Storyville BBC4 'Why we fight'

Recommended viewing and listening which relates to the War on Freedom or War of Terror. Often this is material which the monopoly broadcasters/publishers censor and it is only available on the web.

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Storyville BBC4 'Why we fight'

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Seems the endgame is in sight, the Neocons have been well and truly exposed on national (digital)TV.

All that's left to do is another false flag event with even more obvious links to government,that even the most ardent denier can't refute.

Welcoming in a New World Order, or hardcore Globalisation.
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Post by TonyGosling »

BBC Television at their very best here.
Storyville - BBC4 - Why We Fight - Psychopath Sen. John McCain is the first contemporary voice in this film and he gets a phone call from VP Dick Cheney at an embarassing moment ;-)
Cheney's ears must have been burning.
The change in the US psyche onto a World War footing post 9/11 - chilling - brilliant. Gore Vidal meets Richard Perle.
"Truman wanted to drop the bombs to show off, to frighten Stalin....
Eisenhower hated the dropping of them.... From that moment on America was in every corner of the Earth."
Influence of private 'Think Tanks' 1hr:02mins in
[GVideo] ... 6421983682[/GVideo] ... 6421983682
Thursday 3 March 2005

Eugene Jarecki's previous film The Trials of Henry Kissinger was widely acclaimed and won the 2002 Amnesty International Award. He spoke to us from New York about making Why We Fight and his concerns about America.

BBC Four: What was the spark for such an ambitious film?
Eugene Jarecki: It really followed on from the experience we had making The Trials of Henry Kissinger. That film came out in about 130 US cities, and in every one I met with audiences and talked about the film. I thought I had made a film about US foreign policy but the audiences seemed to be most interested in talking about Henry Kissinger the man. To me, that felt politically impotent because the forces that are driving American foreign policy are so much larger than any one man. With the next film I wanted to go further - I didn't want to stop at an easy villain or a simple scapegoat. I wanted to have a much more holistic approach that really took on the whole system........... ... ecki.shtml
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Post by Jayhawk »

Brilliant film.

Watch at 1:13:20....

Can you actually believe your eyes and ears???
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Least I got to see it before this happens :o
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