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Prince Charles' coming Environmental Police

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Validated Poster

Joined: 24 Nov 2009
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Location: Switzerland

PostPosted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 4:24 am    Post subject: Prince Charles' coming Environmental Police Reply with quote

Thanks R..., just received this e-mail...

Further to your welcome email and comments.


While I am thinking of it. In the book, ANTICHRIST & THE GREEN PRINCE, http://bilderberg.org/AntichristAndTheGreenPrinceEdn2.doc the NZ author outlines the incredible power that Prince Charles has in taking over the world, banking, the Vatican etc. through his fascist demonic deception of Climate Change, Sustainable Development and environmentalism so it is pointless me repeating what he has already written when anyone can read the book online. Other than to say, it is diabolically clever and has deceived most people throughout the world, including many who should know better.

While the globalists are now increasingly using whatever excuse they can find to shut off entire biosphere conservation areas, parks, lakes and rivers to humans, usually as the result of their own corporate greed such as showering our forests with 1080 poison, threats to fish, birds, plants or whatever, or commercial overfishing etc., what they want primarily to do is to cunningly use these “new environmental laws” to take away the personal freedoms of everybody to set up their global fascist police state.

At the head of all this is Prince Charles, by far now the most powerful man in the world. Here is a link to his INTERNATIONAL SUSTAINABILITY UNIT overseeing this gigantic global deception: https://www.pcfisu.org/

The Director of the INTERNATIONAL SUSTAINABILITY UNIT is Justin Mundy, who is just another City of London Corporation banking pirate, who has been an executive with Deutsche Bank (the biggest bank in Germany controlled by the City of London), the World Bank, an Advisor to the British Government etc. Here is a short clip of him speaking about Prince Charles’ International Sustainability Unit:

Because the global media is TOTALLY censored and controlled by these fascist City of London banking conglomerates, and the aligned pea-brain bottom feeders who work for them worldwide, you will never hear about the INTERNATIONAL SUSTAINABILITY UNIT’S massive global power. Here is a short “INTERPOL” clip of Claudia McMurray, Senior Counsellor, HRH The Prince of Wales’ International Sustainability Unit speaking at INTERPOL – UNEP Environmental Compliance & Enforcement Conference in 2015:
which is about working toward linking all global police agencies together to form a GLOBAL POLICE FORCE & SECRET ENVIRONMENTAL GESTAPO to enforce the Prince’s soon-coming strict new global “Environmental Laws,” giving mother-earth, rivers, lakes, trees, plants, animals, fish, – MORE individual rights than man – and woe betide any weekend hiker that illegally walks on a off-bounds conservation area track or pisses on a rare fern, the penalties will be worse than for murder!

If anyone doesn’t believe this is right now in the process of being implemented worldwide, perhaps it would be worth watching this short “INTERPOL” clip of Kaveh Zahedi, Director, UNEP Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, outlining how these new “environmental crimes” are going to be dealt with down under including us here in New Zealand in the Asia Pacific Region:
It is clear, a new global ENVIRONMENTAL POLICE FORCE is coming!

I’ve got to the stage Rose, as unbelievable as it may sound, that I believe these fascist Climate Change Corporates and Environmental mother earth religious fanatics, all under Prince Charles, are so contemptible, if there is not enough public resistance against their deception here in NZ, they will end up closing off most if not all of our best rivers and lakes, mountains and conservation parks, best fishing grounds and islands in the ocean as well – to all HUMAN ACCESS and HABITATION!! ... and God help all the farmers! Thus, our beautiful little paradise here will be effectively turned into a “environmental prison”, where nobody will be allowed to go, and the few places left that you will, you’ll probable need a licence to walk on a track or walk along a beach, and probably have to pay a fee for the privilege!

Really. To be honest. I just throw my arms in the air in despair!

Jack. Rolling Eyes
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Validated Poster
Validated Poster

Joined: 24 Nov 2009
Posts: 43
Location: Switzerland

PostPosted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 8:51 am    Post subject: global conspiracy denial rectification Reply with quote

Hi George,

Thanks for your rather uninspiring email and attack against me.

I’ll keep your full name and email address confidential. I don’t want to seem too offensive to you or your son, but the fact that he’s got a PhD shows me he is probably a common mental retard who has been “indoctrinated” at university by equally mentally deficient professors. That’s why when they “graduate” they receive a Masonic “doctorate” showing that they have been “gradually indoctrinated.” This is why rarely will university indoctrinated individuals like this be genuine independent thinkers and depart from the indoctrination they have received at university. That, unfortunately, is the truth for most university graduates. However, I still find it hard to believe that he doesn’t know, as it is so well known now at a senior level in most respective government bureaucracies involved with Sustainable Development programs in countries such as ours that have ratified the UN Charter.

Anyway, I must defend myself against your wildly uninformed allegations George.

Go to the website below, and “search New Zealand.” There you will find I am a little off with 34%, and see that the total land area transferred into UN conservation biosphere reserves ALREADY is exactly 32.55%, with 30.37% of our marine area transferred into UN reserves already as well.. So I’ll admit I was about 1.5% out!

I would remind you that PROTECTED PLANET is managed by the UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC) to fulfil the fascist 2030 UN Sustainable Development goals, of course, under the direction and patronage of Prince Charles.

I would suggest that your son, and his highly university educated dimwit colleagues within the Department, who apparently “don’t know” undergo a crash course in ‘global conspiracy denial rectification’ at their local psychiatric clinic for 6 months or more before making wild speculative allegations like these ever again. Then come back to me to try and refute the facts on the Protected Planet website below.

I know you mean well George, and that this is often a difficult subject for those with limited intelligence who have been severely retarded by a lengthy university education.

But do try to genuinely overcome this severe educational handicap, and at least make some genuine attempt to familiarize yourself with what is really going on – because its not rocket science at all – you only you have to open your eyes and unload all or most of the highly prejudiced claptrap you have previously been taught by your university professors, and of course clear your mind of the propaganda brigade in the mainstream media. Then you might comprehend the matter!

It may seem a little harsh, but I do have your interests at heart. I am not offended by criticism myself (such as yours or my own), which I believe in the end must be good for all of us, that the real truth about a matter might be brought to light through the debate, be it a little heated.

You might like to look at other countries as well on the website below. It is simply mind blowing stuff really, when most people still think they are living in a “sovereign country,” when the real truth is the UN has for a long while been running the show!

With the greatest of respect, and thanks for the criticism!!!




Protected Planet


re your crazy emails about New Zealand land transferred into UN conservation areas at 34%. I have a son (with PhD) working at a senior level in the NZ Department of Conservation and it is the first time he has heard about your ridiculous claims. Plainly you don’t know what you are talking about. They would never get away with it even if it were true. Please stick to the facts in the future Jack and a little less of this conspiracy theory rubbish.

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