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It's ALL about covert control of the media
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 19, 2019 10:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Could Israeli hatred of Iran spark WWIII? UK media silent! Turkish TV: Ahaber YazBoz Tony Gosling



with Turkish subtitles
British journalist Tony Gosling: Israel may launch 3rd World War:
The Western media information warfare operations alter perception against Turkey before each election. accurate March 31 elections, an operation was launched again via Turkey. British journalist Tony Gosling said, "Western media is serving the lobby." Claiming large-scale clashes in Syria, Gosling said that Israel wants to take out World War 3 using Jerusalem.
Here are the explanations of the British journalist which will drop like a bomb on the international news agenda ...
https://www.ahaber.com.tr/webtv/gundem/ingiliz-gazeteci-tony-gosling-3 -dunya-savasini-israil-baslatacak

The Nazis were the result of a merging of the O.T.O of Crowley and the Thule Gesselschaft of Germany. It is presumably for this reason that Hitler, when he wished to create an arm of German Intelligence in Egypt, contacted a leading Salafi and Freemason, named Hasan al Banna. With the demise of the Nazis following WWII, control of the organization was transferred to the CIA. It was its eventual head, Allen Dulles who spearheaded the move to hire ex-Nazis to train the terrorists.

In 1954, after it was discovered that the Muslim Brotherhood was responsible for an attack on his life, President Gamal Nasser of Egypt ordered a crackdown. Fleeing members of the Muslim Brotherhood were then shuttled to the CIA’s ally, Saudi Arabia.

The Salafi movement has since come to be spearheaded by Saudi Arabia, and identified as one and the same as the heresy of Wahhabism. Wahhabism was created by the British, in the eighteenth century to undermine the Ottoman Empire, and to achieve Western control of the world’s primary oil resource. Today, the promotion of Wahhabism is part of a larger Western agenda, involving the CIA, to denigrate Islam. According to William Engdahl, it was Henry Kissinger who orchestrated the Oil Crisis of 1973. The subsequent wealth achieved by Saudi Arabia then served as a hidden slush fund for CIA covert operations.

When John Loftus, a Justice Department official in the eighties, was permitted to peruse classified government documents, he discovered that the British Secret Service convinced American intelligence that the Arab Nazis of the Muslim Brotherhood would be indispensable as “freedom fighters” in preparation for the next major war, which was anticipated against the Soviet Union.

And so, when the Americans wished to lure the Soviets into their own version of Vietnam, they did so by funding factions of the Muslim Brotherhood in Afghanistan. Financed and coordinated through the assistance of the Pakistani secret service, the ISI, it became the largest CIA covert operation in history.

It was all part of the larger the Iran-Contra Operation. Through the devious activities of the Aspen Institute and the Club of Rome, in collaboration with the Muslim Brotherhood, British agent the Ayatollah Khomeini was installed in Iran. The Americans then began illegally trading arms with the country, proceeds of which were used to fund the right-wing Contra thugs of Nicargua, in return for cocaine which sparked America's crack epidemic. These funds, in addition to growing heroin trade in Afghanistan, were used to fund the US's covert war in Afghanistan.

Through this strategy, not only did the Americans succeed in bankrupting the Soviet Union, but they also managed to create a budding network of Islamic terrorists, brainwashed in the radical ideologies of Wahhabism and Salafism, who dispersed across the world, and who were then blamed as responsible for the great false flag operation known as 9/11, which allowed its hidden planners to embark on their War on Terror, Samuel Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations", or the beginnings of Pike's WWIII.

https://ahaber-vod.ercdn.net/video/2019/02/573a342a-6aef-4893-9e7c-0e1 d10c295e5_1100.mp4

"The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which alienates the possessor from the community" Carl Jung
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Trustworthy Freedom Fighter
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 8:39 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Saudi state part-owns Evening Standard and Independent, court told Government lawyer tells court part-sale of news outlets has ‘national security implications’ https://www.theguardian.com/media/2019/jul/23/evening-standard-and-ind ependent-unable-to-rebut-concerns-over-saudi-ownership

‘national security implications’
Jim Waterson Media editor
Tue 23 Jul 2019 18.30 BST First published on Tue 23 Jul 2019 14.49 BST

Evgeny Lebedev

The Evening Standard and the Independent have been explicitly accused by the British government of being part-owned by the Saudi Arabian state, with a series of “unconventional, complex and clandestine” deals used to hide the sale of stakes in the London-based news outlets to a Saudi government bank.

Evgeny Lebedev, who controls both publications, sold 30% stakes in them to offshore companies fronted by a Saudi businessman, Sultan Mohamed Abuljadayel, in 2017 and 2018. The Standard and the Independent say they are unsure who ultimately employs the businessman.

David Scannell, the government’s legal representative, told a court on Tuesday that the Saudi Arabian government could now potentially exert editorial influence over the news outlets, said the sale of the shares has “national security implications”, and accused Lebedev of going out of his way to avoid answering questions about the deals.

“What is of concern to Her Majesty’s government is that a foreign state could be acquiring a substantial stake in Lebedev Holdings [owner of the Evening Standard] and the Independent simultaneously,” he said.

The culture secretary, Jeremy Wright, last month announced an investigation into the sales, warning that the ultimate investor may have “strong links to the Saudi Arabian state” and raising fears that a foreign government may have gained influence over the news direction of two major British publications.

The decision to intervene is highly political. The heavily lossmaking free London newspaper is edited by the former Conservative chancellor, George Osborne, who has let it be known that he would consider a return to frontline politics.

In addition, the incoming Conservative prime minister, Boris Johnson – who could influence the direction of the inquiry – has refused to answer questions from the Guardian about his attendance at parties held at Lebedev’s Italian castle.

Wright previously said the Saudi investment deals “may have an effect on the Evening Standard and the Independent’s news agendas”. The Independent has already launched a series of foreign-language websites run and staffed by Saudi journalists and aimed at audiences in some of the nation’s regional rivals.

Saudi Arabia has a poor record on press freedom and the sale of the stake in the Evening Standard’s parent company took place in the aftermath of the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, widely considered to have been carried out by by Saudi officials.

Both the Independent and Evening Standard insist concerns about editorial independence are unfounded and they are not influenced by financial backers.

Lebedev’s lawyers are fighting to stop the government investigating the Saudi investment on a technicality, arguing that the government waited too long and missed the deadline to intervene.

In response, the government says its decision was delayed, in part, because both Lebedev and the Saudi investors refused to provide key information.

A hearing of the competition appeal tribunal also heard that the Evening Standard and Independent investments had been made through two separate Cayman Islands-registered companies called Scalable Inc and International Media Company, a process that helped obscure the true investor.

Each of these two companies was in turn 50% owned by Abuljadayel and 50% by Wondrous Investments, itself ultimately controlled by Saudi Arabia’s state-controlled National Commercial Bank.

“These brass-plaque companies were incorporated for the express purpose of obscuring the true acquirers,” said Scannell, acting for the government. “Our understanding is that the bank is owned and controlled by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Asked whether Abuljadayel was employed by the Saudi investment bank, lawyers for the Evening Standard and Independent referred to previous news articles and said: “It’s certainly been reported as such.”

When pressed further on the Saudi individual’s ultimate employer, the lawyers said: “We’re not really in a position to assist on that.”

Lebedev’s lawyers also argued that the government should have started investigating earlier because the investment had been covered in the Financial Times and the Guardian.

Lebedev has close ties to Saudi Arabia, posing on his Instagram with Saudi-backed militias in Yemen. The Independent editor, Christian Broughton, has visited the Saudi capital to meet business partners.

View this post on Instagram
Birthdays in a war zone. #Yemen 🇾🇪
A post shared by Evgeny Lebedev (@mrevgenylebedev) on May 8, 2018 at 7:24am PDT
The legal challenge was only against the decision to refer the Saudi investment to the Competition Commission on merger grounds.

The culture secretary has separately asked the media regulator, Ofcom, to investigate any public interest concerns and report back by mid-August. The Guardian understands this report will be produced regardless of the court ruling.

The Independent
London Evening Standard

Saudi Arabia

Press freedom

National newspapers


Newspapers & magazines


'Suppression of truth, human spirit and the holy chord of justice never works long-term. Something the suppressors never get.' David Southwell
Martin Van Creveld: Let me quote General Moshe Dayan: "Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother."
Martin Van Creveld: I'll quote Henry Kissinger: "In campaigns like this the antiterror forces lose, because they don't win, and the rebels win by not losing."
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