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Financial crash-plan to take over the assets of the world?

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 25, 2017 10:14 am    Post subject: Financial crash-plan to take over the assets of the world? Reply with quote



Do read and listen to Andrew Hauserís remarks (published on 20 December 2017) explaining details about the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF NEW YORKíS COMMEMORATION OF THE 100TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEMíS U.S. DOLLAR ACCOUNT SERVICES TO THE GLOBAL OFFICIAL SECTOR, and more importantly, how the agreement by the Bank of England and the New York Federal Reserve in Spring 1917 to provide banking services to one another was actually part of a seminal moment in the development of the international financial system [controlled by the Bank of England Ė my emphasis].

Do read The Bank of Englandís policy on valuation capabilities to support resolvability, Consultation Ė AUGUST 2017, and note:
When the planned INTERNATIONAL banking crisis occurs, to take over the banking and corporate assets of the whole world, using their own words, they are going to:

1. Bail-in Tool: This allows us to write down a firmís equity and debt to absorb losses, and convert debt into equity to recapitalise the firm.

2. Private Sector Purchaser: A tool to sell all or part of the business of the bank to a commercial purchaser.

3. Bridge Bank: A short-term operation to transfer part of or all of a failing firm to a temporary subsidiary of the Bank of England, where an immediate sale is not possible but an eventual sale is.

Can I briefly explain. The average international big banks now are technically insolvent already, in that if all depositors came in at the same time to withdraw their deposits, there is not enough money in the kittty to pay them. As regards the global stock market, the average debt gearing ratio (borrowing from banks via bonds or loans) for most companies now is about 45%. So in a big financial crash, if share prices fell only by about 20%, the majority of these companies would not have enough security and collateral to support their debt and borrowing levels. If the price of shares were to fall by 55%, then every company in the world would be totally insolvent. When these eventualities take place (not if), therefore, the Bank of England is planning to come in (or through Reserve Banks that it controls through the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland) to either write down a failing firmís reduced equity and debt to help absorb the losses, then convert the remaining debt into new equity shares which the bankers will own) to recapitalise the bank or firm. Depending on the length and severity of the financial crash, therefore, they are planning to transfer many of the failing banks and companies into a temporary subsidiary of the Bank of England until an eventual sale is possible, if ever. If this happens, the Bank of England and the WORSHIPFUL COMPANY OF INTERNATIONAL BANKERS in Guildhall, the City of London Corporation, will own the entire world.

Having already written a lengthy book in detail about how just ONE MAN through the City of London Corporationís banking pirates may soon possibly gain the entire world, it is plain this information on this webpage of the Bank of England right now vindicates the book and emphatically makes it as plain as ever exactly what they are cunningly planning to do. NOW!

So please, if you have been sucked into high debt levels at these super low global interest rates, donít complain to me when the crash comes and you lose all your dough, your shares, retirement plan or home!

Bye the way. This is not merely my opinion. It is an undeniable fact published on their own website here.

This is just a brief ďbrain-teaserĒ for my university indoctrinated banking colleagues, (who by and large havenít got a clue in the wide world whatís coming) to help start them of on the right footing in the New Year.

Interesting isnít it? As you will note, they donít leave much to the imagination, as theyíve even told us here the specific time-frame they are working to!!!!!!! Cheeky devils!

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