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US/CIA/Banks & Opium Production in Afghanistan

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 1:34 pm    Post subject: US/CIA/Banks & Opium Production in Afghanistan Reply with quote

Hi Peter,


Yes, I did discuss the opium with her and she did surprise me with the response, “yes, we are acting as security agents to protect the opium crop that has reached epic production this year.” However, we didn’t talk anymore about it as they had to drive to catch their flights, she going to Afghanistan and he going back to Washington D.C.

I agree with the video 100 per cent, other than I would emphasize the Americans are not the only “scum” in the plot, now headed by scumbag Trump who is accelerating the drug production and sending more troops there largely unpublicized. Actually, although it is very esoteric, the real scumbags in the criminal drug dealing cartel are the British. So I would re-phrase the heading of the video to be more correct; “ANGLO/AMERICAN SCUMBAGS PROTECTING OPIUM/HEROIN IN AFGHANISTAN”.

I say this because the opium production was rapidly stepped up in Afghanistan after the BRITISH/US –led troops were brought into the country to oust the Taliban government in 2002 and replace it with a proxy government. Immediately or rather shortly after this Standard Chartered Bank (one of the major criminal international banks in the City of London) was brought into Afghanistan opening the first of its three branches in Kabul to launder the country’s drug proceeds in 2004. Because of writers like myself and others who have exposed Standard Chartered, on 15 September 2012, Standard Chartered Bank transferred its operations in Afghanistan to Afghanistan International Bank (which in turn indirectly is controlled from London but it is complex so I will say no more about that). http://www.standardchartered.com/af/en/

Standard Chartered Bank was founded in Hong Kong in 1859, then called The Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China to join with Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation to launder all the illicit opium and heroin trade from India to China by the British criminal banking elite, mainly Jewish bankers (but certainly not all), one of whom includes the Jewish Cameron family of which former British PM David Cameron is a member. In 1862, Chartered issued Hong Kong bank notes, and still does today with HSBC and the Bank of China. Currently Standard Chartered Group Chief Executive is Bill Winters, who is an American banker who has dual American and British nationality. Winters has been a Rothschild puppet for a long time and in February 2011 when he founded the hedge fund RENSHAW BAY Jacob Rothschild (London) and Johann Rupert (South Africa) put up over half the money.

I checked up this evening about what the American lady told me about the “epic opium production this year” and was surprised that she was totally honest and correct. Here is an article of the Afghanistan Opium Survey 2017 – Cultivation and Production produced by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime published on 15 November 2017 confirming her statements are true. Note in the key findings the area under poppy cultivation increased by 63% since 2016. Afghanistan had an estimated 328,000 hectares of opium poppies under cultivation in 2017 more than the rest of the world combined, some say it is producing about 90% of the world’s production of opium and heroin. https://reliefweb.int/report/afghanistan/afghanistan-opium-survey-2017 -cultivation-and-production

Your use of the term “scum” I believe is entirely appropriate considering the horrendous suffering this huge amount of heroin largely brings on millions and millions of addicts throughout the world, the lives it destroys and the crime it generates. But many of the soldiers lower down the food chain such as the lady I spoke with today are more pawns in a game they don’t understand and I would reserve my main criticism for those professional scumbags at the top, the British PM and banking elite, the US President and American elite. It is quite well known now that the CIA has, since it was founded by Bill Donovan and Sir Bill Stevenson (Head of British Intelligence in the US during WW2) been the biggest drug dealing criminal cartel in the world, with most of the revenues generated from illicit drug operations going into the black fund to bribe corporate leaders and politicians worldwide.

All the best Peter and thanks for your concern.


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