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British, European and International Truth campaigning. Co-ordination of a united front with wider social justice and anti-war campaigns.

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Post by Jack »

kunnandi wrote:9/11 mysteries and 9/11 press for truth are two of the most credible. All facts no theories. Both on google video now.

i don't find loose change effective at all.

terrorstorm is great too, except the bit where alex says "tony blair' pro war party was SURE to lose the parliamentary elections" when the bombings were 2 months after the elections.
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Post by Zabooka »

@bout 911 Mysteries -> yes its good, Improbable Collapse is just as good, slightly different style. I recommend people to watch both. However, there are still things both perhaps lack and this is only because I have perhaps seen nearly every single 911 Documentary/DVD.

@about Local Campaign Groups... well its definite now, that at the University of East London, there will be a "911 Awareness Week", it will be advertised mainly around William Rodriguez, being National Hero and being Last Man Out Alive, etc, etc... showing pics of him and Bush, and with Hilary Clinton... plus something saying he was at GPU and on Islam Channel.

This week, should be about making the entire UEL populace informed and then setting them up to take action. There should be "911 Truth Societies/Clubs" at all Universities springing up, just like the Anti-Vietnam War ones that sprang up allover the world through Universities.

Those 20 Pound Notes are great! Everyone loves them and wants them, whether they are pro-Truth or not! Its great to spread the message. Being able to send movie clips via phone to phone of scenes of WTC7 Collapse is great!

@bout Stickers... interesting how you can go past a Phone Booth with all those Call Girl Cards... yet you put up some sticker about 911 and thats more likely to be defaced. Ive found it very interesting the way the stickers get defaced in such different ways. It really gets to people. On University Campus its not soo bad, yet it still happens. People actually make the effort to take out a pen in the middle of the street and start scribbling over the stickers. Amazing.... Im going to be needing a LOT MORE STICKERS!!!

We need to work on making a training manual, on how to take on questions from all angles and how to deal with situations. I am being more brave with leaving leaflets and stickers here and there, in front of people. However, I am going to be asked about it sooner or later, I best be prepared, I feel that I am :) If other people were, they would feel better about actively spreading the truth.

STICK UP STICKERS WHEREVER YOU GO!! On the Bus, on the Tube, anywhere everywhere!!!
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Post by StopThe9/11CoverUp »

Hi there, new to the site and just thought i'd add a few more documentary titles incase anybody had not checked them out:

The Great Conspiracy - The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw
Painful Deceptions - An Analysis of the 911 Attack
In Plane Site

I have got about 20+ documentaries that I have downloaded and burned to disc.

I also managed to buy a DVD released on the 9th September this year called AFTERMATH - Unanswered questions from 9/11. I worked at hmv and occasionally searched the system for 9/11 stuff and noticed this and ordered it. NOTE: this DVD was discontinued 5 days after its release and was advertised nowhere. still available for download.

Will add all relevant programs when I sort through my dvd's and back up discs of still to burn programs.

Hope this helps!

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Post by Zabooka »

MARK ACHBAR has made "The Corporation" FREE and OPEN now to be copied and distributed!
Or you can I suppose have the original double DVD set, shrink and put on as a single dvd compilation. I hope he makes "Manufacturing Consent : Noam Chomsky & The Media" also Free like that, I recommend anyone who has not seen either of those documentaries to view them asap! They very good. Plus, John Pilgers DVD Box Set.

Documentaries That Changed The World - John Pilger (4 Disc Box Set) ... 52-5758340

Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media (REGION 1) (NTSC) ... UTF8&s=dvd
Keith Mothersson
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Great new DVD for home showings, etc

Post by Keith Mothersson » ... highlight=

That is the URL for a post I maybe should have posted here, celebrating a new dvd from the 911 Eyewitness team: including 10 minute, 30 minute and 60 min presentations intended to allow discussion and emotional support as people get deeper into the truth, which is the key to our whole operation IMO [not pricipally more content stuff as such].

With psychologically sensitive outreach in venues including home showings we are arguably more likely to draw women into this movement, which is still overwhelmingly male-majoritarian (and too often male-dominated). Or else have women integrate 911 truth into their work in Green, World Development, Amnesty, Book groups, etc.

Actually I haven't seen it (!) - to be sent out Feb 1st - but I really trust Rick Siegel after the way he expressed his wounded trust in front of camera by the Hudson river, modelling the emotional courage to revise his sense of being protected by the government and military, etc.

I'm ordering several!
For the defence of our one worldwide civilian Motherland, against whatever ruling or informal fraternities.

May all beings be happy
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Post by QuitTheirClogs »

Are there any leaflets based around the Patriots Question 9/11 website?

I think it’s a good site to direct people to, and it’s got links to various other sites and videos etc.
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Campaigning Materials including Car Stickers

Post by Andrew Johnson »

Hi all,

Ants gave me some "9/11 Was an Inside Job" and "" car stickers. If you a few (and I only have about 10 or something)

PM, e-mail or send an SAE to

22 Mear Drive
DE72 3QW

If you want a few. Also, I am still distributing campaigning materials at close to cost price (e.g. DVD's at 40p each), so use this page to order some if you wish.

(you can also download most of the files and print your own versions)

Ask the Tough Questions, Folks!
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Post by illeagalhunter »

Email sent can i have the works .Anybody out there form Glasgow area
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Post by Andrew Johnson »

If anyone wants leaflets, stickers or disks, please use this link to order. I can now print in full colour for about 1p per sheet and I have stocked up with paper and ink. Someone asked for 500 leaflets recently and I sent those out.

If you want "your own" leaflet printing, send it to me and I will try to do it. I appreciate donations, but for smaller orders, I can send them free to people on low incomes etc.

So, how about it?

If you use the link above, it helps me get all the details and i can print an address label due to the software I have developed

Ask the Tough Questions, Folks!
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Post by theninja »


I have designed some car window sticker to get the message out, you can find them here:

I'm afraid they are not free because of the cost of production.
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Post by Cruise4 »

Had an idea. may not be a good one but thought I'd post it anyway.

How about everyone flying a Union Jack or some flag all the time.
These are definately growing in popularity round here, presumably because of the EU Dictatorship.

If this phenomena started appearing everywhere, people are bound to start asking Why? You'd think!
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The BAD NEWS - UK oriented truther leaflet - updated

Post by drywontonmee »

I've just received this update of the UK oriented truther leaflet 'BAD NEWS' which has now dropped Georgia (the media angle there was a bit overstated) and replaced it with a new section about the global financial crisis and the new world order, keeping it topical. Please photocopy and fold millions of copies and spread it far and wide.

It's 78kb PDF format, black and white, text only for cheapness and clarity of copying. It's designed to be folded into three pages (6 sides) with the title on the front and references on the back.

It's also downloadable from

The text is as follows:
(lies - media - power - war - traitors - money)

The mainstream media in the UK and globally is now owned and operated by just a few huge profit-driven corporations1 whose board-members are often involved in other financial, industrial, political, cultural interests. Just a cursory glance at News Corporation’s board (The Times, The Sun etc) reveals both Rothschild and JPMorgan henchmen.2 The BBC, despite cosmetic reforms, remains an establishment mouthpiece - still operated by the old-boys’ network (just who is the unelected senior civil servant who selects the panel that selects the governors?).
There are critically important developments in the world which these corrupt media are keeping from the public, often distorting the truth so that the public is manipulated, pacified and rendered compliant. Most workers in the media are as unaware of the extent of this as the public - the agenda is controlled by owners, directors, executives and editors.
Even the supposedly liberal newspapers are controlled and serve the same agenda dressed-up as critical journalism. Just one example of this is The Observer’s old editor (Alton) who suppressed pre-war testimony on Iraq’s non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction whilst publishing false stories from Intelligence sources.3 (He’s now editor of The Independent).

We now know that the US and UK governments lied to us about the reasons why we invaded Iraq.4 Since then around one million5 Iraqi men, women and children have died for those lies, in our name, yet we are still at war. The killing continues.
The media let us down firstly by not exposing the lies and stopping the march to war, secondly by barely paying lip-service to calling the lying murderers to account as the tragedy goes on, and thirdly by not showing us the ongoing horror of the reality of this and all wars.
Everybody generally carries on as if nothing is wrong - yet we are at war. Doesn’t that strike you as a bit odd? War is now normalised. It has always been highly profitable6 for bankers, arms manufacturers, oil companies and re-builders, but now, for you and me, it’s just one of those unpleasant things far away that our politicians are sorting out for us while we sit and worry about what’s going on in Eastenders, Big Brother or Top Gear.
If our political system turned out to be almost completely corrupted (left, right and centre), the News at Ten would tell us all about it, wouldn’t they? It is - and they haven’t.
The media is broken.

This little leaflet can only touch upon a couple of the many urgent issues which face the people of the UK and the wider world, but which the mind-numbing major media organisations are choosing to neglect. Iraq is one of the most obvious, and at least people don’t deny that our illegal invasion of Iraq happened or pretend that it was armed to the teeth with viable WMD.
They do however whitewash other important events, because revealing the facts would undermine the positions of many extremely rich and powerful networks. These people will do absolutely anything to keep hold of, and further, their power. Historically, they have been overwhelmingly successful at this, but recently they have made a massive miscalculation - a very big mistake which they are now struggling to keep covered up.
Fortunately for us, this mistake links to many other issues and so serves as the key to understanding these networks and how they relate to many of the world’s problems. That key is the events of 9-11 (September 11th 2001) in the USA.

Despite what the corporate and establishment media would have us believe, there is a vast array of factual evidence that has emerged from a huge variety of sources which demonstrates that it is neither likely nor possible for the official version of the events of 9-11 to be true.
These sources range through physicists, engineers, architects, demolition experts, military and intelligence personnel, fire-fighters, police, pilots, video footage, many eyewitnesses and independent researchers and journalists and so on. This evidence cannot just be disregarded with a shrug. It needs to be looked at and dealt with. The implications are too great.
It is not about theory, it is about fact. Again, due to space constraints, we can only look at a very small sample of those facts...

Three towers collapsed at nearly free-fall speed into the path of most resistance - only two were hit by planes. The third building, WTC 7, was a sturdy steel and concrete tower block that suffered only superficial external damage from falling debris from the other towers and a few (unexplained) small internal fires. Its collapse was symmetrical, even, global, neat, sudden, at free-fall speed into it’s own footprint in a manner indistinguishable from a controlled demolition.
Video footage of WTC 7 shows the initial centralised crimp and ensuing squibs (isolated explosive ejections of dust and air as the building comes down). More classic features of controlled demolition.
Eyewitnesses report hearing a countdown and repeated explosions as the collapse of WTC 7 was initiated.
The owner of the WTC complex is on film7 saying (re building 7) that they decided on the day to “pull it” (a demolition term for demolish). It usually takes months to successfully plan, wire-up and prepare for such a clean controlled demolition.
Before these three buildings, no other steel and concrete tower has ever collapsed due to fire, let alone so catastrophically, symmetrically, quickly and completely.
A company called Stratesec8 held the contract to provide electronic security for the WTC up to the day of 9-11. They also provided security for Dulles airport and United Airlines. Bush’s brother, Marvin Bush, was a director of Stratesec up to 2000 during most of the company’s work at the WTC. There were also unusual changes in security and power supply in the weeks and months preceding 9-11.
Physicists have found and tested samples from the site of the World Trade Centre which carry the chemical signature of reacted commercial nano-thermite (also known as thermate) as well as chips of unreacted nano-thermite (this is an incendiary that cuts through steel very quickly at extremely high temperatures). Several members of the official investigation team at NIST just so happen to be deeply involved with the development, production and application of this rare type of substance, and very few others are.9
The twin towers10 were actually designed and built specifically to withstand jet planes crashing into them with similar kinetic energy to those on 9-11, yet look at the catastrophic results.
NORAD, the US air defence network, was involved in massive national training exercises simulating attacks on the US including hijacked planes used as weapons on the very same day as the actual attacks. This, and other operations, resulted in a virtual stand-down of US air defences due to confusion and resources being otherwise tied up.11
In the year preceding the attacks, there were 67 instances12 of aircraft in US airspace being promptly intercepted (well within 20mins) by fighter-jets after going off their flight path or being suspected of hijack, yet the 9-11 planes floated about willy-nilly without being intercepted for up to 41mins (flight 77) over a period of 1hr 40mins.
Osama Bin Laden previously worked for the CIA13 and five of the hijackers were trained at US military bases. Several hijackers also turned up alive and well after their supposed martyrdom.
The FBI claimed that the passport from one of flight 11's hijackers was found near the towers (whereas the only other parts of that jet plane or its contents found were a few pieces of landing gear).14
In the months and days before the attacks, the supposedly fanatical religious Muslim hijackers drank alcohol, bought porn, paid for lap-dances, frequented strip-clubs and slept with prostitutes.15

Elements within the US government and security services (together with external agencies) planned the attacks and the WTC towers were destroyed by controlled demolitions.

I agree, and as such he's just a front man.

Besides the fact that they happily lied to us to get us into an illegal and unjustifiable war that has resulted in over a million deaths so far, there are other historic precedents which show us that these networks don’t operate by the same ethical standards as you or I. Here are just a few well-documented examples:
Nazi funding - pre 1942. Bush’s grandpa, Prescott Bush, was deeply involved with the financial architects of Nazism in Germany.16, 17
Operation Ajax - 1953. The UK and US successfully conspired together to stage a coup and overthrow the democratically elected progressive government of Iran and install a puppet dictator so that the UK could continue to exploit their oil resources.18
Guatemala - 1954. The CIA arranged a coup which overthrew democratically elected President Jacobo Arbenz and installed a dictator. This precipitated four decades of civil war, which cost the lives of over 200,000 people. The US supported and trained the succession of military regimes and their death squads as they tortured, raped and killed adults and children.19
Indonesia - 1958 & 1965. The CIA first inspired and armed a bloody rebellion which failed20, then arranged a military coup which resulted in the massacre of around 750,000 innocent people.21 The US continues to profit from the exploitation of this resource-rich nation.
Operation Northwoods22 - 1962. The US government developed plans for CIA operatives to commit acts of terrorism and kill innocent people in US cities, aircraft and ships to create public support for a war against Cuba. The plans were shelved, but the will was there.
The Gulf of Tonkin incident23 - 1964. Attacks on two US warships by North Vietnamese navy which did not happen were used as a rationale to escalate the Vietnam war and bomb many thousands of civilians.
Chile24 - 1973. The CIA backed the coup which overthrew the democratically elected Allende and installed Pinochet. They stayed intimate with the regime despite thousands of detentions, disappearances, tortures, rapes and murders.
Nicaragua25 - 1981 to 1987. The CIA illegally sold arms to Iran to fund the Contras in Nicaragua who targeted civilians with murder, torture, mutilation, and rape.
As soon as he took office in January 2001, Bush Jnr demanded that staff “find a way” to get into a war with Iraq.26
More recently, Vice-president Cheney brainstormed with colleagues how they could get into a war with Iran, suggesting they “set up” a fire-fight between US ships and US SEALS in boats dressed to look like Iranian patrols.27

The evidence is conclusive that 9-11 was what is known as a false-flag event, similar to Operation Northwoods on the previous page, but on a grander scale. Such events are used to galvanise public opinion to be more in favour of otherwise unjustifiable wars and restrictions on domestic civil liberties. I have to tell you it worked on me before I woke up to the facts, as it worked on so many well-meaning people.
The Afghanistan war gave the US access to a major oil pipeline and the Iraq war gave them access to Iraq’s oil and many US contracts. US bases in the middle east in Iraq and Afghanistan also offer huge strategic advantage.
The US regime now has more totalitarian power domestically, being on the edge of martial law with overbearing surveillance, police brutality and repression of free-speech and civil liberties. Torture has now been justified28. Dissidents are labelled unpatriotic or even terrorist.
Civil liberties in the UK are also being eroded on the backs of 9-11 and 7-7 with the introduction29 of control orders, detention without charge, stop-and-search powers, universal CCTV, the DNA database, ID cards, increasing limits on free-speech and rights to protest or assemble. Good-bye, Habeas Corpus and Magna Carta.

As a supposed response to the (manufactured) global financial crisis, Brown30, Sarkozy31 and other world leaders and bankers are calling for a new global financial order. A tri-polar global currency is being developed32 to cover the Asian, American and European regions of the world, all under centralised control. Baron M.A. Rothschild (1744-1812) said “Give me control over a nation's currency and I care not who makes its laws.”
Professor Carroll Quigley33, an establishment insider, wrote in 1966 that the goal of those controlling world finance was “nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements, arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences.”
The obscene bank bail-outs are payoffs to the bankers as financial power is consolidated into even fewer hands and the sovereignties of the world’s nations are led quietly to the scrap-heap.

So, here we have three of the most important global issues of our times - 9-11, Iraq and the global financial crisis - where we can clearly see that the media are ignoring them, spinning them, misrepresenting them or simply lying about them. They give us enough truth to maintain credibility, but they are not trustworthy.
How can the propaganda tools of the UK military/industrial/financial/political complex keep our corrupt government system to account? Without a free and independent media there is no democracy. That is how serious this is. The telly, papers, and radio, with their grinning celebrities, are not our friends. They are essentially traitors. In this system, who brings them to account?

The almost total control of our government and media by networks of warmongering, anti-democratic, mega-rich sociopaths might seem a daunting thing to oppose, but their success has mainly depended on two things: the ignorance and good-faith of the masses.
This leaflet is not meant to tell you what to think, the most important thing you can do now is research - look at the facts, follow where the facts lead you and find out for yourself what is really going on. Step outside the false left-right paradigm and distrust the lying corporate/establishment media.
Below are some links to give you a start, but I offer two warnings. First, don’t waste time - there are moves to increase control of the internet and censor dissenting sources of information. Get it while you can. Second, beware of (and don’t be put off by) disinformation. The internet is full of people and websites generally drawing attention away from and besmirching the good information that is to be found. Once you have informed yourself to the point where you are rightly furious, share that information. Sooner or later a critical mass of awareness will be achieved and their position will become untenable.
This leaflet was how I responded to it, you could copy and distribute it (download from ), but also find your own ways of sharing, however small. Expect resistance, people are seldom comfortable with the truth, but have hope because global awareness and dissent are rising exponentially.


3 ... ds_the.php
4 ... uppressed-
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8 ... 6stratesec
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The BAD NEWS 002.pdf
2nd edition of The 'BAD NEWS' UK truther leaflet
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Post by Disco_Destroyer »

"Medical Professionals For 9/11 Truth" , a new group has formed.
'Come and see the violence inherent in the system.
Help, help, I'm being repressed!'

“The more you tighten your grip, the more Star Systems will slip through your fingers.”
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Post by Disco_Destroyer »

Found this Blast From The Past on an old HDD
thought I'd upload here
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'Come and see the violence inherent in the system.
Help, help, I'm being repressed!'

“The more you tighten your grip, the more Star Systems will slip through your fingers.”
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