The Air Traffic Controllers on 911

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The Air Traffic Controllers on 911

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Interesting documentary from a msm point of view. Watched it to see if any thing came out that smelt off!


The ATC watching the pentagon plane only remarks how the plane turned away from the pentagon and headed in a different direction and they breathed a sigh of relief. he touches his nose when asked about military plane (tell tale sign of lying) Video then just says at 9:38 the plane hit the pentagon. They clip back to the ATC who says we then knew it was a commercial airline.....This part of the documentary seemed more vague than the Twin Tower accounts. From approx. 32.00 to 34.00
The part of the documentary regarding Flight 93 Shanksville again seems even more odd. Unlike the previous parts you don't see footage from within the ATC base but you just get the alledged ATC giving her account but IMO she looks like she is acting especially when asked about it being shot down.
approx. 30.00 to 41.00
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