Anagram from Mohamed Atta to Pilot Abdulrahman Alomari

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Anagram from Mohamed Atta to Pilot Abdulrahman Alomari

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Image ... t_2001.pdf (Page 102)

The Fedex was found in the trash at the Comfort Inn in Portland. It was sent to Mustafa Ahmed in Dubai and was supposed to go to "ALMOHTARAM".
ALMOHTARAM is Arabic and means "the respectful one".
But this is an anagram and means something else. If you line up the letters differently you get the following:


So the Fedex with document went to Abdulrahman Alomari on Sept. 3.
He moved out on Sept. 3, after his wife and children left. ... 878028.php
The Sender was Mohamed Atta and the Recipient was Mustafa Ahmed.

This source said U.S. investigators now believe Sheik Syed, using the alias Mustafa Muhammad Ahmad, sent more than $100,000 from Pakistan to Mohammed Atta ... stigation/
So "Mustafa Ahmed" is really Saeed Sheikh, one of the masterminds of 9/11:

This is Abdulrahman Alomari, pilot of Saudi Airlines and brother of hijacker Abdulaziz Alomari: ... s-Info-152 (Page 7 and 9)

He was on the passenger list of Flight 11 and even had a parking lot at Attas Address in Florida. ... ies+.shtml

Alomari, however, was interviewed by CNN after 9/11 and was thus still alive:

Accordingly, an aircraft other than AA11 must have flown into the North Tower or the hijackers hijacked an aircraft other than AA11. But they had to have landed safely, since pilot Alomari is still alive.
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