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Nazi chemical weapons boss Otto Ambros treated as US royalty

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 30, 2018 1:28 am    Post subject: Nazi chemical weapons boss Otto Ambros treated as US royalty Reply with quote

The man, who was behind Hitler's chemical warfare, should have hanged in Nuremberg. Instead he was smuggled to the USA to give everything from biological agents in Korea, Agent Orange in Vietnam and Sarin for US/NATO Al Qaeda proxies in Syria etc. - Read Renee in the comment

Renee G Berentsen This is where it all began. "Otto Ambros was Hitler’s Director of Chemical Weapons and IG Farben’s Director of Chemical Operations. Ambros was considered the “genius” and was friends with Himmler since primary school. Otto’s father was a professor of agricultural chemistry. Both were his students but Ambros was considered the “genius.” (According to Nuremberg testimony in the IG Farben Director trial) Himmler worked for Ambros. He was IG Farben’s strategist and took small scale lab creations to industrial scale. He was meticulous in his calculations for resource productions needs for all IG Farben products. The vaccines were produced on industrial scale by Ambros and provided massive profits for IG Farben. IG Farben financed the Nazi Party. Himmler committed suicide while Ambros became an “Operation Paperclip Scientist” who was a director/advisor on practically every chemical combine in our western nations (From Dow Chemical, British Distillers, to Teva Pharmaceuticals and it’s highly likely he is at the center of NATO’s chemical weapons program judging by the chemical weapon technologies. The “A” in Sarin stands for Ambros. They are the evolution of his ethylene oxide tree invention.) There’s a reason that many of the Operation Paperclip documents still remain classified.

“Himmler…, the Reichsfuhrer-SS had studied agriculture in school. According to Blome, it was Himmler who was the primary motivator behind the Reich’s bioweapons program. Hitler, Blome said, did not approve of biological warfare and was kept in the dark as to specific plans. Himmler’s area of greatest fascination, said Blome, was bubonic plague.

On April 30, 1943, Goring had created the cancer research post that was to be held by Blome. Over the next nineteen months, Blome explained, he met with Himmler five times.

At their first meeting, which occurred in the summer of 1943—Blome recalled it as being July or August—Himmler ordered Blome to study various dissemination methods of plague bacteria for offensive warfare. According to Blome, he shared with Himmler his fears regarding the dangerous boomerang effect a plague bomb would most likely have on Germany. Himmler told Blome that in that case, he should get to work immediately to produce a vaccine to prevent such a thing. To expedite vaccine research, Blome said, Himmler ordered him “to use human beings.”

Himmler offered Blome a medical block at a concentration camp like Dachau where he could complete this work. Blome said he told Himmler he was aware of “strong objections in certain circles” to using humans in experimental vaccine trials. Himmler told Blome that experimenting on humans was necessary in the war effort. To refuse was “the equivalent of treason.”….

“We know [that] from antiquity up till the time of [the] Napoleonic wars, victories and defeats were often determined by epidemics and starvation.” Blome said. Spreading an infectious disease could bring about the demise of a marauding army, and Blome said that the failure of Napoleon’s Russian campaign was “due in great part to the infection of his horses with Glanders.” a highly contagious bacterial disease. History aside, Blome said he counseled Himmler on the fact that a concentration camp was a terrible place to experiment with bubonic plague because the population was too dense.

Blome then told Himmer that if he were to experiment with plague bacterium, he would need his own institute, an isolated facility far removed from population centers. Himmler and Blome agreed that Poland would be a good place, and they settled on Neseltedt, a small town outside the former Poznan University (by then operated by the Reich) Blome’s research institute was to be called the Bacteriological Institute at Nesselstedt….

Himmler proposed another idea: How about disseminating a virulent strain of hoof-and-mouth disease” Or tularemia, also called rabbit fever, which affected man in a manner similar to plague? Blome told Himmler that these were dangerous ideas, as to any outbreak would surely affect Germany’s troops. The Reich needed a massive stockpile of vaccinations before it could feasibly launch a biological attack.

Himmler stretched his thinking to target Allies on their own soil. How about spreading cattle plague, also called rinderpest, in America or England? Himmler told Blome that infecting the enemy’s food supply would have a sinister effect on enemy troops. Blome agreed and said he would investigate what it would take to start a plague epidemic among the enemies’ cows. There was, however, a problem, Blome explained. An international agreement prohibited stocks of the rinderpest virus to be stored anywhere in Europe. Strains of cattle plague were available only in the third world.

Himmler said that he would get the cattle plague himself. He sent Dr. Erich Traub, a veterinarian from Reich’s State Research Institute, located on the island of Reims, to Turkey. There, Dr. Traub acquired a strain of the lethal rinderpest virus. Under Blome’s direction, trials to infect healthy cows with rinderpest began…." Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program That Brought Nazi Scientists to America by Annie Jacobson (Portions from pages 160 - 163) - _My page where this and more will be added -


Renee G Berentsen "In 1951, shortly after the Korean War began, the Chinese Communist Party and the Communist Workers’ Party of Korea started publishing news reports that the American military was dropping strange bombs in northern Korea and northeast China. These munitions, they claimed, were filled with a panoply of horrors: dead flies and spiders infected with anthrax, plague, and other infectious diseases. The two governments soon accused the United States of conducting bacteriological warfare.“


The pieces really fall into places..
- February 1917 anarchists, mensheviks, right SR, Katets overthrow Tsar, creating Provisional Government and West applaud it. Why? Because they wanted open Russia to western capital.
- October Bolsheviks gaining power in most of the Soviets and taking country in their hands.
- 1918 14 capitalist countries launching intervention supporting Provisional Government, ordering defeated German armies to occupy several of Soviet Republics and starting "civil war" (which wasn't civil war but in fact - foreign intervention. Situation similar to what we see today in Syria).
- ~20's US and European banks and corporations started funding NSDAP and pumping Germany with resources and technologies. Hitler gaining power. First thing he do is killing or expelling all the communists, shutting down trade unions, gives enormous powers to corporations like Krupp, IG Farben.
- 1938 Munich Agreement - UK, France and Italy gives Hitler free hand to take over Czechoslovakia.
- June 1939 Stalin offers UK and France to jointly attack Germany and offer 1 million troops. This is refused due to (I think it was just a pretext - they wanted war to start) Poland stance which said they won't allow single Soviet soldier step through the country.
- August 1939 UK sending 2 "diplomats" to Soviet Union that had no any negotiation powers or could not sign any documents.
- September 1939 Hitler attacks Poland and USSR in order to delay as much as possible inevitable attack on Soviet Union sign non-aggression agreement with Germany (as last of the countries in Europe) therefore temporarily interrupting west's plans.

'Suppression of truth, human spirit and the holy chord of justice never works long-term. Something the suppressors never get.' David Southwell
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Martin Van Creveld: I'll quote Henry Kissinger: "In campaigns like this the antiterror forces lose, because they don't win, and the rebels win by not losing."
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