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Sep 1931 Hitler murders Geli Raubal. Bormann, Müller coverup

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 06, 2017 11:47 pm    Post subject: Sep 1931 Hitler murders Geli Raubal. Bormann, Müller coverup Reply with quote

The Adolf Hitler painting that could be hiding a grave secret about an incestuous affair and a murder
The painting, along with four others signed "A Hitler" failed to attract a buyer at a sale in Ludlow
http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/adolf-hitler-painting-could-hidin g-10751350#comments-section
BY ROD MCPHEE 22:04, 6 JUL 2017

Is this painting by Hitler hiding a grave secret?

A sickly picture of a tomb, said to have been painted by Adolf Hitler, provides a sinister link between the Nazi leader and the niece with whom he was rumoured to be having an illicit affair.

The Führer was reportedly heartbroken when Geli Raubal fell victim to a bullet from his own Walther pistol.

Officially it was suicide. But some historians believe he murdered her to keep their affair quiet.

The unsigned artwork showing Geli’s resting place in the Central Cemetery in Vienna went up for sale today.

Ben Jones of auctioneers Mullock’s said: “It’s controversial but it is history at the end of the day.”

'Adolf Hitler was like Charlie Chaplin', claims Brit girl who met Nazi leader just before World War Two
Geli was the daughter of Hitler’s half-sister Angela Raubal and 19 years younger than him.

Hitler (left) relaxing with Geli in 1930 (Image: Getty)
The relationship began in 1925 when Angela became housekeeper at his mountain retreat and brought her two girls.

Geli was a spirited, flirtatious 17-year-old who called him “Uncle Alf”. It is not clear whether the relationship was sexual.

But in September 1931 they were heard having a row. The next day, Geli, then 23, was found lying face down with a single bullet lodged in her lung.

Hitler was devastated and several times visited the grave depicted in the picture. It failed to attract a buyer at today’s sale in Ludlow, Shrops.

Geli was killed by a single bullet (Image: Getty)
Four other paintings – all signed "A Hitler" and valued between £5,000 and £7,000 – also went unsold.

Lost £350million Nazi treasure stolen from Russia in WW2 'found in secret bunker'
Auctioneer Mr Jones said it was the second time they had tried to sell the five pictures. He added: “They didn’t go five years ago and have been in our office ever since.”

But four other paintings attributed to Hitler were snapped up for £7,500.

Mr Jones said: “I’ve been asked, ‘Who collects this?’ But people can do what they want behind closed doors.”

Most of Hitler’s paintings were done before the First World War when he was destitute in Vienna. By the time Geli died he was 15 months away from becoming Chancellor.

[quote="TonyGosling"]Chapter Ten

A Pig Digging For A Potato

"I studied Bormann's technique with Hitler and realized he controlled the Fuehrer!"
Chief of Nazi foreign intelligence
Walter Schellenberg

Bormann was "the secret master of a despot."
Hitler courtesan Hans Frank.

"Everything had to be done through this sinister guttersnipe (Bormann)."
Hitler's General Chief of Staff
Heinz Guderian

"Bormann stayed with Hitler night and day and gradually brought him
under his will so that he ruled Hitler's whole existence."
Herman Goering
Hitler's heir-apparent until war's-end

Hitler, too, was implicated for murder when he was a young man, long before he made cold-blooded killing a component of official government policy. Hitler's suspected homicidal action, unlike Bormann's calculated, pragmatic act, was the result of jealous and unthinking rage. According to one version, he appears to have viciously murdered his niece, with whom he was having an incestuous, turbid relationship, following a violent, jealousy-driven argument. The niece, Angela "Geli" Raubal, was trying to break off their relationship.

"He's a monster. Nobody can imagine the things he wants me to do," she once confided.

She disclosed that he had forced her to urinate on him and to perform other heinous obscenities. He also reportedly completed a number of artistic renderings of Geli executed with questionable taste and of detestable subject matter. Bormann is said to have later located all of these pictures and quietly bought them back to avoid future controversy.

As Geli tried to extricate herself from the affair ( she not only detested her relationship with Hitler but she was interested in another man ) Hitler is thought to have confronted her in his apartment in Munich during one of their forced liaisons. Possibly she threatened to reveal his perverted predilections but it is not known for certain what led up to the killing or how it was committed. According to William Stevenson in The Bormann Brotherhood, there were witnesses to the crime - Gerhard Rossbach and Dr. Otto Strasser - but they were close Hitler cronies who refused to reveal what they knew. All that is known is that Geli's dead body was found naked on the floor, her nose broken, killed by a bullet from Adolf Hitler's pistol.

For Hitler, the murder was a disaster about to be unleashed that would not only ruin his career but probably his life as well. While he had consolidated his position as leader of the Nazi Party, he was not yet a citizen of Germany much less its uncontested leader. Three more years would pass before he could protect his murderous madness with that shield. By now, September 1931, Bormann had been released from prison, joined the Nazi Party, and in six short years had burrowed his way into the party leadership and was looking for opportunities to demonstrate devotion to his demigod, Adolf Hitler. In the murder of Geli Raubal he recognized an opportunity to prove to his murderous master his allegiance and his shrewd, if immoral, penchants.

Stevenson goes on to describe how Munich's intelligent, hard-working chief inspector, Heinrich Mueller, who up to that point had been working hard to eliminate the Nazi Party, had begun investigating the apparently open-and-shut case. Bormann stepped in. When he stepped back again the chief inspector dropped the case, Hitler walked free, and Mueller was soon on a train to Moscow to learn the black art and septic science of running a secret police department, all at Nazi Party expense.

The net result of Bormann's arbitration? Adolf Hitler escaped that most desperate personal and political predicament to eventually become arguably the most powerful man in the world. Heinrich Mueller was installed on a career track that would propel him to the pinnacle of the German police state - the police state of all police states - as chief of the vaunted and feared Gestapo. In fact, Mueller would eventually carry to his grave the nickname "Gestapo" Mueller.

And Martin Bormann would grasp Hitler's attention and allegiance in a way that would create a mechanism for perpetual expansion of Bormann's power base through the Master's increasing trust and appreciation. Add to this the power that would flow to Bormann from Bormann's co-opting of Heinrich Mueller and the massive intelligence and control mechanism that would soon be supplied to him through the Gestapo, and Bormann's position had, indeed, increased by several orders of magnitude as a result of this single affair.

According to some Hitler biographers, the story of Hitler's murder of Geli Raubal is anecdotal and has been proven to be false. Their account says Hitler was booked in a hotel far from Munich on the day Geli was killed. This in fact may be true, but if Stevenson's version that Bormann and Mueller "fixed" the outcome is true, this evidence may be part of the cover-up rather than the true account of events. Perhaps what actually occurred will never be known.

During the six years between Bormann's release from prison in 1925, when he joined the Nazi Party, and his alleged bold intercession on Hitler's behalf in Geli Raubal's murder, Martin Bormann had already climbed a considerable distance within the Nazi party hierarchy. Presumably his stature was elevated upon his very entrance into the party as a result of his already-proven commitment to the ideals and operational methods of the Nazi Party as confirmed by time spent in prison for the Kadow murder. Within two years he was the regional press officer for the Nazi Party in Thuringia and the following year was elevated to chief business manager in the same regional party chapter, as well as being made Gauleiter (Nazi Party governor) of Thuringia. He was also promoted to the supreme command of the party's military arm, the S.A. (Sturmabteilung).

By the end of that same year, 1928, Bormann was working for Hitler's personal secretary and right-hand man, Rudolf Hess. Bormann had been referred to Hess by Nazi Party Treasurer Franz Xavier Schwarz, who recognized in Bormann a shrewd and astute financial manager and efficient commissar who could bring the party's business dealings into control, which Hess had been unable to accomplish.

Because of Bormann's penchant for working quietly in the background, throughout his career his versatile nature went largely unnoticed despite his latent genius for finance - magnified and unbridled by a complete lack of moral or ethical circumspection. His versatility revitalized the party. It made Hitler a rich man. And it made Bormann a rich man.

The following year, Bormann married the daughter of another ardent party member who would soon become the top judge in Nazi Germany, Reichstag Deputy Walther Buch, who enjoyed Hitler's respect (Hitler was a witness to the Bormann wedding, being friend of both bride and groom).

With his new wife Gerda, Bormann began a family that would eventually include ten children and would, if possible, in some respects be even more perverse than the family in which he grew up. He openly and with Gerda's blessing, and, in fact, with her encouragement, carried on multiple sexual relationships simultaneously with a bevy of other women, despite universal agreement that Bormann, in the "looks" department, had little to offer women. Physical attraction not withstanding, his oily charm and powerful position made him an attractive coup to many ladies.


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"The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which alienates the possessor from the community" Carl Jung
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