. A field in Minnesota with millions of plastic coffins, clip together plastic cells, rail wagons with shackles, Halliburton-built and staffed concentration camps. The Australian government was openly out to monitor every internet connection, and a big attack on the internet was coming.

Here in the UK David Icke had reported traffic wardens were being upgraded to deputy police ‘Civil enforcement officers’. Malcks reported that in the Bangor/Dechmont area near Livingston a woman had been terrified by seeing armed police breaking into old Bangor Hospital houses – just training – but for what? - for roundups to come??

[Mizzy forwards this from Paul Carline ... &aid=10462 Police train for Riot Scenarios.]

Food will be a priority issue for many in the West in the years ahead, as already with much of world’s population.

It would be a struggle to stop the authorities form injecting mercury into our kids. Mizzie talked of the ‘fluoride nurse’ at her school, and similar programming of children’s minds, e.g. imagine yourself being evacuated in WW2. Soon every piece of work children did might be logged on mega-intranet databases, for example Studywiz and Glow (Plans for Glow are for a global database) with art and handwriting discriminated against that couldn’t be entered into databases: ‘That computer is a copy of your brain that they can see into’ she concluded.

Keith reported that the Holocaust cult was getting more and more out of hand, one young girl he knew had expressed fear about going into the showers in case gas came out. Malcks reminded us of military parades creeping in, and reported his struggle to stop his kids being photographed in school, he suspects that they are especially after irises. ID cards were creeping in, and even human chipping with RFID was on the horizon. We should assume all our e-mails and phonecalls are under a degree of surveillance. However it is even more dangerous to act or not-act from fear – we must keep using our freedoms or lose them.

On the subject of Media control Tony and Richard wondered whether the recent downfall of Russell Brand (after a show which – whatever one thought of it had originally only attracted two complaints – could have been connected to his having hosted David Icke in full flow recently – 911 an inside job; Bush a pedophile etc – to which he had added: ‘I agree with everything you’ve said’. [KM adds: interesting possibility – like UK Judges and Eliot Spitzer coming unstuck a few weeks after they buck the system. However I personally found their fratish prankster humiliation ritual repulsive and consider that if there were originally only 2 complaints, that itself is a hugely worrying sign!]

Initial responses to 9/11: We ourselves had nearly all been fooled, at least for a while. ‘Bomb them’ had been Malcks initial response. Mizzy had felt no shame qua Muslim – indignant that people might think she should: ‘I didn’t do it!’ Tony remembers someone saying ‘Someone’s going to pay for this’ – but within a few days ‘the French’ (Thierry Meyssan pp French State?) had begun to question the official story of a plane at the Pentagon. However once the main OCT ‘memes’ were laid down in the media, they could be assumed to be true with no need for the media to give coherent details that added up. Unfortunately people were passionate and articulate about e.g. Sport Phone-Ins, had lost sense of proportion as it was just a game.

Scope of our concerns: Richard felt strongly that though 911 was a great opportunity for people to pierce the official (un)reality (TV as perfect example of the flickering shadows in Plato’s Cave), we should aim to use it to introduce people to a full range of alterative suppressed bodies of knowledge, e.g. other false flags; State assassinations; State experimentations (Mengele, MK Ultra, Cointelpro, etc), Secret societies and Financial ‘magics’, HAARP, alternative health , paranormal phenomena (Lothian hotspots, eg. for UFO sightings?) , quantum physics and spirituality, suppression of alternative Tesla physics and water-powered cars, prophecies, ancient civilizations, and ‘exopolitics’ – where did this ‘bottomless pit’ end? Many felt 911 was indeed a great portal, but that there could be problems in raising more ‘way out’ stuff than people were ready for, especially if it meant that people wouldn’t want to step onto the first rung of the ladder (911). Also we need to keep an all-round skepticism, not just swallow anything because it goes against official or mainstream accounts. Just because something was near the edge - or beyond - our comfort zone, doesn’t necessarily make it true – or false.

Recent Big picture history of Twentieth century: Keith drew attention to two books which critiqued Western Imperialism in the 20th century without assuming that the British State and the City of London were passive partners with Washington/Wall Street (or Israel).

GG Preparata Conjuring Hitler: How Britain and America Made the Third Reich, Pluto Press, 2005

William Engdahl A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order, Pluto Press, revised edition 2004 (but he misses the perspective of! )

It is noteworthy that though Pluto had grown out of the Left (IS/SWP) it was now able to contemplate such big picture ‘conspiracy hypotheses’ – which also took in lots of smaller conspiracies on the way e.g. Kapp putsh, Reichstag Fire, Kirov assassination, overthrow of Mossadegh, etc. Yet all of these fraternities are part of a wider system of Fratriarchy, he believed, which works by greed, hate and delusion, throwing up either-ors and rankings and enemies and outgroups aplenty so we easily lose sight of the wood for the trees, and start to side with one frat or frat-extruded ideology against another.

Truth-work and a spiritual perspective: We need to cultivate the Mind of not-knowing. It is hard being in a cognitive minority, with the courage and wisdom to question and if necessary stand out, yet without getting bitter or contemptuous or ashamed if we are mocked. ‘The truth is the work is awakening’ (James) We all agreed that we needed to be able to discuss without getting heated, nor abusive towards those who don’t see things our way. This is for our own peace of mind and staying power, for the quality of our research and ability to appraise every next piece of evidence or hypothesis with an even-mind, not needing or wanting X to be the case or fearing that it might be or night not be, etc – which capacity was vital to avoid unnecessary divisions through getting over-atttached to our opinions, or aversive to certain words and themes (e.g. the mere phrase ‘New World Order’ could get some people going!) and the projection of our hopes or ‘shadow side’ personal rancour onto others. We need to cultivate an open even unafraid mind, which means monitoring internally even as we study and discuss externally.

And even as we ourselves are aware of dangers ahead, we need to access ‘calmnesses and strengths’ (James) so we don’t just panic people, but become nodes for alternative community. Mizzy too identified developing a sense of trust in Life/Future-Unfolding/God, as a vital task, whose necessity was thrown into sharp relief even as (and because) we were also allowing ourselves to face up to all the horrible stuff most people preferred not to notice.

Outreach attitude: We agreed that ‘winning arguments’ was pretty futile, but we might often have to defend ourselves with appropriately energetic ju-jitsu in order to get people off their Establishment-identified ‘certaintism’ high-horses: e.g. Richard tends to ask questions (‘How do you reckon the towers became dust as fine as talcum powder?’ Or ‘Why do you think the FBI admitted being behind the 1993 bombing of the WTC?’) and once people say – ‘What do you mean?’, you reply: ‘Oh, you didn’t know that [such and such] ….. and you were telling me I didn’t know what I was talking about’ with a view to creating an open-ended dialogue where before was just pillorying or macho trench warfare: ‘Ma theory is better than your theory’ (as Macks put it).

Use of Media: Keith reflected on the scatter-gun DVD-and mass-leafleting distribution strategy of his early years of 911 realization were a) too expensive for him to be able to afford now, and b) premised on the assumption that everyone who learned the truth would tell others so a power of squares dynamic would kick in which would eventually overwhelm the official story. This model paid insufficient attention to the ability of the Media to keep Official Truth (Pravda) going but also the way in which many people had a less activist peace movement orientation to this information in the first place, being oriented to ‘conspiracy hypotheses’ not so much as levers for action but as consumer items for ‘recreational conspiracism’ (like X Files DVDs). So we needed to work with the grain of our everyday-life connections and try to identify likely neighbouring communities who could be receptive to 9/11 and other truths, e.g. at check-out counters people might like to talk about Diana’s murder, or in garages about ‘water-powered cars’, etc.

Malcks reported that he would often ask people if they had Sky TV and if they said yes he would recommend Edge TV. Keith recommended people subscribing to – which sends a usually short video clip with very short commentary out every day – it carried some great material, and it was easy to FW to people. Also when talking with young people he tended to leave them with a YouTube title to look up that evening …. E.g. Hunt the Rubble – thus piggy-backing our face-to-face communication onto the whole currently-still-available alternative media infrastructure. Richard warned it might not last long and we should download good material to our hard-drives in anticipation of the worst case.

Truth events: We agreed we should back each other up in arranging truth days or evenings or stalls at festivals (Meadows great success), etc. Alan had a vision of an Open Day conference or fair, loosely modeled on Body Mind and Spirit events with speakers on Forbidden Knowledge, Health, the Money Crisis and Climate Change, as well as 9/11. Basically there is no money in any communal kitty for this, so if someone wants to invest time and money in this they should lead by example rather than look to others to organize it. BUT once someone gives a strong lead, then we should support heir initiative, and also we coujld help people think through the design of a participatory and enjoyable day which isn’t just a Speaker dominated, info-driven event. We did all agree that people are worried and sense we aren’t being given the truth about many things, e.g. pension funds, so the economic crisis could be an opportunity to chime in with this mood - what else aren’t we being told about?

Looking after each other: Therapist James ( felt that it was perhaps too late to change the mass of people who had been mass-conditioned for years – ever since the first kings had spoofed people. Perhaps it was time to place greater emphasis on ‘looking after our own’, so that if we can pool our calmnesses and our strengths we could avoid being fragmented in the coming testing time, and thus become societal resources able to offer people a sense of happiness and security greater than the unsatisfying pleasures and compulsions of nuclear consumerism. He wondered if it was not a time for some at least of us to group together to search for cheap or free property, push Councils to provide land/allotments, squat land no one knows who owns it, etc. At all event the partial withdrawal he was advocating wasn’t from lack of compassion for others (and we had all been duped, we all had our comfort zone boundaries), but we did need to heal each other from the perpetual emergency world – a bit like stroking and calming a beloved pet.


Hi Keith,
as usual you do a great job of keeping the thread going and connecting the dots and I think you have covered the salient points raised during the meeting.

I have not heard from the organiser of this weeks lecture at the theosophical society but will take along the DVDs and give out what info I can on the night. [Richard reports a friendly reception and a good meeting at which the speaker read from an early 911 pamphlet I wrote!] There is already an interest from members and I have been invited to give a lecture on one or more of my areas of research in the new year.

Having thought deeply about the way forward and how best to 'AWAKEN' a much larger element of the population about deceit and programming I have concluded that there is no possibility of this occurring. What is possible; is for us to represent on a one to one basis an alternative viewpoint for those we personally come in contact with and perhaps guide them towards areas where they can uncover 'truth' for themselves.

There is a human trait that is evidenced throughout our known history and that is; that the vast majority of humanity are not prepared to work towards self enlightenment and much prefer to be told what to, and how to; behave, think, act and react. With reality of thought comes the responsibility of self, unfortunately this is what is at the root of all human fear and is the reason for such impassioned, thoughtless and bigoted rejection by so many of the facts and their ability to confront them. The possibility of there not being a Government, a boss, a leader or a God directing or taking charge means the need to think for oneself not just in the mechanical manner but beyond the "box". Thinking has been the province of very few individuals and our past history graphically illustrates what became of; and befell those who thought for themselves, thought beyond the "box" and challenged established ideologies.

It befalls us to realise this human programming of fear of not being one of the tribe, clan, herd or whatever has been deeply integrated into the human psyche and by act of questioning and non-conformation we are endangering ourselves and by informing them, by default, are also endangering them. Although not aware of this on a conscious level, centuries of repression have instilled an almost instinctive alarm system, giving warning on a subtler subconscious level, of the peril involved in standing out from the crowd in this way. Although many insist that they wish, and indeed, believe themselves to be different from the crowd there is again that instinctive insight into just how far it is safe to take being different and individualistic.

Unfortunately, I believe unquestionably, that there is no means by which or through which we can bring about change on a large enough scale to be effective. However I do believe the work which we have all embarked on is of the highest merit and will effect change where it is meant to and most needed.

Luckily, I also believe unquestionably that there is a higher meaning to this existence and that there is purpose behind all that is occurring and perhaps one day we will all learn to live
in harmony, Inshallah.

Love and Light

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For the defence of our one worldwide civilian Motherland, against whatever ruling or informal fraternities.

May all beings be happy
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