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Putin asks government to resign, reforms Russian politics

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 19, 2020 3:53 pm    Post subject: Putin asks government to resign, reforms Russian politics Reply with quote

"How Do We Understand the Putin Political Reforms? Some Are Already Prognosticating" Rostilav Babyak
https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=506451300000560&id=10001 9070831337

The Russian media and even the US and UK media are all abuzz about President Putin's plans to drastically alter the governmental structure of the organs of the Russian Federation. Speaking before Russian parliamentarians yesterday, the President issued a list of reform programs that need to be employed sooner rather than later to deal with social and economic deficiencies in Russia, as this threatens national unity and gives subversives such as Alexei Navalny, an opportunity to organize protests against what he and traitors like him, see as corrupt government under President Putin and United Russia that do not care about the people.

No doubt the existence of social and economic problems not only enlivens Navalny and his traitorous lot to act up and cause chaos and hooliganism, but it also encourages foreign powers who also have a deep hatred towards a proud, strong, and patriotic Russia and Mr. Putin and would like to see both gone to intervene and support the subversive malcontents most of whom would agitate against God and the Kingdom of Heaven because they found something that is amiss to them as they dream of a utopian ideal than does not exist nor ever could exist in any nation.

To look at Russia's social and economic problems with the keen eye that President Putin has done, is already half way to solving the problem, next comes action which depend upon the political will of the political authorities and beurocracy, and the structural organs of the different levels of Russia's governments from the federal to the oblasts, and to the municipalities. Naturally, the powers that be in foreign countries like the US and her cohorts in crime see a strong military, economically prosperous, and socially cohesive Russia as a existential threat to full US hegemony throughout the world. To possess a strong, united, and content population makes it difficult for domestic trouble makers and foreign subversives to cause problems and undermine the political stability of the Russian nation.

The very existence a strong Russia, with determination to support the rule of law and the advance of true democratic values, and which support national sovereignty and multipolar leadership in the world is a true nightmare for them, a nightmare that they cannot wake up from no matter how much they try. Thus, there are already those in the West as well as in Russia itself, who are both supportive and critical of Mr. Putin's agenda to reform the Russian government and constitution in order to protect Russia as a free, sovereign nation extolling the virtues of authentic democracy and multipolarism.

In order to achieve the necessary economic ,military, and social conditions that lead to a nation at peace with itself, there needs to exist a political system that will facilitate these necessary reforms as smoothly as possible so as not to cause national chaos. This morning's edition of Sputniknews.com features an excellent article discussing the foreign reporting of Mr. Putin's proposed political reforms, and discusses how the foreign mainstream media is spinning the story given their role in demonizing Mr. Putin and spreading general Russophobia for over half a decade.

Dedicated Putinphiles and Russophiles in the mainstream media, such as CNN, ABC, BBC, CBC MSNBC and CNBC "went so far as to allege that it is aimed at "circumventing or scrapping" the rule that prevents someone from serving more than two consecutive terms as president, given that his fourth term is due to end in 2024." (Sputniknews.com, "Power-Sharing: Putin Proposes Elegant Solution for Russia's Further Democratisation - Observers",2020/01/16) Naturally, these propaganda outlets for the US government and the military industrial complex would paint the proposed political reforms as just another means by which Mr. Putin seeks to become president for life or have the power to hand pick his successor.

Europe has taken an alternative view of the Putin's proposed reforms of the Russian government. Mr. Ben Aris, political analyst, editor-in-chief of Business New Europe states. "What we talk about there – is the classic democratic system with three pillars of government – judiciary, the government and executive. So he is talking about a classic democratic government. This is not what we hear normally in the press about 'Putin’s Russia' and his personal control. This is about constructing a long term stable political system with checks and balances where the bits of the government play the proper role as defined by the constitution which is not the case now".(ibid)

In addition, Andy Vermaut, Belgian human right activist argues "in very few European countries the parliaments have a lot of power". However, in Putin's reforms the people will elect those
to the Duma who will then select the Prime Minister which the President under the new system cannot refuse or reject out of hand. Therefore, Vermaut concludes that "Putin thus strengthens the democratic legitimacy... So you can see that all critics of President Putin are wrong. You see he's really trying to work to strengthen democracy in his country".(ibid)

Contrary to Vermaut and Aris, Gilbert Doctorow, a Brussels-based independent political analyst contends that the proposed reforms are not as substantial or democratic as we are being led to believe. Doctorow also is unsure that the proposed new system will work. Doctorow believes that the proposed Putin reforms of the government is "sounding like power sharing or, in other words, a coalition government, this solution "is not always very good at getting things done, and it easily leads to incompetence..." and that "What is clear from today, and especially from the resignation of the entire cabinet which followed Putin's speech, is that we are entering a transition to the post-Putin era".(Ibid) Although Doctorow does not specify how or why he feels that the proposed reforms might end up in perpetual coalition governments in which the president is superfluous, he may be right when he suggests that as 2024 draws closer Mr. Putin may want to strengthen the political system to either aid those who come after him and to help the Duma avoid the dangers from oligarchical control and the control of special interests and foreign interests which could put a strangle hold on all legislation, or cause the adulteration of the legislative process that is meant to serve the interests of the nation and the people. Without possessing psychic abilities or the ability to remote view the future one cannot predict the future and what will be the end results of the Putin political reforms for Russia and the world.

At this point, I would like to have my readers read the article and my commentary and let me know what you think about President Putin's proposed political reforms. Your opinions do not have to agree with mine as I like fresh opinions and the fresh people who make them. I would like to know if there is anyone out there who thinks these reforms are good and necessary, or whether they see these reforms as a threat to the internal stability of the Russian nation, and could cause a potential danger to Russia from foreign enemies?

A few people I know, including a few former students who visit me on occasion, especially since my illness, asked my own point of view on Russian political reforms which they heard in the news. I told them I would always support Mr. Putin and give him my devotion and loyalty. Yet, my concern about political reforms in the country that I love so much and is in my heart, soul, and blood is real, and it is greatly colored by the fact that I tend to look at political issues with a military eye.
In fact the only reason I never served in the military was because I was not prepared to join the US military and someday possibly be called upon to kill my blood brothers and sisters the Russian people. If I could have joined the Red Army I would have been in for life to serve the Motherland.

Thus, given my tendency for things military and my willingness to kick anyone's butt who threatens Russia, regardless of who wears that butt and where it may be located, the last thing I trust is political reforms and changes that are not necessary - if it's not broke beyond repair or a few good whacks with a hammer don't try to fix it. Most problems will fix themselves and if they don't then there are always the tanks and a few divisions of Spetsnaz and they will fix the problem for good.

However, maybe my real concern is the sad reality that every month and year that passes between now and 2024 brings us closer to the day Mr. Putin leaves office. It is like your favorite friend moving away soon and as each day that passes bring you to that dreaded day when you must say "goodbye" the emptiness of saying goodbye becomes more concrete. Although Mr. Putin is not a personal friend, as I have never met him, I regard him as a friend and more. He is my commander and my leader, he inspires me to hope in a world in which it is hard to hope as the dark clouds of insincerely and lies from many other world leaders cannot be trusted. Mr. Putin is true to his word a man of courage, a man of peace who will not back down to threats. Mr. Putin has protected Russia's freedom and sovereignty. Mr. Putin is my friend and may I say my hero as well, if it's proper to have a hero at middle age.

w/r-sharing-putin-proposes-elegant-solution-for-russias-further-democr atisation---observers/

'Suppression of truth, human spirit and the holy chord of justice never works long-term. Something the suppressors never get.' David Southwell
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