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Incorporated — Syfy TV series on where corporations rule all

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 26, 2017 9:53 pm    Post subject: Incorporated — Syfy TV series on where corporations rule all Reply with quote

New dystopian sci-fi series depicts totalitarian society run by corporate giants like Monsanto
http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-01-25-new-dystopian-sci-fi-film-depict s-totalitarian-society-run-by-corporate-giants-like-monsanto.html

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 by: Mary Wilder
Tags: Incorporated, Movies, science fiction
Image: New dystopian sci-fi series depicts totalitarian society run by corporate giants like Monsanto

(Natural News) They often say that art imitates life and that, sadly, never seems truer than when it comes to science fiction. Despite the fact that most stories in the genre are otherworldly, time has shown that writers and filmmakers are never all that far off when it comes to predicting the future. The latest example of a science-fiction story resembling real-life far too closely is Incorporated — a new TV series on the Syfy channel that finds the United States being run completely by corporations in the not-too-distant future.

Chuck Barney of The Mercury News reports, “Set in 2074, ‘Incorporated’ (10 p.m. Wednesdays, Syfy) imagines a world where many countries have gone bankrupt after a rash of calamities. In the absence of effective government, mighty corporations have become de-facto governments. A small sliver of the population lives in luxury, while most people live in squalor and fear.”

While this subject has been a major plot point in many fictional stories throughout the years, it has never been more timely than in 2017. Thanks to the globalist empire that looks to create a singular, world government, corporations like Monsanto are stronger than ever. While there are plenty of patriots and freedom-loving folks who are trying their hardest to prevent this takeover from manifesting, the powers that be are not going down without a fight. We saw this happen very recently with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Of course, the people spoke and Donald Trump was elected, but it was an extremely close race.

We came dangerously close to having President Hillary Clinton, which certainly would have meant having a Monsanto-backed leader of the free world. In a lot of ways, the corporations would have been running our country. Clinton merely would have been a figurehead. So while Incorporated may be a fictional television show, reality isn’t too far off. (RELATED: For more news regarding a potential societal collapse, visit Collapse.news)

Even star Dennis Haysbert believes that a dystopian future could be on the horizon if our federal government doesn’t divert from that potentially horrific path. Haysbert stated, “We are nose-diving into that world. I just hope it doesn’t become as dystopian as the show … I think a lot of people have lost their integrity. They all drank the Kool-Aid. Let’s see if it backs up on them.”

Hollywood, a lot of the time, tries to avoid subjects that paint the federal government in a negative light. Since the film industry is run by the same leftists that bowed down at the throne of President Barack Obama, they refused to create anything that could potentially make him look bad. Thankfully, it appears as though there are still some people in the entertainment industry that are willing to expose the truth and show just how corrupt the United States government has become.

While Incorporated may not be the solution to all of our problems, it could definitely help start a conversation about the direction that our country is headed — and has been headed for quite some time. If we are ever going to overcome the odds and receive true liberty in the United States, we are going to need the public at large to know that there are severe issues challenging our freedom every single day.

Though the best way would be through facts and statistics, fiction has a history of getting the point across in a much more easily digestible manner for the average person. That’s what we should be doing with Incorporated and other science fiction stories of a similar nature. It may sound silly in theory, but in execution, it could very well work in our favor.





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