1st Covid Vaccine Death Tiffany Dover scrubbed from history?

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1st Covid Vaccine Death Tiffany Dover scrubbed from history?

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Tiffany Dover – 2 dead students – a nurse quits – is Tennessee eventually waking up?
https://johnplatinumgoss.com/2021/10/26 ... waking-up/

Suddenly there has been a re-awakening in the case of “Pfizer-vaccinated” nurse, Tiffany Dover, who was recorded as having died following the injection. Her place of employment, CHI Memorial Hospital, Tennessee, deny that she is dead and told me in a short email: “We have made several statements. Tiffany is alive and continues her work as a nurse manager.”

A Reddit thread is hot in pursuit of the truth – one way or another. This follows a recent article which questions why CHI Memorial “deleted all of its tweets about Tiffany Dover, who has since completely disappeared, from its official Twitter account.”

The recent deaths of two Soddy Daisy High School students might have aroused interest in a story now ten months old.

Even more revealing is the testimony of Maria Wright RN who resigned as a nurse at CHI Memorial Hospital in September. She makes serious revelations about mask-wearing – having to wear the same mask for a week. But it was really the vaccinations that caused her the most concern.

I NEVER thought I would see the day that working for a CATHOLIC hospital where I can pray with my patients that I would have to defend my judgement and religious beliefs of not wanting a forced aborted baby tissue based medical treatment. Therefore, I will not. I simply say NO and no means no.

Her letter is well worth reading in its entirety, because it shows that here is a caring nurse, who knows that what is being done is wrong. I have no idea what inducements have made CHI Memorial continue administering its Pfizer-shots when the whole world has seen what damage they can do. Her faith is more important than her job. Her knowledge of true health is wisdom itself.

God gave me an excellent immune system and it builds antibodies all by itself.

Nothing is going to bring Tiffany Dover back it seems. She is gone. But more nurses and doctors can take the courageous step of following their conscience rather than following the money. I let Maria Wright sum up what is happening in healthcare in the United States and elsewhere.

Lastly, there will be a day coming soon when more staff walk away, get terminated, or those left behind after the mass exodus become weary, when there will be no more nurses or staff to hire. If this company thinks it is so bad now because there is a “bed shortage” when we all know its a staffing shortage, there are darker days ahead. During all this pandemic if CHI Memorial and Dignity Health would have just taken care of those loyal to them then you would not be facing have to pay travel nurses up to $110 an hour to fill my shoes. My last date of employment, caring for patients and families, precepting residents, and contributing to all the awards this hospital receives will be October 4, 2021.

The cover image is of nuns in London outside their sanctuary on one of the biggest rallies against government constraints ever seen.
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