Where in the world is Osama bin Laden?

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Where in the world is Osama bin Laden?


They were reviewing this film on the Mayo(hawk phtt) R5Live show yesterday and there was not one word about the ongoing friendship between the Bush and Bin Ladin dynasties or the lack of hard 9/11 evidence against OBL, it was like the twighlight zone! (don't know whether the above is covered in the film)
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Post by TonyGosling »

You thought criminal you.

9/11 myth is so idiotic - isn't there a list of stooge producers and editors we can start adding examples like this to.

Like the time Radio 4 did a hard news interview of John Major - only 'skipped' his role as a director of The Carlyle Group?
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Post by illeagalhunter »

Ask Mark Roberts he knows the most about 911 .
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where is osama

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we should ask GW's cronies wjhere osama was, they'd know!
the word amongst UK govt, UK police and people in the pentagon was that when osama first appeared in news asking for a holy war he was just east of mazar e sharif, then the bombs started dropping on him and his men so he and a small group of others went to kabul, then they went north eastish to torah borah and the hindu kush which is where that journalist found him and then interviewed him!!! Then a week or few later troop movements in the area made him plan a way to the spiritual homeland of afghanistan, kandahar but he couldn't get through so changed plans.
THe US bombed hell out of every area they thought he was close to, or in, or travelling to. Surely bombed and displaced people in afghanistan can see osama as being one reason why they bombed and invaded. He doesnt have as many people on his side as you may think!
They knew all of this with osamas whereabouts and still the people controlling the troops let him slip through. They dont want to catch him and wont try their hardest, they did though try to bomb him which would destroy any incriminating statements he could say towards all of everything he were being associated with.
Anyways, that is the word amongst british intelligence and some in the US govt who are allowed to believe what they believe. They knew where he was and they couldn't even get him.
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yes it was ppl in govt and 3masonry authority who organised the wtc attacks
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