Muslim suicide is sinful and banned by the Koran

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Muslim suicide is sinful and banned by the Koran

Post by TonyGosling »

Muslims who commit suicide in Islam go straight to hell.

That appears to be what the Koran says on the matter.
Holy Koran wrote: Within most of Islam, hostage taking, suicide, or terrorist attacks are not permitted. They are considered a great sin. In the Qur'an, it is written that "If anyone killed a person, unless it was for murder or spreading mischief on earth, it would be as if he killed all of mankind. And if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he had saved the lives of all mankind." (Qur'an 5:32)

Prior to the rise of a minority of extremist, radical, Fundamentalist Muslim clerics:

* The taking and maltreatment of hostages has not been permitted within Islam.
* Suicide has been generally forbidden in Islam.
* Muslims have been forbidden to attack innocent civilians; they have not even been permitted to kill an unarmed soldier in wartime.
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Gerald Bostock
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Post by Gerald Bostock »

Since I am of the opinion that people shape their interpretation of their religion to fit their circumstance, I believe that whatever suicide terrorist attacks are committed by Muslims are the result of existential stresses, and not fundamental religious beliefs.

Some of my questions regarding the reports of suicide terrorist attacks are as follows. How many of what are reported to be suicide attacks really are? I recall reading about a bus bombing in Israel which some people believed to have been the work of the Mossad. We know 9/11 and 7/7 were not what they are billed as. After we see a pattern of deception, a reasonable person will naturally call into question all such reports. Ahmadinejad suggested that the bombing of the Samarra Mosque of the Golden Dome was the work of some organization such as the CIA or Mossad. When I first heard that, I completely rejected it. Now I have come to believe it is plausible.

I do believe there have been some cases of suicide bombings, particularly in Israel. My question is what would drive people to such extremes? There are about a billion Muslims in the world, and they don't blow themselves that terribly often, on average. I haven't seen one of the several Muslims living on my street blow himself up lately.

But the most crucial question, in my mind, is why are many people so ready to believe in suicide Muslim terrorists?
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Post by TetraGrammatonCleric »

they believe it because that is the general view put over by the mainstream media, the military industrial complex had to get another fight going to keep us all afraid and a modern crusade of the west against muslims fits the bill, first a certain number had to be 'radicalised' by such organisations as the CIA and voila! a tailor-made enemy.
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Re: Muslim suicide is sinful and banned by the Koran

Post by karlos »

TonyGosling wrote:Muslims who commit suicide in Islam go straight to hell
Very good post.
Yes indeed, for a Muslim suicide is the number one sin and a one way ticket to hell.
You see, the reason for this is because it is the sin from which you can never repent.
Anything else you can say sorry, ask to be forgiven and spend your life seeking redemption. Suicide (and Euthanasia for that matter) is the sin once committed that cannot be reversed, it is like murder, but worse than murder because you can never say sorry.

Only God has the power to take life.

Unfortunately, the media which is simply repeating official propaganda continuously bangs on about suicide bombers.
Yet most if not all of so called suicide bombings are anything but that. It has been well documented that taxi drivers and delivery drivers, interpreters have been accused of being suicide bombers even though they have survived the event. In Iraq the number of bombings has gone down to virtually zero now simply because the Iraqi priests came out publically accusing the occupiers of staging the attacks and denouncing them. Most people accused of being a suicide bomber are in fact patsies. Hired help or simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.


These are the real murderers.
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