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Petition Free Tariq Ramadan

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'Libérez Tariq Ramadan/Free Tariq Ramadan': ... ter=125651


This petition calls for the immediate release of Professor Tariq Ramadan and affirms his right to dignity and due process.

Tariq Ramadan has not been convicted of a single crime and the French prosecution’s case rests on unsubstantiated claims and flimsy evidence.

On February 6, Prof. Ramadan was ordered by a judge to be held indefinitely, allowing the prosecution to continue to build its case against him.

The prosecution argued that he might attempt to flee the country, going to the extreme of forcing his detention in apparent disregard of Prof. Ramadan’s full cooperation with investigators so far.

It is worth noting that the reason Tariq Ramadan was even in France is because he voluntarily traveled to appear for questioning.

Yet, despite his show of goodwill and trust in the system, the judge considered no alternative option to imprisonment that would ensure he remain in the country during the ongoing investigation.

The unusually harsh treatment—indefinite detention in a solitary cell—by authorities points to the politicized nature of a case that suffers from serious weaknesses and multiple contradictions.

There is evidence of undisclosed involvement by high-profile political and judicial figures years before the case was brought forward—some of which is illegal under French law.

Due to the questionable manner in which this case has been handled, and the major discrepancies in the accusers’ stories, we have serious concerns about whether France’s judicial system can be a neutral arbiter of justice particularly as it pertains to Prof. Ramadan.

It is imperative to maintain the presumption of innocence especially as the prosecution and its allies in the mainstream media continue to advance dozens of unsubstantiated claims and distortions in an attempt to smear Prof. Ramadan.

The mainstream media’s nefarious role in this latest campaign has been especially damaging.

French and international media outlets continue to peddle misinformation and repeat verbatim the so-called “evidence” held by prosecutors without any attempt to verify their claims.

After decades of being vilified, suppressed, and attacked by top-ranking politicians as ‘the Muslim enemy’ of France, it comes as no surprise that authorities would be politically driven to take down a fierce critic of the French government’s unjust and discriminatory policies directed against poor people, Muslims, immigrants, and victims of its colonial rule.

There is clear evidence that anti-Muslim forces, represented by powerful media, political institutions, and islamophobes like Caroline Fourest and Antoine Sfeir—all of whom have viciously campaigned against Tariq Ramadan for years—are directly linked to this latest shameful attempt to destroy him.

The same accusations are part of an ongoing campaign that has attempted to demonize him ever since the beginning of his involvement as an intellectual and an activist in the early 1990s.

Prof. Ramadan and his ideas have never left people indifferent. But instead of confronting him in open debate, his ideological and political opponents have unfailingly used the most underhanded methods to discredit him as a Muslim intellectual and to discredit his thought.

Tariq Ramadan has been a voice for millions of disenfranchised peoples, including but not limited to, Muslims, worldwide.

Since his life’s work has been to champion the causes of justice, coexistence, and mutual understanding, it seems his adversaries sought to hijack a worthy women’s movement and tarnish the reputation of a renowned scholar for their own dark motives.

We condemn the politically motivated case against him, and demand his immediate release from detention and right to due process.

He needs to be freed now!'
'And he (the devil) said to him: To thee will I give all this power, and the glory of them; for to me they are delivered, and to whom I will, I give them'. Luke IV 5-7.
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Video: Tariq Ramadan niece finally gets to visit her uncle - Nièce de Tariq Ramadan parle

Free Tariq Ramadan

16 SEP 2018 —

Message de la nièce de Tariq Ramadan, Safia Ramadan.

Tariq Ramadan toujours en prison...

C'est toute la famille qui est affectée ...

Une famille entière témoin de la dégradation de sa santé...

Mais c'est aussi une famille entière qui le soutient...

Inspirée par son message : Justice, dignité, courage.

Une communauté entière qui continue de porter ce message...pour Lui, lui et pour tous.


Message from Tariq Ramadan's niece, Safia Ramadan.

Tariq Ramadan in prison...

It's an entire family affected...

An entire family witnessing his health deteriorating...

But also an entire family supporting him...

Inspired by his message: Justice, dignity, courage.

It's an entire community that continues to carry this message... For Him, for him, for all!


(* French below)



Join us today at 7pm (Paris time) for a tweetstorm! Let's call for #JusticeForRamadan. This is about his human rights! Together, we can make a difference!



On Thursday September 13, Prof. Ramadan was relocated from a pain-related unit to a general medical unit in the prison hospital.

Because of his multiple sclerosis, a neuro-degenerative disease, he needs more specialised neurological care which he hasn’t been receiving.

Since August, he hasn’t received any of the letters sent to him. It is not the first time the Fresnes prison is withholding his mail.

Three months worth of letters disappeared previously between March and May.

Tomorrow, we ask you to call the Fresnes prison and demand that Tariq Ramadan receives his fundamental rights meaning access to proper health care and access to his prison mail.

Tomorrow the phone number for the prison and messaging will be provided.



Tariq Ramadan’s niece about her visit to him: ... 616978653/

Maryam Ramadan talks about her father’s condition: ... 481371142/




Rejoignes-nous à 19:00 pour une tempête de tweets avec le hashtag #JusticeForRamadan. Ensemble, nous pouvons faire la différence.



Le mardi 13 septembre, le professeur Ramadan a été transféré d’une unité de douleur à l’unité médicale de l’hôpital de la prison. En raison de ses multiples scléroses, une maladie neuro-dégénérative , il a besoin de plus de soins neurologiques, qu’il n’ a jamais reçu.

Depuis août, il n’a reçu aucune lettre. Ce n’est pas la première fois que la prison de Fresnes ne lui permet pas d’avoir accès à ses mails. De mars à mai, des lettres de valeurs ont disparu.

Nous vous demandons d’appeler la prison de Fresnes demain et de demander à ce que Tariq Ramadan soit traité avec les droits fondamentaux.

Demain, le numéro de téléphone de la prison et les messages seront fournis.



1️⃣ La nièce de Tariq Ramadan lui rend visite ... 616978653/

2️⃣ Maryam Ramadan parle de la condition de son père: ... 481371142/

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'And he (the devil) said to him: To thee will I give all this power, and the glory of them; for to me they are delivered, and to whom I will, I give them'. Luke IV 5-7.
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