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Cold Fusion refuses to stay dead
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Trustworthy Freedom Fighter
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

Joined: 24 Nov 2009
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 02, 2011 6:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

http://pesn.com/2011/11/02/9501943_Rossis_E-Cat_Victory_on_Cold_Fusion _Emergence_Day--E-Day/

Rossi's E-Cat Victory on Cold Fusion's Emergence Day -- E-Day

The date October 28, 2011 will be recorded in history as the day when Andrea Rossi's cold fusion E-Cat technology emerged victoriously into the commercial marketplace, after an important test by a yet-undisclosed customer. Test parameters discussed. Move over oil, coal, and uranium... Ni-H cold fusion technology is coming to town!

By Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

The past year has been a mixture of both excitement and vexing anticipation for those following the saga of Andrea Rossi's E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) technology. At the beginning of this year, it was announced that a one megawatt E-Cat plant would be built, tested, and sold to a customer. On October 28th of 2011, the completed one megawatt plant was successfully tested, and the first ever sale of a commercial cold fusion power system was made. This means that cold fusion is no longer a theory that can be irrationally dismissed by skeptical naysayers, but a real world technology that in short order will spark a new industrial and technological revolution.


I would suggest that any company that is interested in purchasing a plant contact Rossi as soon as possible. It seems the line at the checkout register is forming. What will be interesting is to see how long the mainstream media and mainstream scientific community will be able to ignore the growing number of satisfied customers.

[size]They need to accept the truth -- cold fusion is here, and its name is the E-Cat!

full article at above link.
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Trustworthy Freedom Fighter
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

Joined: 24 Nov 2009
Posts: 964

PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 5:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The mainstream media are starting to recognise this event cannot be ignored!!

http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2011/11/02/andrea-rossi-italian-cold-fu sion-plant/

Cold Fusion Experiment: Major Success or Complex Hoax?

By John Brandon

Published November 02, 2011

A physicist in Italy claims to have demonstrated a new type of power plant that provides safe, cheap and virtually unlimited nuclear power to the world, without fossil fuels or radiation concerns.

The only hitch: Scientists say the method -- cold fusion -- is patently impossible. They say it defies the laws of physics.

Andrea Rossi doesn't seem to care. He told FoxNews.com that his new device takes in nickel and hydrogen and fuses them in a low-grade nuclear reaction that essentially spits out sheer power, validating the strange science.

“With low energy, it's possible to give a heater a certain amount of energy and to get from the same heater a superior amount of energy,” Rossi explained. He claims he demonstrated the device, called an E-Cat, at the University of Bologna in Italy on Oct. 28.

Rossi's claims have confounded the scientific community, many of whom have either dismissed the demonstration outright or have questioned whether the E-Cat really works. Several experts who spoke to FoxNews.com declined to comment or go on the record.

Nearly a century ago, in the 1920s, Austrian scientists Friedrich Paneth and Kurt Peters hypothesized a form of nuclear reaction that doesn’t produce radiation. And since then, the theory of cold fusion -- or "low-energy nuclear reaction," as its champions now call it -- has popped in and out the public's eyes, notably hitting the cover of Time magazine in 1989.

Jonathan Koomey, an energy consultant who has advised the EPA, said any extraordinary discovery requires extraordinary proof. He said the E-Cat must be verified by an independent study conducted by scientists who are allowed access to the machine’s inner-workings.

“[The E-Cat experiment] should be treated as a hoax until independent scientists are able to replicate these results,” Koomey told FoxNews.com -- as one would treat claims that someone had defied the laws of gravity or found a major flaw in the theory of relativity.

Koomey explained that cold fusion defies the laws of thermodynamics. Energy requires an initial, consumable power source that erodes and breaks down -- it simply isn't self-sustaining.

But Sterling Allan, CEO of the alternative energy news agency Pure Energy Systems, told FoxNews.com he attended Rossi’s demonstration and the E-Cat is self sustaining.

“What Rossi demonstrated was 470 kilowatts of continuous output in self-sustain mode -- meaning the output was enough to keep the thing running on its own,” he told FoxNews.com.

Allan hinted on his blog that an unnamed “customer” of Rossi's device is a military organization that starts with an N. Rossi said this customer measured and verified the test -- and told FoxNews.com that Paul Swanson with the U.S. Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems unit (SPAWAR) can vouch for the demonstration.

FoxNews.com spoke with a man at SPAWAR who identified himself as Swanson, and who said only that he was "not in a position to talk to the press." Several other sources within the Navy and the Pentagoneither declined to comment or did not return messages.

The Navy has long been interested in cold fusion research. At a 2009 meeting of the American Chemical Society, chemist Pamela Mosier-Boss of SPAWAR revealed what she and colleagues claimed was the first clear visual evidence that low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) devices work.

"To our knowledge, this is the first scientific report of the production of highly energetic neutrons from an LENR device," Mosier-Boss said at the time.

It's easy to see why the Navy could be interested. In a normal nuclear reaction, atoms collide to generate heat, but the resulting fission produces radiation that must be contained; exposure to even small amounts can be lethal. Rossi's reactor is different, containing about 100 of the small E-Cat machines.

“The heat is initiated by electrical resistance,” Rossi explained, a stage that takes about two hours. The reactors then produce another 479kWh of energy for another 3-4 hours without needing that initial electrical input -- the low-level nuclear reaction continues on its own.

“The test we made by the customer was to see if the process was working properly, and to control whether the energy was in an amount superior to the amount supplied to the system,” he said.

Rossi claims his company, Leonardo Corp., will produce the E-Cat machine, which he first demonstrated earlier this year at the University of Bologna. Proof of the experiment's success is that the customer will pay for the technology and start using it, he said.

As for the skeptics, Rossi said he needs to prove the experiment only to his customer.

“We have nothing to say, just to make plans that work properly and let those facts win against the skepticism,” he said.

Rossi says his company will soon start making the E-Cat in the U.S. Whether one will power your city soon is an open question.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2011/11/02/andrea-rossi-italian-cold-fu sion-plant/#ixzz1ccGVbS33


Fox News E-Cat Article Needs Work

The mainstream media organization "Fox News" has posted an article about the recent test and sale of Andrea Rossi's one megawatt cold fusion plant. It's great that they are covering the introduction of the E-Cat technology to the market, but the article could be more accurate.

By Hank Mills with Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

If you have not read it already, Fox News has posted an article about the test and sale of the world's first one megawatt cold fusion E-Cat plant. Fox News should be commended for being one of the first mainstream media outlets to cover the historic launch of the cold fusion age. However, their article does not seem to be as well worded as it could be, and is not exactly accurate on all counts.

The first issue with the article is that early on it states scientists say cold fusion is impossible. This is not entirely accurate. The fact is many scientists say it is very possible, and some even claim it is an absolute reality. Over the last twenty years hundreds of scientists have been involved in cold fusion research, and thousands of successful cold fusion experiments have taken place. One example of a scientist who claims cold fusion is very possible, is Chief NASA scientist, Dennis Bushnell. He has went so far to state that cold fusion is perhaps the most promising of all cutting edge, alternative energy technologies. You can read an article about his statements, here.

As the article continues, it claims that many people in the scientific community have dismissed the technology. This is true to an extent, because many scientists are skeptical of breakthrough technologies that challenge the status quo. A good example of this is how there were scientists and engineers declaring that powered flight was impossible, weeks or months after the Wright Brothers few into the sky. However, there are many scientists and engineers that have witnessed demonstrations of the E-Cat technology over the last year, and came away impressed -- convinced that the technology represents a novel new source of energy. Dr. Levi of the University of Bologna, Professor Christos Stremmenos, and Dr. Sergio Focardi are just a few names out of many experts that have praised the technology as being valid and real.

Next, the article gives a quote from a scientist who states that the E-Cat test should be treated as a hoax, until independent scientists are able to replicate the results. This statement is overlooking a few important issues. First, there have been many independent scientists witness and participate in tests of E-Cat units. Secondly, the test of the one megawatt plant was complete controlled by the expert engineer representing the customer who was purchasing the plant. If the engineer was not satisfied with the test -- that he could conduct in any manner he wanted -- he could have easily canceled the purchase. It is important to note however that in these tests Rossi has not allowed scientists to examine the inside of the tiny reactor cores, because inside of them resides the proprietary information that makes the technology work. Namely, a proprietary catalyst and nickel powder that has been treated in very special ways to create an abundance of reaction sites. To protect his industrial secrets and intellectual property, he has had to put some limitations on the information he can provide.

The article also talks about radiation, and how fission reactors produce large amounts of radiation. But the details about how Rossi's technology works -- in terms of radiation produced -- is not elaborated on. The fact is his system does produce small amounts of radiation in the form of low energy gamma rays, but they are completely shielded by a couple centimeters of lead. Zero radiation escapes into the environment. It would also have been nice for the author to mention that the E-Cat technology utilizes no radioactive elements, and produces no nuclear waste. It is a completely safe and "green" nuclear technology. In fact, due to the very nature of the way the energy is produced, it is impossible for it to "melt down." This is because if the temperatures inside of the reactor cores rise too high, the nickel powder just melts, and the nuclear reactions cease. There is no disaster like in a fission based nuclear reactor, the system just stops producing heat.

Perhaps the most silly part of the article is the quote stating cold fusion defies the laws of thermodynamics, and a self sustaining cold fusion system is impossible. This statement is not just ridiculous, but is offensive to the intellect of many readers of Fox News. In a cold fusion reaction the energy produced is not "free" coming from no where, but comes from the atomic bonds of the hydrogen and nickel, when they 'fuse" together. Just like in conventional fission energy, the energy comes from a portion of the mass of the atom being converted to energy. There is no difference with cold fusion, except that the radiation released is tremendously less, no nuclear materials are consumed as fuel, and no nuclear waste is produced. Basically, cold fusion has all of the advantages of nuclear power, with none of the drawbacks!
Sterling's Comments

Having attended the historic October 28 test of the E-Cat in Bologna, and being disappointed over the past many months to see so little mainstream coverage of the E-Cat technology since it was announced in January, I was delighted when I received an email from John Brandon the next day, saying: "I'm a reporter with Fox News, can you contact me about the Andrea Rossi experiment?"

I phoned him and we talked for about 20 minutes; then we had about 5 email exchanges thereafter.

I agree with Hank, that Fox is to be commended for giving this coverage. However, after reading Brandon's story, I must say that it now occurs to me why there isn't more mainstream coverage: It's not easy to get your head wrapped around all this and to get things straight.

Let me make some corrections on his quotations of me.

First, he said:

"Sterling Allan, CEO of the alternative energy news agency Pure Energy Systems, told FoxNews.com he attended Rossi’s demonstration and the E-Cat is self sustaining."

Correction: I didn't say it "is" self-sustaining, but that from the best I can tell, it appeared to be. I didn't have enough access during the test to be able to say for sure that this was the case, only that this was the purpose of the test and the customer appears to have signed off on this having occurred. I also would have preferred that he had linked to my report on the Oct. 28 event, rather than linking to our PESN home page.

Next, he wrote:

"Allan hinted on his blog that an unnamed 'customer' of Rossi's device is a military organization that starts with an N. Rossi said this customer measured and verified the test -- and told FoxNews.com that Paul Swanson with the U.S. Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems unit (SPAWAR) can vouch for the demonstration."

Correction: That reference to a U.S. (I didn't say "military") organization that starts with an N was not in relation to the "customer" but a previous entity that independently and successfully tested the E-Cat. I never intended to tie those two together, and I actually separated them in my communications with him (or at least I thought I did).

I don't know who the customer is, so I can't give hints about it. I told him as much.

Also, I didn't give him the name of Paul Swanson. That must have come from someone else he talked to.

Also, I kind of resent him calling our service a "blog" when its title is "Pure Energy Systems News", PESN.com. I guess that's how the mainstream refers to alternative media.

Later in the article, Brandon quotes the inventor, Rossi as saying:

"The reactors then produce another 479kWh of energy for another 3-4 hours without needing that initial electrical input -- the low-level nuclear reaction continues on its own."

Correction: The output was 479 kW, not kW-h, which is a total measurement, not an instantaneous measurement. Also, the self-sustain mode lasted 5.5 hours, not just 3-4 hours, at the average of 479 kilowatts the entire time, for a total output of 2,635 kilowatt-hours.

Those corrections pointed out, again I applaud Brandon for pursuing this story and getting it up at Fox News.
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Trustworthy Freedom Fighter
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

Joined: 24 Nov 2009
Posts: 964

PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 6:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

http://pesn.com/2011/11/03/9501945_E-Cat_Orders_Being_Taken_After_Succ essful_Launch/

E-Cat Orders Being Taken After Successful Launch

The first sale of a one megawatt E-Cat plant took place on October 28th, 2011, after a successful test of the system was performed by the customer. Andrea Rossi is now accepting additional orders for E-Cat plants from serious, qualified parties. Are you a forward thinker that desires to "ride the wave" of technological innovation?

Full Disclosure:
PES Network is seeking a business relationship with Andrea Rossi.
Sterling's trip to Bologna was sponsored by Farlie Paynter of Canada, as well as by Mike Spitzauer, CEO of Green Power Inc (GPI), the Waste-to-Diesel Fuel company in Pasco, Washington.

By Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

If you are reading this page, you are probably interested in truly "bleeding edge" energy production technologies. Since that is the case, how would you like to be able to purchase a one megawatt cold fusion plant, that can produce vast amounts of constant heat energy -- using tiny amounts of nickel and hydrogen as fuel -- and in "self sustained" manner that consumes almost no electricity as input?

I'm talking about a system that sounds like it is straight out of the realms of science fiction, and rivals any other energy production method on the planet. The idea of actually being able to purchase such an exotic, efficient, and low cost source of energy sounds pretty exciting doesn't it?

Well, I have some really cool news for you, and the entire world!

If you are qualified customer with the cash, Andrea Rossi is taking orders for one megawatt E-Cat plants. I mean one megawatt cold fusion plants that exist, operate, and are ready for sale in the REAL WORLD, right now. I'm not talking about a product that might exist in some "pie in the sky" future. The first two of his one megawatt plants have already been sold (one delivered and the second is under construction). To read about the test and sale of the first plant that was sold, you can read our article, "Rossi's E-Cat Victory on Cold Fusion's Emergence Day."

These truly paradigm shifting plants can be configured to produce up to one megawatt of output each. They are composed of between 52 and 100 or more individual E-Cat "modules", that each have three small, internal cold fusion reactors. All of these modules fit inside a standard steel container (5m x 2.6m x 2.6m) that can be shipped anywhere in the world -- by land, sea, or air transport. Importantly, unlike conventional fission nuclear reactors, cold fusion E-Cats utilize no radioactive substances, emit no radiation into the environment, produce zero nuclear waste, and cannot "melt down." In a worst case scenario if a reactor core grows too hot, it simply goes dead and stops working.

A full test of the plant is made with the potential customer, before any sale is finalized. During this same time period, training for the purchaser's engineering and technical staff is provided. If the customer is not satisfied with the training and results of the test, the transaction does not take place. It is important to note that the customer (or his agents) are in complete control of all aspects of the test, how it is conducted, what measuring equipment is used, how long the test last, and if the test is conducted in standard (with constant power) or in self-sustain mode (virtually zero input power).

Simply put, a potential customer has the opportunity to convince him or herself that the plant works as claimed, within reason, as agreed upon also by Andrea Rossi.

If they want to do a "control run" with no hydrogen in the reactor cores (to compare the results to an actual run with hydrogen) they can go for it!
If they want to see the unit in constant self sustain mode for an extended period of time, they can say so, and it will happen!
If they want to bring the most expensive, high tech oscilloscopes and testing equipment to measure every micro-watt of power consumed during operation, that's fine!

The technology works beyond any doubt, and Andrea Rossi is so confident in his product that he is willing to let potential customers perform the test their way, with the equipment they choose, and how they see fit.

For now, these units can only be sold to qualified customers. This means a customer who is not simply an interested private individual, but actually represents a business, company, institution, or agency. However, he is hoping to have smaller units for domestic use by individuals, ready in about a year's time. The big issue here is certification. He has a European certification mark for his industrial scale plants, but not yet for smaller systems.

The price of one of the one megawatt plants is 2,000 USD per kilowatt installed. In my opinion, this is a very fair price, when you consider the massive fuel savings that can be obtained. Unlike a system of comparable output burning fossil fuels, the fuel for an E-Cat plant is very cheap, to the point of being considered negligible. For example, Rossi has stated that the hydrogen and nickel powder needed for a one megawatt plant to operate for a minimum of six months, would cost no more than a couple hundred Euros. This is because the few grams of nickel initially placed in each reactor core lasts a minimum of six months, and the hydrogen consumption of the entire system is so low. In fact, during the entire test of the first plant that was sold, less than two grams of hydrogen kept the entire system running for the entire duration of the event (seven hours or so). This is a truly miniscule amount of hydrogen.

Other benefits of an E-Cat plant technology include it's compact size or "energy density", it's ability to run in a quiet manner (50 decibels or less measured at five meters away), it's ability to continually produce a constant output despite weather conditions (unlike solar or wind power), and the modularity of the device -- if one of the many individual module failed for some reason, it could be quickly replaced with another.

Rossi hopes to be capable of producing thirty to one hundred one megawatt plants during the first year of production. If you are a qualified and serious customer, you can contact Leonardo Corporation (Rossi's company), and reserve your spot in line for one of these plants. By being one of the first customers in the world to purchase a one megawatt E-Cat plant, you will be showing....

Your savvy and refined business sense, which led you to purchase the most attractive energy production method on the planet.
Your dedication to being on the "bleeding edge" of technological innovation. Instead of choosing a technology of the past to generate the energy your organization needs, you chose a true "breakthrough" technology. You are leading the pack, so to speak.
Your dedication to environmentally friendly "green" technologies. By emitting no pollution of any kind, utilizing no radioactive substances, producing no radioactive waste, and using only miniscule amounts of fuel, an E-Cat plant is the most ecologically friendly energy producing device on the entire planet.
Your dedication to helping move human civilization forward, into a new scientific era. The introduction of the E-Cat technology will be a sign that humanity can engineer a solution to any problem we have. There is no longer anything that is impossible!

I would encourage all serious, qualified parties that are in need of a source of clean, abundant, safe, and cheap energy to contact Leonardo Corporation. It's time we all work together to get humanity fully out of the fossil fuel age, and into the cold fusion age. This transition started on October 28th, 2011 with the test of the first one megawatt plant. Are you going to "ride the wave" by helping this transition continue, or sit by and watch?

For more information, please contact Leonardo Corporation at the following address: info@leonardocorp1996.com
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Trustworthy Freedom Fighter
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

Joined: 24 Nov 2009
Posts: 964

PostPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2011 5:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


What to make of Andrea Rossi's apparent cold fusion success
By David Hambling
06 November 11

The apparent success of Andrea Rossi's E-Cat cold fusion demonstration on 28 October is starting to send ripples into the mainstream press. So what new clues do we have to settle whether it's the breakthrough of the century or the scam of the decade?

In the demonstration, overseen by engineers and technicians from Rossi's mysterious US customer, the device appeared to produce over 470 kilowatts of heat for several hours. The customer was evidently satisfied and paid for the device, though other scientists and journalists attending were not given close access to the test equipment.

Following his first sale, Rossi now says he has orders for thirteen more megawatt-class E-Cat power plants. He's offering them to anyone at $2,000 (£1,250) a kilowatt, which works out at $2 million (£1.25 million) per unit, and says he has customers in the US and Europe. Rossi says a domestic version rated at a few kilowatts is at least a year away. He is also working on adapting the E-Cat so its heat output can converted to electricity, but this will require higher working temperatures and will take two years or more.

This is not quite what you'd expect from a fraudster.

Firstly, the demonstration should have been much more convincing. The shipping container housing the E-Cat setup should have been hoisted from a crane and visibly disconnected from any external power supply. As with all conjuring tricks, the audience should have been allowed to inspect the apparatus. And why only claim 470 kilowatts when you're supposed to be producing twice that amount? If the whole thing was set-up, and the mystery customer a fake, it was not well calculated to convince anyone else.

Secondly, this is normally the point at which a con artist starts issuing shares, asking for capital, or taking "deposits" from gullible consumers. Anything to grab some cash from those willing to offer it. Instead, Rossi is apparently only taking orders from large customers who will be checking the devices work before they take delivery. These are people with good lawyers to write contracts and deal with any complications. They are not easy targets. Whatever he's doing, he's going for the longer game.

Meanwhile, the media coverage has been shifting away from the possibility of fraud, and some mainstream commentators are toying with the idea that this might just be the big breakthrough that Rossi claims.

Fox News was first out, though they took a few days to catch on, publishing a piece on 2 November which focused on the identity of the anonymous customer. Following a hint from Rossi, Fox decided the customer is real and is the US Navy's Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR).

It's a reasonable enough guess. The US Navy is one of the few institutions where cold fusion research still continues openly, but the evidence is scant. Although a Paul Swanson from SPAWAR was present as an observer at one test, this may simply be evidence of continuing interest in the field, and the organisation will not make any comment.

Then on 3 November MSNBC ran a cautiously optimistic piece under the headline "Italian cold fusion machine passes another test", noting that although there is widespread scepticism about cold fusion, "proof is adding up" that the technology works.

More curious is the lack of a story from Associated Press. AP science reporter Peter Svensson flew from New York to attend the demonstration, and live coverage of the event was curtailed to give AP the exclusive. But Svensson has so far not written a word about it. Some online commentators suggested that he had been silenced by "Chinese-style information censorship." When challenged, AP apparently initially tried to deny Svensson was there, though photographs suggest otherwise.

This led to a campaign encouraging people to contact Svensson about the story via his Twitter feed. At first he simply replied with variations of "Sorry, there's nothing I can tell you at this point", but later changed to "All I can say is 'stay tuned'".

Our guess is that AP does not want to publish anything until it can verify the reality and perhaps the identity of the customer. This in itself suggests a degree of optimism: it's gambling that there will be a big story at the end, and it has accepted being scooped by Fox and MSNBC on the smaller story of the demonstration in order to get it.

Meanwhile, we're left waiting until Rossi delivers the next E-Cat, which will be going to a different customer, in a few months. Hopefully they will be less secretive. In fact, if interest keeps growing, they could put the machine on show and use the steam output to make froth on cups of cappuccino for paying spectators and get a quick return on their £1.25 million investment.
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Trustworthy Freedom Fighter
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

Joined: 24 Nov 2009
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2011 7:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

http://www.e-catworld.com/2011/11/andrea-rossi-preparing-for-huge-e-ca t-company-public-launch-on-the-cards/

Andrea Rossi Preparing for Huge E-Cat Company
November 8, 2011

The commercial launch of the E-Cat started quietly with an anonymous customer towing away the shipping container in which the first 1 MW plant was built. The event was noticed by a relatively few people, and when the event was over many people who had been hoping for a definitive demonstration of cold fusion were left wondering what really went on, since only the customer’s consultant got to see the live testing in any detail.

Andrea Rossi, however, seemed to be very satisfied with the days work — he said it was a beginning, but a very important beginning, one in which an “almost infinite” COP was demonstrated with the plant running without any input power for five hours. His first sale made, Rossi now seems to have turned his mind towards commercializing this technology, and if you read what he says carefully you will note that he is planning to build a massive organization around his invention.

One of Rossi’s challenges is if he is going to protect his trade secret, he is going to have to be the sole provider of E-Cat products and services. This will mean that unless viable competition comes on the scene, the huge demand for working cold fusion products will have to be met by Leonardo Corporation who will be the manufacturer of E-Cat based products.

Rossi has actually said quite a lot about his business plans in remarks on his web site, The Journal of Nuclear Physics, and from his comments it is possible to get an idea of the business plan he has in mind.

Here are some key points that can be gleaned from recent comments.

1. Leonardo Corporation will be the sole manufacturers of the E-Cat reactors. Until now these reactors have been made by hand, but Rossi has said this process will be automated. Rossi has mentioned having plants or offices in Miami, Boston and Manchester, NH.

2. Outsourcing will be done for other components.

3. 10 per cent of pre-tax profits will be spent on research and development.

4. Leonardo Corporation will have employees who will recharge the units on site, and spent reactors will be returned to treatment units which will be located strategically for regeneration.

5. Leonardo Corporation will possibly eventually become a public company. About this, Ross has said “Probably we will sell shares to allow everybody to participate to this enterprise. But before this we have to consolidate our manufacturing and commercial system.”

6. While production of the 1 MW plants is already underway, it appears that Rossi’s priorities are to produce home heating units and electrical generator — both of which he estimates will take two years to achieve. He also says he has a ‘duty’ to use E-Cats for desalination — which his technology is ready for now.

When asked recently what Rossi’s motivation was for all the work he is doing, his reply was “to make cheap and clean energy”. It’s a simple goal that is hardly possible to find fault with, but the difficulties involved are daunting — even if he has the technology to accomplish this. It sounds like Leonardo Corporation is going to try to go it alone and build the production facilities and organizational infrastructure to handle the demand that will surely come once the E-Cat is accepted as a viable energy source.

Two obstacles seem apparent with this approach. First, once people realize what Rossi has achieved there will doubtless be competitors springing up trying to match or improve on his discovery, and piracy is certainly likely. Rossi has said that although they have protected the reactor’s core, “before or later it will be copied. We are perfectly aware of this.” Secondly, if Leonardo Corporation beats out competitors and is wildly successful, this would create a monopoly situation which would surely be broken up by regulators — something Rossi has acknowledged also.

Andrea Rossi does not seem to be worrying too much about these possible future difficulties right now. While he certainly has the loftiest of goals, he seems to be a practical man who concentrates on the immediate tasks at hand which for the moment is putting his invention to use one plant at a time.

Frank Acland
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Trustworthy Freedom Fighter
Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

Joined: 24 Nov 2009
Posts: 964

PostPosted: Fri Nov 11, 2011 1:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

http://pesn.com/2011/11/10/9601953_National_Instruments_signs_to_do_E- Cat_controls/

National Instruments signs to do E-Cat controls

Today, Andrea Rossi signed an agreement with National Instruments to have them make all of the instrumentation for the E-Cat cold fusion plants, which began to be sold commercially on October 28 with the first 1 MW plant successfully tested in Bologna.

Full Disclosure:
PES Network has a business relationship with Andrea Rossi.

By Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Today, Leonardo Corporation, led by Andrea Rossi, inventor and developer of the one-megawatt cold fusion E-Cat plant, signed an agreement with National Instruments (NI), to have them make all the instrumentation for the E-Cat plants, which began commercial sales on October 28, following the successful test in Bologna, Italy of the first 1 MW heat plant to the first customer.

The 1 MW plant, which is the size of a small shipping container, and said to produce about as much power as a small locomotive, is made up of around 100 modules, each containing three reactors acting in parallel that combine hydrogen and nickel (a special micro powder preparation) into copper in the presence of a proprietary catalyst and a radio frequency stimulator, beginning at around 450 degrees Celsius. The initial heating is supplied electrically from resistive heaters. Once the nuclear reactions commence, the start-up electrical energy source can be disconnected, and the self-sustaining reaction can be controlled by the amount of hydrogen pressure supplied to the chamber.

No nuclear waste is emitted, and no radioactive elements are required in the reaction. The gamma radiation produced during operation, which results in the copious heat generated, is shielded by to layers of thin led.

According to Rossi, NI will be creating the controls to monitor and regulate this process.

He said that their stipulation for the agreement is that all the instrumentation for the E-Cat plants have "by National Instruments" and logo on the instrumentation panels.

National Instruments, headquartered in Austin, Texas, USA, was established in 1976, and conducts global operations in 41 countries, with over 5,000 employees. In 2010, the company sold products to more than 30,000 companies in 91 countries with revenues of $860 million. (Wikipedia) Concezzi said that their customers include Boeing and Airbus, and that they have employees separated who are working on competitor technologies so that there is not a conflict of interest.

Fortune magazine has recognized NI in its list of "100 Best Companies to Work For" for the past 12 consecutive years. Their website presently lists 111 job openings.

According to their website:

National Instruments transforms the way engineers and scientists around the world design, prototype, and deploy systems for test, control, and embedded design applications. Using NI open graphical programming software and modular hardware, customers at more than 30,000 companies annually simplify development, increase productivity, and dramatically reduce time to market. From testing next-generation gaming systems to creating breakthrough medical devices, NI customers continuously develop innovative technologies that impact millions of people.

Their "Big Physics" page mentions that they are involved in providing instrumentation solutions to projects including particle accelerators, fusion reactors, and telescopes. Their fusion page says:

LabVIEW is used for a tokamak control system"At the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics in Garching, Germany, researchers implemented a tokamak control system to more effectively confine plasma. For the primary processing, they developed a LabVIEW application, which split up matrix multiplication operations using a data parallelism technique on an octal-core system. Researchers installed a hard real-time operating system (OS) with symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) support on an off-the-system based on an Intel multicore architecture. Researchers on the project were able to speed up the matrix multiplication operations by a factor of five while meeting the 1 ms real-time control loop rate."

That a company of this caliber would get involved with such a groundbreaking technology that has been surrounded by so much skepticism and criticism, says a lot for its actual credibility. And it speaks to the bright future that is emerging as clean, affordable energy solutions finally begin to break into the marketplace.

The international Tokomak project in France is a multi billion dollar hot fusion project that isn't expected to achieve overunity for many years. As we noted in a story last July:

The [ITER] reactor is being financed by countries around the world including the United States, the European Union, and China. This extremely expensive reactor is expected to cost over 15 billion Euro to build, and will require even more funding to operate. It is hoped that construction will be finished by 2018, and the reactor can be tested by 2019. After many years of testing, the ITER reactor might meet the goal of producing ten times more power than it consumes.

In contrast, the E-Cat, at a minute fraction of the cost, has apparently already achieved that milestone, and is in the market. The first one-off plants cost 2,000 Euros per kilowatt, or 2 million for the 1 MW plant. But once mass produced, Rossi expects the cost to go down to 100 Euros per kilowatt installed -- a tenth of what coal or natural gas power plants costs, minus the fuel costs.

So you could see why National Instruments would be interested in getting in on the ground floor.

I phoned NI headquarters and they put me in touch with the NI person in Italy who Andrea Rossi named to me in a Skype conference call today; and that person confirmed the customer relationship. I talked to two additional people as well.

Stefano Concezzi, who serves as NI's Director of Science and Big Physics Segment, told me that NI does not comment on contracts made with customers, unless the customer requests a press release; but he could confirm that Andrea Rossi is a customer.

"I would love for him to be right.

"We support every kind of research for the betterment of human kind. Whoever is interested in doing that, we would be happy to support."

So at this time, I would gather that their contract should not be construed as a validation or confirmation of the E-Cat science, but a signal of NI's willingness to help Rossi develop the technology into an even more robust embodiment, to help increase its operational stability, reliability, safety; while lowering its price point.


On November 10, 2011 4:39 PM [MST], regarding the above story, I received the following from Trisha McDonell | Corporate PR Manager | National Instruments.

Subject: Re: final Re: contact info for E-Cat / NI contract

Thank you Sterling for allowing us to review. We approve the text, especially the National Instruments portion of the story that includes Stefano's quote and information.

Best regards
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 15, 2011 8:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

http://peswiki.com/index.php/Events:2012:November_23:Orebro_University _in_Sweden:Tomorrow%E2%80%99s_nuclear_power_%E2%80%93_will_it_be_cold_ or_hot

Events:2012:November 23:Orebro University in Sweden:Tomorrow’s nuclear power – will it be cold or hot

Page first featured November 14, 2011

Jed Rothwell posted this at the Journal of Nuclear Physics forum.

Here is an announcement from Orebro University in Sweden:

http://www.oru.se/Kalendarium/Startsida-Kalendarium/offentliga-forelas ningar/Offentliga-forelasningar-Morgondagens-karnkraft—blir-den-kall-e ller-varm-/

The announcement is in Swedish. Here is the text translated by Google. I made a few corrections:

Public lectures: Tomorrow’s nuclear power – will it be cold or hot?

Date: 2011-11-23

Time: 18:30 to 20:00

Location: Lecture Hall T, Tech House

Sven Kullander, Professor of High Energy Physics, Uppsala University, chairman of the Royal Academy of Sciences Energy Committee

“In the wake of Fukushima accident the future of nuclear power is discussed again. The rush to replace the world’s eighty percent dependent on fossil fuels coal, oil and gas. Severe climate change will probably be difficult to avoid without massive expansion of both renewables and nuclear.

Very large investments are being made to greatly improve existing nuclear reactors. Within a few decades are expected to see a new type of reactors, breeder reactors, both safer and more efficient than today’s reactors. In an even longer perspective, the hope is that the hot fusion on a large scale to provide humanity with almost infinite amount of energy.

But maybe all these planned large-scale facilities will compete with small reactors that could be the private property of every man and woman. Cold fusion has been developed recently in Bologna can be housed in an apparatus which is not much bigger than a coffee maker and generating energy only with a few teaspoons of nickel powder.

An intensive discussion on the net have questioned the experiment in Bologna mainly because it can not be explained by the established nuclear physics theory. It has also been speculated that the derivative produced heat energy must have been greatly overestimated mainly by an overestimation of the buildup of steam. At the lecture, these issues will be treated in order to gain a better understanding of the experiment in Bologna. ”

Welcome! Free admission!
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http://www.carsuk.net/cold-fusion-has-the-holy-grail-of-energy-arrived -in-e-cat/

Cold Fusion: Has the Holy Grail of Energy arrived in E-Cat?
November 14, 2011 By CarsUK 7

t may not be directly about cars, but the demonstration by Italian scientist Andrei Rossi of Cold Fusion Energy production E-Cat could change the car world.

Cold Fusion – or low-energy nuclear reaction as scientists prefer to call it – has been the Holy Grail of energy production since it was first mooted in the 1920s by Austrian scientists Paneth and Peters.

Essentially, cold fusion is a low energy, contained nuclear reaction which doesn’t use fossil fuels and produces no radiation. The problem is that the laws of thermodynamics say Cold Fusion is impossible. But Italian Scientist Andrea Rossi has demonstrated the E-Cat in front of an invited audience – and it appears to work.

The E-Cat uses nickel powder and hydrogen gas and a secret catalyst to produce energy. An initial electrical source is used to heat the E-Cat which then went on to produce an output of 470kWh of energy an hour for the next 3-4 hours, yielding a net energy output the equivalent of 60 gallons of petrol.

Despite the demonstration of E-Cat being observed, the only ones allowed a close look at the device were the unnamed customers for the Cold Fusion reactor, rumoured to be the U.S. Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems unit (SPAWAR), who will now pay for further development.

If – and it’s a huge ‘if’ – E-Cat proves to be what it purports, the world will change completely, with endless supplies of self-sustaining, cheap and clean energy available, completely eradicating our reliance on oil and fossil fuels.

What that will mean for cars we can only guess, but theoretically all you would need is a small E-Cat kicked in to life by a battery to produce enormous power and enormous range.

Which will make plug-in BEVs – and even hydrogen fuel cells – look like something from the Ark.
E-Cat Cold Fusion Demonstration Video


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LENR "Cold Fusion" nano-magnetism phenomenon details to be revealed December 7th in NYC

Source: Citi5 (http://s.tt/13NK0)

Based upon evidence verified by our network of scientific leaders, as well as a definitive explanation of the “mystery” behind how and why LENR works; we are announcing the credibility and feasibility of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, often incorrectly labeled ”Cold Fusion.”

Brian Ahern received his PhD in material science from MIT, holds 26 patents and was a senior scientist for 17 years in research and development at USAF Rome Lab at Hanscom Air Force Base. Ahern was the U.S. Air Force’s expert on nano-materials. Ahern has discovered the LENR phenomenon is occurring on the nanoscale and involves a formerly misunderstood and rarely explored attribute of nano-magnetism.

Apparently, energy localization at the nano-scale circumvents the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. Nature evolved to take advantage of these energy exchange mechanisms available only at this size scale (which is why ordered structures can be created from chaos, such as after the big bang.) This phenomenon was identified in 1996 as Oscillons in relation to Chaos Theory, but has never been clearly understood until now.

Ahern states ” In 1995 we made a major and fundamental discovery regarding nano-material properties. This almost completely unknown to most technologists. All materials processed within certain tolerances experience very different vibrational modes than all other aggregations of matter. IT PROVIDES A CONCISE EXPLANATION FOR THE BIOENERGETICS OBSERVED IN ALL ASPECTS OF NATURE.”

Brian explained this to Akito Takahashi working to replicate the LENR experiments of Yashiaki Arata in early 2009 and he succeeded immediately. Ahern has been funded for 2.5 years to replicate Arata and then push on towards Piantelli. Ahern has also been guiding George Miley’s group at UIUC on this nanotechnology, and the group seems to be enjoying a great deal of success in the month on October.

It also appears that the phenomenon may account for and explains a persistent mystery regarding the unification of physics.

Ahern states “In the last 8 weeks I have been astounded by a superior nanotechnology that will capture the imagination of even the greatest foes of LENR. I believe all of LENR is just a new and unanticipated form of nanomagnetism.” Citi5′ Flash Summit titled Attention America: Clean Tech will fix the Economy will be integrating Ahern’s research, as well as providing a platform for leaders and innovators of LENR to present their findings. Please contact us at info@citi5.org with any questions regarding attending the event or speaker suggestions.

Citi5 cautions all that while LENR may in fact represent one of the most important advances in human history, we must move forward logically with testing for unanticipated and unitended consequences. This technology faces many years of further development to address efficiency, scale, output, and application. However, this discovery creates a clear path towards creation of a sustainable future driven by freedom, justice, creativity, and innovation.

Additional updates detailing new developments will be posted over the coming days and weeks.
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Swedish physicists run the site Ecat.com

Av: Mats Lewan
Publicerad igår, 14:04

UPDATED. Four Swedish entrepreneurs, two of them particle physicists, run the site Ecat.com which since a couple of days takes pre-orders for Andrea Rossi’s E-cat. Ny Teknik got an interview.

Ny Teknik can now confirm that a British company, Hydrofusion, is behind the website Ecat.com which launched with full content on November 16, 2011.

The site was anonymous at launch, but Andrea Rossi, the inventor of the E-cat, stated that the website represented his North Europe commercial branch.

Hydrofusion is run by four Swedish entrepreneurs – CEO Magnus Holm, Niclas Sandström who is operations manager in the UK, sales manager Peter La Terra and Stefan Helgesson who is a web strategist.

Magnus Holm has a D.Tech and Niclas Sandström a PhD in elementary particle physics at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg.

NyT: Magnus Holm, what is the purpose of the site Ecat.com?

Holm: “The aim is to be a portal to all stakeholders regarding the E-cat. In particular, we want to be as officially linked to Rossi as possible in order to capture as much commercial interest as possible through Ecat.com.”

NyT: What is your contract with Andrea Rossi?

Holm: “I can’t go into details yet”.

NyT: Why did you start this venture?

Holm: “I had noticed the discussion on Rossi at the end of 2010. I usually laugh at most of what is called “free energy”, but the difference with cold fusion is that it definitely is an exothermic reaction (it releases energy if it happens). So we followed the test in Bologna in January 2011 on the web. And when Ny Teknik started to report, we began to look seriously at it. Then when Kullander and Essén wrote their report from Bologna in March, it had become so likely that it was real that we decided to start a venture. There was too much supporting it – all researchers who actually looked at the technology thought that it worked.”

NyT: What did you do then?

Holm: “We started by developing a web strategy in order to sell these products online.”

NyT: How did you get in touch with Rossi?

Holm: “We met him at the Defkalion press conference in Athens, Greece, in June 2011 and then booked a meeting with him later on. We had already tried to contact Defkalion which at that time had a contract with Rossi, but never received a response. Then we met with Rossi in Uppsala in July and told him about our plans and he thought it sounded interesting. Eventually we got a verbal agreement and later a letter of intent. In the meantime, we built a structure on the web.”

NyT: There is great skepticism about Rossi’s technology. How do comment on that?

Holm: “Until he makes an independent test, there is obviously a small chance that it does not work. We are willing to take that risk because it’s such an amazing technology if it works. Further support that it’s real comes from the fact that all independent physicists who have observed the tests are positive, and have expressed belief in the mechanism. I do not have much sympathy for the crowd of skeptics who insist in spending substantial time and energy, just to be able to boast a ‘what did I say’ if it should turn out to be wrong.”

NyT: How is this different from other things you are skeptical to?

Holm: “There are so many quacks in all subjects but often it shines through. Quacks know nothing, they learn a few words but they are not even mathematically consistent. But if a person comes with a theory, sets up his axioms, does the math correctly, then it is proper research and have the right to come forward.”

NyT: You have already been accused of contributing to fraud. What is your comment?

Holm: “We are not engaged in any deception, and I do not think Rossi is engaged in any fraud either. If it would turn out that it does not work, in spite of everything, I would think it is about self-deception. I believe it works. It seems strange that Focardi who has done research in this area for over 15 years and helped Rossi for four years, might have measured wrong during the entire period. It seems unlikely. However, this does of course not mean that you’ll obtain a final product that works. But fraud requires intent and I think that can be excluded. Rossi does not talk about advance of money, which could lead to suspicions of fraud. Perhaps he could deliver a product that does not work and then you can end up in schism on that, but this does not mean fraud. From our side there is in any case no attempt of fraud.”

NyT: How will you ensure that the products work before you sell them?

Holm: “This is a difficult question as it’s Rossi’s responsibility that the product works. We only act as agents. But because there are powerful forces who want to argue that it’s all about fraud, we will make one or more of the following to prove our honesty.

1. Explain the risk with such a premature product to the customer and ensure that customers are forced only to take a minimal financial risk.

2. Try to arrange a complete product testing before any payment is made.

3. Ensure that all payments are done through an escrow account with a full refund if the products do not meet the specifications.

4. Through potential funding move the financial risk from the customer to Hydrofusion.

5. Arrange an independent reactor test as a reference that in all cases the core process works.

The real risk is only with the first product sales. Rossi will have to correct until the first product is operating and it will then be a reference. When the first product works, the risk with the next one is greatly reduced.”

NyT: You are now taking pre-orders. When do you think you can offer commercial products?

Holm: “It's hard to say, but if the core technology works it should be possible to start mass production within one to two years. Test products can be delivered very soon, though.”

NyT: When do you think rival products will arrive?

Holm: “I think it will explode sooner or later. In a best case for Rossi, I think it takes three years from when he has serial products on the market. In a worst case it takes two to three years from now. Then he will compete against the others now. And in that case, if he doesn't have commercial products on the market within two to three years, the one with the best product and the best marketing resources will win the market, especially for consumer products. For industrial products a good network is also important to quickly gain market.”

NyT: Which do you expect to be the first applications?

Holm: “Energy in district heating systems and desalination of water. After that electricity generation on a large scale. For consumer products, security requirements are completely different and also requirements for reliability to avoid that service costs go out of control, so they will arrive further ahead.”

NyT: Whathas the response been so far?

Holm: “Far better than expected”.

- - - -

UPDATE: Members of the Hydrofusion team were present at the October 6 test of the Ecat and the October 28 test of the heat plant. They also met with Rossi for a private demonstration of the Ecat at the end of July.

- - - -

READ MORE: Our complete coverage on Rossi's E-cat can be found here.


A Revolution in Power Generation

A revolution in energy production is under way due to a recent scientific breakthrough by Andrea Rossi. For the first time, Hydrogen has been merged with Nickel in a cold fusion nuclear reaction to produce Copper and significant amounts of excess energy in a controlled and continuous fashion. Moreover, this reaction is completely green leaving no waste or any toxic by-products.

A Game Changer
Andrea Rossi seems to have proven what the scientific community has been trying to establish for decades: namely that the cold fusion phenomenon is real and can be harnessed to generate seemingly endless amounts of energy for an infinite number of consumers and applications. In fact, it may be the solution to the world’s energy problem.

E-Cat Products

We are facing an era with the arrival of new products based on this game changing technology. The first generation of ECAT 1MW Plants and the smaller ECAT Home Units are scheduled to become available in 2012/13.In association with Andrea Rossi, HydroFusion will introduce these products to the market.
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 23, 2011 7:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Andrea Rossi Talks eCat To Mass State House
UPDATED – See Sen Tarr’s statement at end of post.

People in power are beginning to sit up and take notice:

EDITOR’S NOTE: According to Sen. Bruce Tarr, Andrea Rossi, “the Italian scientist who claims to have developed the world’s first nuclear cold fusion reactor is coming to the State House tomorrow to explore the prospects of developing the device and producing it in Massachusetts.” Tarr’s office says Rossi plans to visit Tuesday morning for two days of meeting with government officials and representatives of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University Massachusetts and Northeastern University. “Mr. Rossi’s reactor, if successfully proven and developed, has the potential to change the way the world deals with energy,” Tarr said in a statement

Good for Rossi. We cannot jump to conclusions – this seems to be no more than a discussion or brief, perhaps primed by the promise of jobs. However, considering cold fusion’s reputation, it is significant to learn that the door is open; the subject taken seriously. You have to admire Rossi. I suspect that this is yet another example of the human dynamo pushing on door after door until they open. Some doors are technical, others business and political. Keeping things in perspective, we should also remember that Defkalion had an official presence at their press conference in the form of a business minister. Little steps or giant leaps, it’s all forward motion.

This follows news that the UK’s Dept of Energy and Climate Change is keeping a watching brief on the eCat. Following an enquiry by Craig from Free Energy Truth, DECC replied thus:

DECC is aware of this alleged power source: the DECC CSA, David MacKay FRS, has read some of the literature and has met Sven Kulander, who has reviewed an experiment and whose report is on the Defkalion website. The CSA’s judgment is that it is appropriate for DECC to maintain a watch on this sector, with the key trigger for further action being the publication of the work in a reputable peer-refereed journal, including full details so that academic scientists can replicate the results.”
Yours sincerely,
Sandra Bembridge
DECC Correspondence Unit

This is a safe reply but, given the meeting with Sven Kullander, is yet more evidence that Rossi is no longer invisible to those who pull the levers.

[With thanks to Daniel Passerini via Renzo]


From Sen. Tarr’s page (http://www.tarrtalk.com/2011/11/cold-fusion-inventor-comes-to-boston. html)

Andrea Rossi, an engineer who has captured the attention of the scientific world with two successful tests of his “E-Cat” cold fusion reactor, arrived at the State House on Tuesday morning for two days of meetings with government officials and representatives of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Massachusetts and Northeastern University.

Mr. Rossi’s reactor, if successfully proven and developed, has the potential to change the way the world deals with energy, and I’m pleased that he’s willing to discuss basing its production in Massachusetts. Rossi began his schedule in the state this morning and it will conclude later in the evening.

Rossi’s E-Cat reactor, which has thus far been developed and tested in the Italian city of Bologna, is intended to produce large amounts of energy from a reaction between nickel and hydrogen. The reaction produces heat which then heats water to produce steam, from which electricity can be generated. Importantly, the process creates little to no radiation, a major problem for the nuclear fission process currently used to produce power in reactors around the world.

The enormous potential of this technology demands that it be addressed by the best scientific minds in the world. Since Massachusetts is the home of some of the best colleges and universities in the world, it makes sense for that process to happen here.

Our institutions of higher learning have been tremendous in their response to this opportunity, and I look forward to working with them.

[With thanks to Eric Woudenberg for pointing to the above]
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 29, 2011 6:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Defkalion: “We have Rossi’s formula”

Av: Mats Lewan
Publicerad idag, 10:13 2 kommentarer

Tomorrow on Wednesday the Greek company Defkalion will present products similar to Andrea Rossi’s 'E-cat', claiming that the technology is developed in-house. But Defkalion earlier told Ny Teknik that it has 'the formula of Rossi'.

“Let’s say I have the formula of Rossi, but I’m not saying it officially. My scientists found a way to make it. They need three months.”

That is what Alexandros Xanthoulis, representative of Defkalion Green Technology’s owners, told Ny Teknik in a telephone conversation on August 5, 2011.

“I know what he’s got in the reactor, I know everything. It was a spectroscopy made by the University of Siena. (...) They tried his reactor without him understanding what they did,” he continued.

Xanthoulis contacted Ny Teknik the day after Rossi unilaterally breached his agreement with Defkalion. Among other things, the agreement gave Defkalion exclusive rights in Greece and the Balkans for production and distribution of the “E-cat” – Rossi’s invention that might produce heat through a hitherto unknown form of nuclear reaction.

At a press conference in June 2011 Defkalion presented sketches on a range of products – “Hyperion” – built around Rossi’s technology, with control and regulation systems, remote monitoring, heat exchangers and other peripherals developed by Defkalion.

When Rossi breached the agreement in August, he stressed that no knowledge of the core technology had been transferred to Defkalion. They Hyperion products thus seemed to have no future.

During the telephone conversation with Ny Teknik, Xanthoulis expressed considerable uncertainty about Rossi’s intentions. However, he made clear that he was not going to use the knowledge of Rossi’s reactor and that he wanted "fair play".

He also explained that his researchers had found ways to improve the technology. According to Xanthoulis, Rossi could not run the reaction more than 24 hours, and when Defkalion required a 48 hour test it supposedly led to a conflict with Rossi.

“It’s very simple but they didn’t think about it. (...) We solved the problem. Because the problem is that he cannot spread the reaction all over the pipe, and all the heating is concentrated in the middle”, Xanthoulis told Ny Teknik.

A few days after the phone conversation, Defkalion announced that it continued the project, despite the breach of contract. Defkalion has also continued to offer licenses for the production of Hyperion products to EUR 40.5 million per factory.

Tomorrow on Wednesday November 30th, Defkalion has planned a presentation of its products, and has announced that the the technology will be certified and tested by an independent party.

In contrast to Xanthoulis’ information about Defkalion’s possessing ' the formula of Rossi', the company now states that its technology is developed in-house and that it is not based on Rossi’s technology.

Among other things, Defkalion posted in a forum on its website: “E-cats (or energy catalyzers) are E-cats and Hyperions are Hyperions. We can assure you that they are not the same ‘thing’ with just different names.”

On Ny Teknik's request we received the following comment to the conversation in August:

"So much has changed since August, many minor events and issues have taken place making it hard to tie the story together with a few words of Alex back then. Defkalion is working on exothermic reactions between Nickel and Hydrogen. Our products have completely different technologies (encompassing electronics, engineering, materials) than from Rossi, even [if] we have understood where Rossi has made his mistakes."

Ny Teknik also asked for a comment from Rossi who declined, stating that he would never have anything to do with Defkalion again, and that what the company said or did could only be a matter for his lawyers, in the case that would be necessary.

Since the breach of contract in August, Rossi has continued to work on his technology and has made a number of semi-public demonstrations to some criticism of Defkalion which stated that Rossi used some technology developed by the Greek company.

On October 28 a test of a heating plant with a nominal thermal power of one megawatt, consisting of about one hundred E-cat modules, was performed. The test was made by an anonymous customer, according to Rossi a military organization, which officially approved the plant and then bought it.

Thereafter, the same customer has, still according to Rossi, placed an order for a further twelve similar plants which now supposedly are under construction. And yesterday Rossi announced that a heat plant had been sold to a customer who will let "a qualified public" visit it.

Rossi has said he is now taking pre-orders for a consumer version of the E-cat at 10 kilowatts of thermal power, stating that when he reaches 10,000 pre-orders, the interested parties will be offered to accept or decline to purchase the product for 400 Euros per kilowatt nominal thermal output, which would set the prize for a model of 10 kilowatts to 4,000 Euros.

Many have called for an independent test of the E-cat, but Rossi has rejected this and said that he now only has time for customers. According to Rossi, another reason is avoiding that further details of the invention reach his competitors, as it is not yet patented.

In addition to Defkalion, at least a dozen researchers worldwide are actively working with phenomena related to the concept of cold fusion or Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, LENR. However, no one has so far come close to the output power levels Rossi seems to have reached.

Most notable is perhaps Rossi’s compatriot Prof. Francesco Piantelli who previously conducted research with Rossi’s scientific adviser Prof. Sergio Focardi. Among other researchers often mentioned are Americans Michael McKubre, George Miley, Peter Hagelstein, Brian Ahern and Italian Francesco Celani who attended Rossi’s first public trial in January 2011.

According to reliable sources to Ny Teknik, there are stakeholders who have tried to make commercial agreements with Rossi, and who are now actively seeking opportunities to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in this area.

The concept of cold fusion has generally been regarded as impossibility by the scientific community since the debate following a press conference on 23 March 1989 when researchers Fleischmann and Pons presented their results.

Despite this the phenomenon has since then been confirmed in hundreds of published scientific papers.

- - - -

READ MORE: Our complete coverage on Rossi's E-cat can be found here.
Fakta Excerpt of Ny Teknik’s conversation with Alexandros Xanthoulis August 5

"Let’s say I have the formula of Rossi, but I’m not saying it officially. My scientists found a way to make it. They need three months, but I’m not going to play game behind Rossi. I’m not a cheater. We started together and if he has to be paid, he will. But his problem is scientifically solved by us.

Because we believe that his reactor cannot operate more than 24 hours.

When we requested 48 it was a problem. But my scientists found out the problems. I cannot reveal it right now. But the problem can be fixed by us. It’s very simple but they didn’t think about it. The same way more than a year ago when Rossi had never thought that his invention could create electricity. He had never thought about it until we told him."


"First of all, the first problem was with 48 hours, that’s for sure. And he had a huge fight with one of my scientists, Mr Hadjichristos, you’ve heard of him most probably, Yiannis, because we were insisting on 48 hours. But we know the problem; we didn’t tell him of course, we know the problem.

I know what he’s got in the reactor, I know everything. It was a spectroscopy (Greek: ‘fasmatoscopy’) made by the university of Siena. It was an equipment made by the University of Siena. It understands everything that’s inside the reactor. So we know the components."

Ny Teknik: Who did that?

"The University of Siena.

They tried his reactor without him understanding what they did. They checked it and we know what’s in the reactor.

So it’s a matter of two or three months that my scientists can reproduce that, but I’m not going to try it. I’m playing a fair game.

We solved the problem. The problems he’s got, we solved them. Because the problem is that he cannot spread the reaction all over the pipe, and all the heating is concentrated in the middle. So we found the solution."

(This quote is slightly adjusted for clarity through advice from Defkalion).
Fakta The E-cat

The 'energy catalyzer' is loaded with nickel powder and a number of secret catalysts and is pressurized with hydrogen gas. Excess heat is possibly produced via an unknown nuclear reaction, involving nickel and hydrogen.

Several semipublic tests have been made to demonstrate the release of net energy but no independent tests have yet been done.

On October 28, 2011, a heat plant composed by 107 Ecat modules was tested by an anonymous customer. In a report the customer claimed a released net power of 479 kW in self sustained mode.

- - - -

READ MORE: Our complete coverage on Rossi's E-cat can be found here.
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 01, 2011 6:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

http://pesn.com/2011/11/30/9601967_Defkalion_Announces_Hyperion_LENR_P roduct/

Defkalion Announces 5kW Hyperion LENR Product Specs

Today, Defkalion, the Greek break-way from Andrea Rossi, announced the pre-industrial prototype specs for their Hyperion, which is described as a 5 kW heat-producing, chemically-assisted, low-energy nuclear reactor. They are negotiating licensing contracts for its rollout, expected to reach the market in 2012.

By Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Well, the Hyperion product announcement day has arrived for Praxen - Defkalion Green Technologies Global (Defkalion), the controversial break-away company from Andrea Rossi's Leonardo Corporation. The Hyperion is described as a 5 kilowatt, heat-producing, chemically-assisted, low-energy nuclear reactor. They say that up to nine of these modules can be combined to form a 45 kW unit, and that these units are expected to be available for purchase in 2012, and that license agreements are being considered.

As far as I can tell, there are at least three prongs involved in today's disclosures: 1) a Press Release, 2) their Hyperion Specs Sheet, and 3) a Forum Thread. (Back-up links are below.)

The first comment on the forum, following their press-release, was:

Defkalion, I am really impressed by level of details and a quality of this spec. document. My congratulations!

Now, you can fasten your seatbelts, because you are approaching the Perfect Storm of professional internet lenr non-believer's critics . Good luck!

The 21-page Specs Sheet gives minute details about the Hyperion reactor, including

Mechanical specs
Fuel (Nickel and Hydrogen) containment and consumption specs
Circuitry specs
Gamma radiation specs: < 0.18 µSV/h
Nickel powder toxicity test results
Mention of proprietary self-destruct mechanism that poses no dangers
Mention of a proprietary catalyst
Recharge of H and Ni every 6 months
Remote monitoring capabilities
Recycling: more than 98% (in weight) of Hyperion product is made from recyclable materials
COP better than 1:25
Certificates -- pending

Here are the two diagrams included with the product spec sheet.

Hyperion schematic internal architecture (multi-reactor model)

Here is what the conclusion of the spec sheet says "about the reaction:"

"Defkalion's scientific R&D team have successfully managed to trigger and monitor Chemically Assisted Low Energy Nuclear Reactions caused by Nickel and Hydrogen nuclei. Following extensive experimentation on the preparation, cleaning and degassing of Nickel clusters and atomic Hydrogen systems, valuable knowledge has been gained. The data was obtained from conventional, non-specifically designed for LENR instrumentation, such as mass-spectrometer, gas-chromatographer, Wilson camera, SEM spectra and others.

Such measurements of phenomena gave us strong evidence on the activation mechanisms of Nickel that allow the nuclear capture of Hydrogen (the "breaking" of the Coulomb barrier), as well as the thermalization mechanism in a dynamic system of multi-stage set of reactions. Due to the elapsed time between the phenomena and their measurements using the above mentioned instrumentation, an incomplete proof of theories sill exists. However, the obtained data provide us with a solid basis to control the triggering and termination conditions of the Ni-H reactions with Hyperion reactors, as well as the necessary conditions for stable performance.

As a result, the above mentioned efforts led to the design of safe and stable Hyperion pre-industrial product, following the specifications described in this document.

Very Similar to E-Cat

For all intents and purposes, from what I can tell, it's basically Rossi's E-Cat, though Defkalion claims that it is different and was developed independently by them, not Rossi, even though yesterday NyTeknik reported an August 5 statement by Defkalion's president that they did reverse engineer Rossi's E-Cat, without his knowledge, but that they didn't intend to implement that technology in their design. [Story] Apparently they are confident that the core reactor design is different enough from Rossi's to claim unique status.

Split from Rossi

Rossi terminated his relationship with Defkalion in early August. Defkalion was going to be the licensee to handle all licensing of the technology in the world except for the Americas and the military. But according to Rossi, Defkalion did not reach an important financial payment milestone, and according to Defkalion, Rossi had not performed adequate testing of the E-Cat. [Index of coverage]

Rather than discontinue, due to that breached contract, Defkalion's announcements and claims continued as if they were not deterred. And in today's disclosures, they talk as though they are an independent company with exclusive rights to their intellectual property, which they are licensing for use worldwide.

Here's an excerpt from Defkalion's press release today:
Hyperion products will be introduced into the global market with applications for buildings, agriculture and industrial energy needs.

Beyond the completion of the final product with all necessary certificates, our company has three key objectives for 2012:

1. Agreements with companies for exclusive licenses according to country / territory

We have received interest in our license agreements from 850 companies from 60 countries. They have already received an invitation for testing our products on the basis of a license for their country. We expect to sign contracts in 2012 and have already started talks.

2. Third party independent tests for scientific purposes and advancement of theory

Praxen - Defkalion Green Technologies is a strong supporter of LENR technologies globally. Greece can become the global centre for R&D on LENR technologies. We have already received numerous requests from leading scientific authorities, academic institutions and national laboratories from key countries to conduct tests on our products. Our policy is to accept their requests, under agreed protocol, and to allow publication of their findings. The process of agreeing to dates for such tests depends on the availability of our staff and labs, keeping in mind that we run a business, not a technology show room.

3. R&D-based joint venture partnerships with companies in niche market applications

There are many applications that stand alone Hyperion products cannot service. In these cases, we will enter into joint venture agreements with companies that have specialized know-how and technologies in their field, but who will be able to utilize and capitalize on our technology to create entirely new products with ours. Examples of such partnerships have come from interested companies in the fields of marine propulsion, water desalination, off-shore drilling, trains, telecom towers, heavy vehicles, and micro energy sources. These agreements will be consistent with Praxen - Defkalion Green Technologies Global product development and R and D efforts.

Mixed Emotions

I have mixed feelings about this development. Part of me is mad because of the possibility that Defkalion underhandedly obtained Rossi's intellectual property. Perhaps they didn't. They need to set the record straight on that perception.

Part of me is overjoyed that another company has arrived on the scene with a free energy technology. The more the merrier. It will be a very long time before we reach market penetration with free energy devices.

This development also brings additional credibility to the cold fusion field in general and to Rossi's Ni-H reactor E-Cat in particular.

There are several other groups pursuing this as well. As each comes forward, the academic world will have a harder time ignoring it, and at some point are going to have a change of heart and jump into this science with everything they've got.

I'm not sure about the credibility of Defkalion. They come across as being very credible, but that could just be marketing brilliance not backed by substance. Rossi certainly doesn't have anything good to say about them.
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 01, 2011 6:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

http://pesn.com/2011/11/30/9601969_The_Potentially_Core-less_Cold_Fusi on_Hyperion_of_Defkalion/

The Potentially Core-less Cold Fusion Hyperion of Defkalion

Today, Defkalion Green Technologies issued a press release and a data sheet about their Hyperion cold fusion based products. However, no demonstration was performed, and no test data was released. Also, we have no way of knowing if they are simply using the E-Cat technology without Rossi's permission.

By Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

Andrea Rossi is the inventor of the E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer), which produces vast amounts of energy using nickel and hydrogen as fuel, along with one or more undisclosed (for proprietary reasons) catalysts. Earlier this year, it was revealed that Andrea Rossi had made a licensing deal with Defkalion that would allow them to develop and market his technology. Due to a contractual dispute, Rossi terminated the contract with Defkalion. Since then, Defkalion has continued to make big claims about their progress with the technology, despite the fact Andrea Rossi, Christos Stremmenos (the board member of Defkalion who introduced them to the E-Cat technology), and now the president of Defkalion, Alexandros Xanthoulis, all admit that the company was not given the proprietary information to build a working reactor core. Basically, it seems -- unless evidence to the contrary surfaces -- that when the company was making claims of having tested up to a thousand reactor cores at a time, they really had nothing at all.

As previously announced here at PESN, on November 30th, 2011, Defkalion issued a press release detailing their goals for the Hyperion technology over the coming year, and a technical paper providing the specifications of their upcoming products. The technical paper provides a huge amount of information about all the support and sub-systems in a Hyperion. For example, the paper details the heating elements, the electronic controls, hydrogen storage system, shielding, and other issues. However, details of how their technology works (such as information about the catalysts) were not revealed.

Normally, one could say the lack of information about the catalysts and other confidential information that makes the system work is understandable. The fact is a company with a game changing technology has to protect their trade secrets. But in this case, the president of Defkalion, Alexandros Xanthoulis, has made statements in a phone call to NyTeknik, that make it seem they acquired Rossi's proprietary information covertly. In fact, the information about how the system works was acquired at the University of Siena, where one of Rossi's competitors performs research. This is enough to create some concern as to whether or not Defkalion is using their own intellectual property, Rossi's intellectual property that was collected clandestinely, or intellectual property they could not have developed without obtaining confidential information about the E-Cat without Rossi's permission.

Two things should be noted, in Defkalion's defense. First, the president stated in his phone call to NyTeknik that even though he had the secret information, he was not going to have his scientists develop it. Let's hope that policy has been maintained over the past few months! Secondly, Defkalion is officially stating that they are now using none of Rossi's technology whatsoever, and all of the technology they are using is their own. I would like to believe their claims are true, but the fact they were making amazing statements (such as having up to 1000 reactor cores operating at one time) when they now admit they did not have the confidential information to even build a Ni-H reactor, makes me skeptical. The only possibility I see that could make the statements made on their forum (and elsewhere) match with what their president stated to NyTeknik, is if they had a robust and powerful Ni-H cold fusion technology before they ever figured out Rossi's catalyst, and other proprietary information. This is certainly possible, but unlikely. If it is the case, they need to say so.

In my opinion, if Defkalion wants to improve their public image and prove that they have been strait-forward from the start, there are a few things they need to do.

They need to provide proof they had successfully built and tested working Ni-H reactors before their president's statements to NyTeknik were made. If they really did have a thousand of them and were sharing the excess heat with a local police academy, they should have plenty of evidence they can provide. Also, they need to explain how they could have built such systems when Andrea Rossi had not already provided them with the confidential information needed.
They need to perform a demonstration of one of their systems that clearly shows it producing excess energy. Andrea Rossi has already performed many largely convincing tests of his E-Cat technology. Due to all the controversy and alarming statements (even from their own president) Defkalion needs to perform such a test to show they have actual working systems. Otherwise, the possibility that they may have nothing at all (except fantastic and well engineered sub-systems) cannot be ignored.
They need to specify exactly why and how they acquired Rossi's intellectual property, and explain how what they are using now, is different than the "secret sauce" they acquired at the University of Siena. Simply put, if they are not using Rossi's technology -- after admitting they acquired it clandestinely -- then they need to show evidence.

The way I see it, until these lingering issues are resolved, there will be a cloud over Defkalion's image and credibility. As I have said before, I hope this is some sort of huge misunderstanding due to poor communication, and their need for secrecy. However, with three very important players all indicating that Defkalion did not have the information to build a working reactor core (when bold claims were being made indicating they were testing them) clarification is needed.

We don't need more legal speak or carefully crafted press releases. Those that have been following this saga are not stupid, and do not deserve to have their intelligence insulted by press releases that clarify none of the most serious issues. What we need is some clear, strait, and plain information that would allow the world to know the truth about this complex situation.

One thing I must give Defkalion credit for is that it appears they have produced some remarkably well engineered systems (regardless if they have working reactor cores or not). Their specification sheet is impressive. There energy in to out ratio is very high as well. It is a shame these two companies -- Leonardo Corporation and Defkalion -- had to go their separate ways. I think they could have accomplished much more together than they could apart.

To be blunt, the alternative energy community does not need drama like this. There is too much work that needs to be performed. What we need is to develop exotic energy technologies, get them into the market place, and start building a better civilization for all humanity. If lies have been told, and theft of intellectual property has taken place in this situation between Rossi and Defkalion, it does not simply hurt those two parties involved, but impacts the entire future of our species.

There is no room for dishonesty and deception -- from any party -- in the exotic energy community.
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 12, 2011 6:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

http://www.pureenergysystems.com/news/2011/12/11/9601982_Cold_Fusion_M eets_Election_2012/

Cold Fusion Meets Election 2012

With the 2012 United States presidential election approaching, the reality of cold fusion must be spreading through corridors of power in Washington, DC. With the US military purchasing thirteen E-Cat plants, how will politicians react to a game changing source of energy?

by Hank Mills with Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

The election season in the United States is accelerating, and the Republican primaries are almost upon us. Before too long, the actual general election will take place, and the nation will choose its representatives, senators, and the next president. Similar scenarios will play out in other nations and their elections as well in the near future.

As usual, during the next few months politicians will make promises they do not intend to keep, flip flop on policy issues, attack each other, and do whatever it takes to get elected. Meanwhile, the ultra wealthy, elite power barons who control the mainstream media will do their best to blackout certain candidates (like Ron Paul). At the same time, they will promote other candidates that they know will abide by their wishes, and maintain the status quo -- of big government, constant warfare, fear mongering, and the printing of money from thin air by the Federal Reserve.

What is going to be so uniquely interesting about this election cycle is that a truly exotic source of clean, cheap, safe, and pollution free energy has been discovered. In fact, this game changing breakthrough is already entering the market place, with the US military being the first customer. The technology is Andrea Rossi's E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer). Already, almost a year before the first votes are cast, E-Cat modules have been purchased by the US military, and are being further researched and developed.

The very nature of the E-Cat technology makes it revolutionary. To be blunt, I would not doubt if some in the military industrial complex might be a bit nervous about the implications. The E-Cat technology works by taking a small amount of micron sized nickel powder, applying a catalyst, putting it all in a pressurized hydrogen atmosphere, and applying heat to the setup. Truly novel nuclear reactions start to take place between the nickel and hydrogen atoms, and the result is a huge release of energy. The nickel and hydrogen fuel is cheap, and only tiny amounts are utilized. To give you an idea of just how powerful this technology can be, consider the fact that a reactor core with a volume of only fifty cubic centimeters can produce a maximum safe output of ten kilowatts of heat. Utilizing the same few grams of nickel and only tiny amounts of hydrogen, the same reactor core could produce ten kilowatts continually for six months, or longer.

In addition to being powerful, the technology is completely safe. It uses no radioactive materials, produces no nuclear waste, emits no radioactivity into the environment, and releases no pollution. Unlike conventional nuclear reactors, E-Cat reactor cores cannot melt down. If the temperature of the core grows too high, the nickel powder melts and all of the reaction sites are destroyed, and the core becomes "dead" until new fuel is added.

When the politicians running for office realize this technology exists and is emerging into the market place, it will probably create a lot of confusion and a bit of panic among their boards of advisors. The broad and far reaching implications of cold fusion technology will make them reconsider their positions on many issues, and think differently about many policies. Here are a few examples of the decisions they will have to make, from their point of view.

"Should I reconsider subsidies for oil companies? With this technology, fossil fuels are going to be phased out soon."
"Perhaps I could reconsider supporting American involvement in Middle Eastern nations. Their oil is going to become much less important before too long."
"Maybe eliminating funding for hot fusion research and shifting it over to cold fusion, is something I should propose. Spending billions on hot fusion research that is going no where, when cold fusion technology is already on the market, is a waste. Or, I could support putting the saved money back in the economy via tax cuts."
"Obviously, this technology is going to tremendously benefit the environment. Those job killing carbon taxes might not be a good idea after all."
"If cold fusion is a reality, perhaps there are other exotic technologies I have overlooked, as well. Are exotic propulsion technologies also possible? Maybe the military already is working on such technologies, and many of them are mistaken as UFOs? The public should have access to these technologies, instead of them being locked up in black projects."
"If I want the global economy to be revived, perhaps I should push for cold fusion technology to be proliferated as quickly as possible. It has the potential to create millions of jobs!"

All of these issues, and others, will probably be the subject of debate among politicians and discussed on network news programs. What cold fusion represents is an end to the energy crisis, and a tool that can be used to change our civilization from one of scarcity, to one of abundance. Instead of being an incremental solution like solar power, it solves the whole problem. It also does so starting right now, and not in some pie in the sky future.

If politicians want to talk about "change", the biggest change the world has seen in the last hundred years will come from cold fusion. However, it might not be the kind of change some politicians and the global elite would like to see take place. Cheap and clean energy has the ability to take power away from governments, and give it back to communities, and to the people. Right now, the public depends on power grids to deliver electricity (that can be shut off at any time), and fuel distribution networks that can be easily disrupted. With cold fusion, individuals will eventually have individual power plants in their cars and homes. These power plants will allow for a decentralization of the power grid, and the government will have less control over the population. No one would have to depend on the electric company or the gas pump any longer.

This discussion may be emerging already. Last week, in an interview, leading U.S. presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, said:

I do believe in basic science. I believe in participating in space. I believe in analysis of new sources of energy. I believe in laboratories, looking at ways to conduct electricity with -- with cold fusion, if we can come up with it. It was the University of Utah that solved that. We somehow can’t figure out how to duplicate it. But basic science, in my view, is a way that research can encourage our entire economy.

So Mitt Romney gets the distinction of being the first to broach the subject openly in this presidential race. The starting gun has been fired.

We ought to push for a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to divulge difinitively who the US Military customer is [which branch] so that we can escalate the dialogue and pressure on US politicians. If it can be proven that the US Military did indeed purchase 13 E-Cats, that would really put pressure on the politicians and on the media to bring this dialogue to the front.

During the next several months as the 2012 election cycle meets cold fusion, the public needs to demand that politicians promote the rapid adoption of the technology. I think most politicians will support the technology. In my opinion they will be forced to, because they will not want to look like the candidate who wants to keep the economy in a slump, and keep energy prices high. But there is a possibility some candidates (especially those who like the status quo as it is right now) will announce totally made up "problems" with cold fusion. Any politician who claims there needs to be excessive safety testing, a slow and dragged out implementation, or continued subsidies to oil companies needs to be opposed, and voted out of office. In contrast, those politicians who support the fast implementation of the technology along with a freedom agenda that supports small government should be supported.

Perhaps one of the most interesting things that may take place in the next several months is the fracturing of the environmental movement. The true "green" environmentalists will support this technology, because they will realize its implementation will be the best thing that could happen for the planet. However, the fake environmentalists that push certain agendas to simply have a job or push an agenda -- such as global government or carbon taxes -- will oppose it. They may try and use fear mongering, by claiming the E-Cat is a nuclear technology, and therefore inherently dangerous. Of course it will be our job to tell the truth, that this technology is nothing like conventional nuclear technology.

If someone thinks hard enough, they will realize that the implications of cold fusion technology impact every aspect of our society. It will impact business, interactions between nations, energy production, and may even jump start a new scientific revolution. The discussions that will take place as the mainstream media and politicians wake up to cold fusion are bound to be very interesting, and unlike anything we have ever witnessed before during an election cycle.

How often do politicians get to discuss a discovery as significant as fire? Not very often! I hope they will realize cold fusion is like the discovery of a new type of fire that consumes a millionth the fuel, burns hotter, but also produces zero smoke. It can be used to take us to the stars, or transform this world into a near paradise.

If the politicians this election cycle realize the full potential of this technology, I hope they will put aside personal agendas and push for what is best for the world -- the rapid proliferation of cold fusion. I personally believe this technology could bring the whole world together, if its true potential is spread far and wide. Every single human being on this planet could benefit from the technology, regardless of income level, race, sex, or nationality.

Although there are other important issues that need to be addressed such as cutting spending, ending the FED, ending the drug war, lowering taxes, and restoring the Bill of Rights, supporting a transition from fossil fuels to cold fusion should be at the top of the priority list. There is too much at stake for our civilization to stay dependent on oil any longer.

We need exotic energy, and we need it now.
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 14, 2011 1:14 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is Joint European Torus or JET
Based in Culham, Oxfordshire


I visited the site in the mid 1990s

I was told by one of the physicists there that fusion power generation can and will never work. It takes thousands of times more energy to get the experiment up and running than they could ever get out of it in electricity.

They discovered that within the first couple of run-ups of the reactor. But that did not put the civilio-military scientists off.

It is now used by NATO's military industrial complex types to experiment with reactive elements of various new types of thermonuclear weapons in a 'controlled environment' which gets hotter than the sun.

Hence they don't need to do atmospheric tests any more.

And all under the thin guise of a civil programme and under a massive 'civil' budget.

"The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which alienates the possessor from the community" Carl Jung
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Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 18, 2011 11:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

http://pesn.com/2011/12/18/9601989_Promote_Cold_Fusion_Now--A_Ten_Poin t_Plan_for_America/

Promote Cold Fusion Now: A Ten Point Plan for America

As the E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) technology begins entering the market place, the governments of the world -- especially the United States government -- needs to support its wide proliferation, and not hinder it. Here is a ten point plan the government should implement to support cold fusion technology as well as other emerging free energy breakthroughs.

by Hank Mills with Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Here is my Constitutionally-consistent ten point plan for promoting the wide proliferation of cold fusion technology. The United States government, and the governments of the world, should implement it as quickly as possible. It is a radical plan, but it is a plan that would allow cold fusion to start changing our world for the better, immediately.

1) All subsidies for oil, solar, and other energy sources need to come to an end. This would level the playing field for cold fusion as it starts to emerge in the market place, and prevent tax dollars being wasted on technology that will soon be obsolete. Simply put, no other traditional technology will be able to compete with cold fusion, and all of its benefits -- high power density, compact size, 24 hour a day operation, zero pollution, low fuel cost, etc.

2) All energy related conflicts need to come to an end. They are a waste of money and lives. If the US military is involved in a region due to energy interests, it should leave immediately. This could save billions of dollars that could be used for other purposes, or given back to the people in tax cuts.

3) All plans for carbon taxes need to be ended immediately. Carbon emissions will become a non-issue after cold fusion is widely proliferated. Actually, the energy produced by cold fusion will be a carbon sink, because it will be capable of turning deserts into forests.

4) All safety certifications for cold fusion products need to be fast tracked. Special attention should be given to cold fusion systems, both for industrial and household use. Although safety testing should be careful and rigorous, it should be done as quickly as possible.

5) All cold fusion and exotic energy patents need to be seriously reviewed, and fast tracked. The policy to deny cold fusion patents should also be abolished. Anyone who was involved in the policy to deny cold fusion patents should be fired. Also, every patent application that was instantly dismissed for being related to cold fusion should be automatically re-examined for free.

6) The tax rate for cold fusion systems should be the same as for any other commodity. No attempt should be made to remotely meter the energy produced for the purpose of taxing that production.

7) All military equipment, vehicles, aircraft, and electrical generators should be converted to operate on cold fusion (as long as it is the most cost-effective, reliable modality), as a matter of national security. This can be paid for by ending wars in the Middle East and elsewhere. In addition, it would pay for itself by reducing energy costs.

Cool All federal funding for expensive hot fusion projects should be abolished.

9) All new space craft should be designed to operate with cold fusion systems, or other exotic energy technologies. No chemically fueled craft should be used for space travel. If the military already has exotic space craft (human or de-engineered from ET craft), they need to be revealed to the public. A human colony -- powered by cold fusion -- should be placed on the moon and Mars as soon as possible, after the emergency of the present economic crisis has passed.

10) A massive education campaign should be started about cold fusion, but should not utilize tax dollars. The companies that produce cold fusion technology should be encouraged, but not forced, to promote public knowledge and understanding of the technology.

I think if the above ten points were put into effect, cold fusion would proliferate quickly and rapidly. Cold fusion technology, for example the E-Cat, will not be stopped; even if all of the above points are not implemented. However, we can save lives, restore the global economy faster, and prevent more environmental destruction by implementing the above plan.

The simple truth, in my opinion, is that the cold fusion technology (and other emerging exotic free energy technologies) are a test for humanity. Either we will work together to rapidly proliferate them, or society will collapse due to high energy prices, war, scarcity, and environmental destruction.

What will we choose: death, or life? Collapse or prosperity?
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Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, 2011 6:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

http://pesn.com/2011/12/27/9601994_History_of_MITs_Blatant_Suppression _of_Cold_Fusion/

The History of MIT's Blatant Suppression of Cold Fusion

A stunning report written by the late Eugene Mallove details the efforts of professors, researchers, and even the former President of MIT to squash cold fusion at all costs. If you have any doubt that Pons and Fleischmann had enemies desperately trying to discredit them, this article will erase it!

A funeral party or wake to mock cold fusion was held by biased hot fusion scientists at MIT before their experiment to replicate Pons and Fleischmann's results was even complete!

Full Disclosure:
PES Network has a business relationship with Andrea Rossi.

By Hank Mills with Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Due to the fact that commercially-ready cold fusion technologies like Andrea Rossi's E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) exist and can produce kilowatts of power, I'm not too interested in previous systems from years ago that could only produce a couple watts of power (or less). However, I am very interested in the events that took place immediately after the birth of Cold Fusion in 1989, when Pons and Fleischmann announced the existence of their technology to the world. Although cold fusion systems at the time were not ready for the market place, they proved the effect was real -- a fact the establishment could not allow the public to accept.

Immediately after the announcement was made, the "mainstream" scientific community went on the attack. The late Eugene Mallove was in the middle of it, being employed at MIT in the news office -- before resigning in protest of the institution's misconduct. In a featured article for Infinite Energy Magazine, Mallove detailed exactly what took place that led to his resignation, and the depth of hatred that many professors at MIT had for Pons and Fleischmann's work. The article titled, "MIT and Cold Fusion: A Special Report" also looks at how the replication performed by the institution's Plasma Fusion Center actually did produce positive results, how data from the experiment was altered by unknown individuals at least twice, and how the hot fusion scientists in charge of such tests were far too biased to conduct proper research.

The article is the most detailed piece of documentation I have ever seen in regards to the early years of the war against cold fusion. If you think the suppression Pons and Fleischmann faced was bad, you don't have a clue until you have read this article.

To start with, those in charge of the replication attempt were members of the MIT Plasma Fusion Center. Their work with hot fusion Tokamak brought the university many millions of dollars in funding from the government, and maintained their job security. If cold fusion were to be accepted as a real phenomenon, it could have made hot fusion research appear to be near worthless.

The question in the minds of representatives in Washington, DC would have been, "Why should the taxpayers finance the construction of giant reactors to experiment with hot fusion reactions that produce nuclear waste and lethal amounts of radioactivity, when cold fusion research only requires a small fraction of the funding, while producing no waste and little radioactivity?"

In the minds of the MIT professors, such as MIT Plasma Fusion Center Director Ronald R. Parker, that question could never be allowed to cross the minds of those that paid for their employment. So in an effort to belittle cold fusion research so no one would take it serious, the members of his department (including some scientists from others) took every opportunity they could to attack Pons and Fleischmann. For example, consider how...

A funeral party or "Wake for Cold Fusion" was held by the Plasma Fusion Center, before their replication test of Pons and Fleischmann's setup was even complete. They held another such party afterwards.
Mugs belittling cold fusion were given out by Ron Parker, the head of the MIT hot fusion research group, who was supposed to be doing serious research to determine if cold fusion was a reality or not. The mugs read, "The Utah University: Department of Fusion Confusion" and had mocking instructions for cold fusion on the back.
Ron Parker would use the test results to discredit cold fusion, while at a celebration of the death of cold fusion stated to Eugene Mallove (after being shown evidence in support for cold fusion) stated that the data from the MIT replication was "worthless."
How examination of the data from MIT's replication showed obvious evidence of tampering. In fact, the corrected data showed excess heat. Yet it was still used to discredit cold fusion research for many years.
How the former President of MIT, Charles Vest, refused to order an investigation into how the Plasma Fusion Center handled the replication, and their obviously unscientific behavior -- such as partying for the death of something instead of doing unbiased research. Even worse, years later he signed onto a Department of Energy report stating that cold fusion did not deserve funding for research, yet hot fusion deserved millions of additional dollars and was a "bargain."
Conflicts of interest were ignored from the very start. For example, those who had the strongest need for cold fusion to be proven not to work (hot fusion scientists), were tasked with the replication of the effect. It would be like giving a cigarette company the order to conduct a study on the reality of lung cancer, or the lumber industry the job of determining the usefulness of industrial hemp. What the hot fusion scientists were going to say was obvious!
How some scientists were so closed minded they stated that if cold fusion was real, Pons and Fleischmann should be dead from radiation poisoning. In addition, some scientists went so far as to personally attack them. In one case, a scientist stated that even if a thousand tests showed excess heat, that the results would not vindicate Pons and Fleischmann.

“Words to Eat”
MIT Professor Ronald George Ballinger may hold the all time record for making a foolish statement against cold fusion. He wrote in 1991:

“It would not matter to me if a thousand other investigations were to subsequently perform experiments that see excess heat. These results may all be correct, but it would be an insult to these investigators to connect them with Pons and Fleischmann.”

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the article is how Ronald R. Parker and Ronald G. Ballinger had a phone call with Nick Tate of the Boston Herald in 1989. They were talking to him about a potential story about cold fusion, hoping that he would write a hit piece. In their conversation, which is transcribed in the article, Parker uses the fraud word in his description of their work. He also talks about how he is setting up another "blast" against cold fusion with Bob Bazell, a reporter with NBC.

When Tate reported in the Boston Herald on May 1 that the MIT scientists had called Pons and Fleishmann's work a "possible fraud" and "scientific schlock", Pons and Fleishmann were viciously attacked at the meeting of the American Physical Society. In a retrospective piece written in 1991, Tate asserted that: "Some say those comments set the tone for the national criticism of the Utah work that followed."

Meanwhile, when Tate's article in the Boston Herald revealed that Parker had described Pons and Fleishmann's work as being a "possible fraud" and "scientific schlock", Parker rushed to deny he had made such statements. Probably, he realized that in his rush to discredit cold fusion he had crossed the line, and committed slander. In order to avoid possible legal repercussions, in a media advisory from the MIT News Office, Parker specifically denied making such assertions to Tate during their telephone conversation. However, Tate had recorded the phone call, and therefore had rock solid evidence that Parker had made those statements. Years later, Tate allowed Eugene Mallove to listen to the recording, which revealed the truth about what was said. It was too late, the damage to cold fusion's reputation was done.

In summary, Mallove's article paints a damning picture of MIT scientists and professors hell-bent on discrediting cold fusion. Out of desperation to protect hot fusion research, they went so far as to tell blatant lies, alter data, hurl personal insults, conduct celebrations of the "death" of cold fusion, and organize journalists to write hit pieces to try and dismiss Pons and Fleischmann's work in the public eye. Then the leadership of MIT turned away and ignored the misconduct and potentially criminal behavior, even when they were specifically alerted to it. Years later, these same individuals (working in other positions with the DOE and DOD) continued to promote the idea that cold fusion was "garbage."

If you want to know the TRUTH about why it has taken twenty plus years for a commercial cold fusion technology to be developed, you should read this article. It is a tragedy beyond measure that an institution like MIT would allow such inappropriate behavior. Everyone involved has blood on their hands from all the people on this planet that have died due to the suppression of this technology. Literally, due to their suppression of cold fusion, children have needlessly starved, millions have suffered dehydration due to a lack of clean water, the environment has been trashed, and the global economy has been almost destroyed.

If the suppression of cold fusion by MIT had never happened, we might not even have an energy crisis today!

And this is but one of many such stories about the suppression saga from 1989.

The suppression from back then has had phenomenal staying power due to the brainwashing that pronounced "cold fusion" to be "junk science," no matter what, despite thousands of replications worldwide, with several making significant gains toward marketplace viability, and the E-Cat actually reaching the marketplace on October 28 of this year with a 1 MW unit. So now, when people attack Andrea Rossi's E-Cat, it's hard to tell whether they are acting as a function of that brainwashing, or as a present-day disinformation agent, or if they have honest misgivings of a scientific basis.

Gratefully, Rossi keeps moving forward despite these negative statements.

A few individuals in the mainstream are coming around and waking up to the reality of cold fusion, like NASA's Dennis Bushnell who claims cold fusion is the number one most promising alternative energy technology on the planet. However, to protect hot fusion research, protect the status quo, and to keep the public from realizing how the scientific community suppressed cold fusion, he calls the phenomena LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions). In addition, he claims there is no fusion in cold fusion, in order to try and make the technology seem more mundane, and more acceptable.

There were enemies of mankind in 1989 that wanted to prevent the proliferation of cold fusion, and there are still such enemies today. Reading about how cold fusion research was attacked from the very start can help us prepare for attacks from these in the future.

We cannot let greedy, selfish, and power-hungry monsters and their countless minions suppress cold fusion for another twenty years or more. There are too many lives at risk. Simply put, the future of our civilization is at stake.

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http://pesn.com/2011/12/30/9601995_One_Full_Year_of_Andrea_Rossis_E-Ca t/

One Full Year of Andrea Rossi's E-Cat

Since the start of 2011, PESN has been covering the emergence, testing, and commercialization of Andrea Rossi's E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) technology. As 2012 approaches, it is clear that nickel-hydrogen cold fusion technology is going to change the world, as the production of a million E-Cat home units is planned.

By Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

As far as I am concerned, the year 2011 proved that we do not only live in interesting times, but a truly exciting age in which game-changing technological breakthroughs may allow us to overcome the challenges facing our civilization. A number of technologies made this year exciting, but some stand out more than others.

A prime example of a radical breakthrough that has emerged this year is Andrea Rossi's E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) technology. The characteristics of the technology are so phenomenal they could be considered almost too good to be true by some people who are not familiar with all the evidence in support of it. In short, by exposing nickel powder to pressurized hydrogen gas, along with a proprietary catalyst, cold fusion nuclear processes are induced, and a huge output of energy is released in the form of heat. Unlike conventional nuclear power, no radioactive materials are used, and no radioactive waste is produced in the process. The heat can then be used directly, or converted into electricity via a number of different methods.

To expand on the benefits of the E-Cat technology a bit further, it also emits no pollution into the environment, consumes only tiny amounts of cheap fuel (nickel powder and hydrogen gas), and has a huge power density. For example, in one test a reactor core with a volume of one liter produced a constant 130 kilowatts for a period of time. Andrea Rossi has also stated on his blog (The Journal of Nuclear Physics) that one previous model of E-Cat could produce a safe maximum output of 10 kilowatts from a reactor core only fifty centimeters in volume. In reality, the only limit to the output of the E-Cat is the melting temperature of the nickel powder (which is around 1600C). If the nickel starts to melt, the reaction sites where the energy producing processes take place are destroyed, and the nuclear reactions cease. Even only a few minutes later, an individual could open the reactor and detect no radioactivity. Actually, this aspect of the technology serves as a fundamental safety mechanism, because it prevents any type of conventional nuclear run away effect from taking place. Simply put, the technology cannot be weaponized to make nuclear bombs.

Nearly every aspect of the E-Cat technology makes it the "Holy Grail" of what cold fusion researchers have been seeking ever since Pons and Fleischmann revealed their technology to the world in 1989 and were quickly attacked by the mainstream academic world. Some of the earliest, precedent-setting attacks against them are described in our recent PESN article, "The History of MIT's Blatant Suppression of Cold Fusion." However, it is important to distinguish the E-Cat technology that is now in the market place, to the far less developed technology that Pons and Fleischmann announced to the world.

The most obvious difference is that the E-Cat technology produces, at a minimum, kilowatts of power. This is a thousand times greater than the few watts (or less) Pons and Fleischmann's system produced. In my view, the two technologies are as different as low grade heavy crude oil, and ultra refined jet fuel. Another difference is the fact that Pons and Fleischmann used precious (expensive) metals and expensive "heavy" hydrogen gas in their reactor. Instead, Rossi uses cheap nickel, a cheap catalyst (that only adds 10% to the cost of the nickel), and ordinary "light" hydrogen gas. This difference is critical, because it makes the E-Cat technology not only powerful, but very economical.

Over the years, there have been many cold fusion (sometimes called LENR) systems experimented with, and there have been thousands of successful tests. But none of these other systems comes close to having all the characteristics of the E-Cat technology, such as....

Massive power production in the kilowatt range, sometimes into the hundreds of kilowatts from very small reactor cores.
The use of the cheap and abundant metal nickel, instead of expensive precious metals such as palladium, platinum, etc.
The use of light hydrogen instead of heavy hydrogen (deuterium) that is much more expensive and less common.
The lack of any radioactive elements being used.
The lack of any nuclear waste being produced (some other cold fusion systems produce tritium).
The minimal amount of radiation produced while the system is turned on, that can be blocked by a few millimeters of shielding.

If the hot fusion scientists at MIT were terrified of Pons and Fleischmann's primitive cold fusion technology over twenty years ago, they would have had a heart attack over Andrea Rossi's technology. Introducing the E-Cat to the world back then would have been the equivalent of dropping a modern cell phone in the hands of Alexander Graham Bell.

The Proven Reality of E-Cat Technology

When the E-Cat technology first emerged back in January of this year, there were those who wanted additional proof the technology worked as claimed. As the year went on, they received an abundance of evidence from a long series of tests performed by engineers and scientists. These professionals from a number of different universities tested the E-Cat repeatedly, well over a dozen times.

Many different types of tests of E-Cat modules were performed as well. For example, in some of the tests, the heat produced by the system was used to transform (phase change) liquid water into a gas (steam). By calculating how much water was transformed into steam, the power output could be determined. The result of these tests were huge gains of energy. In addition, other tests were performed in which the temperature of inlet water was compared to the temperature of outlet water, to determine the amount of power produced. These tests also confirmed that kilowatts of excess power were emitted from the system.

Not only were different types of tests performed throughout 2011, but also there were tests of different sizes/shapes of reactor cores. The first systems tested had reactor cores that were cylinder shaped, with a volume of about one liter. Later on in the year, another model of reactor core was introduced. It was cylinder shaped, but much smaller -- with a volume of only 50 cubic centimeters (about the size of a D-Cell battery). Although it was smaller, its potential power density did not decrease -- its rated output was 2.5 kilowatts, and its maximum safe output was 10 kilowatts. Finally, near the end of the year, Andrea Rossi revealed another reactor core that was of a different shape and volume. This new "flat" reactor core assembly is reported as being approximately 20 x 20 x 20 x 1 centimeters, and is said to house three separate compartments where individual cores can be inserted or removed. Tests of all three of these systems have been performed, and clearly showed massive amounts of excess energy -- that could only be produced via nuclear phenomena.

Perhaps most impressively, the E-Cat technology is capable of operating in a "self sustaining" mode, in which very little or no power is required to be fed into the system. Perhaps the most impressive test of a self sustaining system was the Oct. 28th test of the first one megawatt E-Cat plant. At a certain point during the test, the input power was cut off. However, the output of the system remained stable and continued for over five and a half hours -- producing huge amounts of dry steam (nearly half a megawatt on average). Such a result would be absolutely impossible, if there were not cold fusion style nuclear reactions taking place in the system. No hidden fuel source or battery could have stored that much power. Also, the modules that composed the plant did not have the mass or "specific heat capacity" to store up enough heat (before the power was cut off) to allow for a thermal flywheel effect to be an explanation of how almost half a megawatt of power was produced for five and a half hours!

It's true that most of these tests may not have been performed with the extreme rigor a hardcore academic researcher would prefer. But bear in mind that such testing often entails many months or even years. The pending Bologna and Uppsala University tests are scheduled to run for two years. The academic world took 4 years to finally admit that they were wrong about human flight, even as the Wright Brothers and others were giving numerous flying demonstrations. An academic stamp of approval should not be what you wait for before being convinced if you wish to be an early adopter. There could be millions of units sold before that happens.

Although the myriad of tests performed over the past year have provided ample proof that the E-Cat technology is an absolutely real and valid technology, there is additional evidence that has emerged as well. Perhaps some of this additional evidence could be considered circumstantial or not purely derived via scientific experimentation, but I think it is worth mentioning.

The customer (an undisclosed branch of the US Military) that purchased the one megawatt plant is so satisfied with it, they have ordered a total of thirteen plants! At a price of $2,600,000 per one megawatt plant, this order comes up to almost 34 million dollars. No customer who was not convinced of the technology would make that large of an investment.
The customer has not only ordered the plants, but is working with Andrea Rossi to further develop the technology. One big development is that Rossi is now able to produce steam at a temperature of 400C, in a stable manner. This will allow for the technology to be used to produce electricity in an efficient manner. If they were not convinced the technology worked, why would they bother helping Rossi further develop it?
National Instruments, one of the most prestigious electronics companies on the planet, has joined with Rossi to totally redesign his electronics and control mechanisms. It's true that they will accept pretty much any customer, being a professional service, but their confirmed involvement illustrates how serious Rossi is in wanting to present a quality product.
Many competitors are emerging who want a piece of the action in the market for cold fusion devices. Many of these companies can be read about here at PESN. None of them have publicly demonstrated a power output anywhere close to the E-Cat (much less a dozen or more of them over the course of a year). All these companies emerging at the same time, claiming to have Ni-H systems, would indicate that Rossi must have something.
Some mainstream scientists have spoken up and claimed that Rossi's technology obviously works, such as Dennis Bushnell, a Chief NASA scientist (EVWorld). He claims that cold fusion has the most potential of any alternative energy technology on the planet. This is in addition to all the physicists, engineers, and university professors who have successfully tested Andrea Rossi's devices in person. Another distinguished scientist who has spoken favorably about the E-Cat is Nobel Prize Laureate Brian Josephson. He went so far as to publish a YouTube video criticizing the silence of the mainstream media in regards to the E-Cat, and presented a FAQ about the technology, as we reported last June.
Rossi has obtained another customer in the US North East (near Massachusetts) that is not secretive. They will allow for their identity to be revealed, and qualified experts will be allowed to examine their E-Cat plant as it constantly produces excess energy. Instead of a one day test, the operation of this planet will be a continual test spanning weeks, months, or years.

The apparent conclusion is that the E-Cat technology works as claimed. The evidence both experimentally obtained and circumstantial is strongly affirmative. Those remaining cynics who claim the E-Cat technology does not work need to remember their words will be recorded for all of history. Just like the short sighted cynics who denied human flight was possible months after the Wright Brothers had been flying in the sky, their pseudo-skeptical remarks will forever be seen as evidence of their pathological skepticism -- a mental disorder born of cultural brainwashing, not scientific inclination.

What Will We See In 2012?

Andrea Rossi is making tremendous progress developing the E-Cat technology. There seem to be two main challenges at this time that are related to each other. The first is maintaining a stable production of high temperature steam. Great progress has been made in meeting this challenge, as announced recently by Rossi that they have achieved a constant production of steam at 400C. The key to this breakthrough was the use of a primary circuit fluid that had a boiling temperature higher than water. If production of 400C steam was accomplished in a matter of months, I think by the end of 2012 even higher temperatures will be obtained.

The second challenge is to combine E-Cat units with appropriate electrical generation systems. One obstacle had been the lack of systems that could produce electricity efficiently from low temperature steam (100C) or hot water (under 100C). The ability to produce steam at 400C allows for many additional systems to be considered. Traditional turbines could be utilized, or potentially even more exotic systems -- if the efficiency is high enough.

One advantage of the E-Cat technology is that the energy is very, very cheap. This is because the fuel cost is near zero. Only several grams of nickel and a tiny amount of hydrogen can power a ten kilowatt capacity E-Cat for six months or longer! Therefore, if the heat to electricity conversion efficiency is not extremely high, it does not matter as much as if large amounts of fossil fuels were being consumed.

In the past several days Rossi has made a few remarkable comments on his blog, discussing his plans for 2012. The following is an announcement he shared with PESN.

STERLING'S COMMENT: I don't agree with the sentiment to "kill competition". I don't think anyone in the free energy sector will need to worry about "competition" for many years, as it will take a long time before market penetration is achieved. 1000 companies making thousands, or even some of them making millions of units, would not have a problem finding customers and applications in enough time to make a return on their capital investment.


This is fantastic news. Even better, he states on his blog that the plan is for these units to be made available in 2012! Although the first units will only produce heat, they will be capable of being retrofitted to produce electricity when the appropriate electrical generating components are available.

These units -- especially once they are combined with the equipment needed to produce electricity -- will make all conventional sources of alternative energy redundant. Because the E-Cat technology can operate 24 hours a day regardless of weather conditions, solar and wind power systems will seem much less appealing. As the price of E-Cat units goes down, the only competing technologies will be those that are truly exotic, such as those we cover on PESN. Unless a technology extracts energy from a seemingly "free" source, it will not even be able to try and compete with cold fusion.

It seems pretty obvious to me that if Rossi successfully produces one million E-Cats (which I have no doubt he will do), and is able to put them on the market, 2012 will be the year of the E-Cat. I expect the E-Cat and cold fusion to be the topic of news programs, political debates, and on the front page of every mainstream website.

To be blunt, cold fusion is like a "new fire" (as Rossi calls it) that produces heat, but consumes little fuel, and produces no smoke. It is going to become the most significant development of 2012.

It's going to create a BIG buzz. We just have to wait for a critical mass to be reached.

What Does This All Mean?

In the not too distant future, everyone who wants one (along with the cash to make the purchase) could have an E-Cat device not only producing hot water, but also producing electricity to power their homes. This would decentralize the power grid, reduce the cost of energy dramatically, reduce pollution, and benefit the world in many ways.

The implications of cold fusion technology will change the world. Instead of being destined to destroy the planet, humans will have a tool allowing them to desalinize ocean water instead of draining aquifers, turn deserts into farmland, reduce CO2 emissions, eliminate smog that creates health problems, and perhaps even colonize the solar system.

There are also economic implications to this technology. The introduction of the E-Cat will create millions of jobs. For example, factory workers will be needed to build E-Cats, there will be a need for technicians to service E-Cats, and whole new industries will spring up due to the technology. Industries such as recycling plants that once were hindered by high energy costs, could become economically viable, expand, and prosper. All of our landfills could be mined, and all the plastics, metals, and glass could be recycled.

The technology could allow for a more free society in which people can live off the grid, without big government telling them how to live. This technology could take power from oppressive governments and big brother, and give it back to the people.

A few years from now, oil may be down to $20 dollars a barrel, the global economy restored, and our planet a cleaner place.

Also, there could be all sorts of unforeseen benefits of the E-Cat technology we cannot yet fathom.

Almost as important as the direct benefits, billions of minds will be opened to the fact that mainstream science does not know everything. The suppression of cold fusion research for the last twenty plus years will be exposed, and the world will realize that anything is possible, and nothing is impossible. Perhaps the next big breakthrough will be gravity control or a faster than light drive?

I think the E-Cat technology is going to make 2012 a very exciting year. Due to the E-Cat technology, it will be a year of hope for a better future -- clearing the way for a stronger economy, less pollution, and more solutions to the problems we face as a civilization.

I'm honored to have been able to report about the technology for the past year, and hope to be able to continue reporting about it in the future. I would like to thank Sterling Allan for the opportunity he has given me in the past year to write about the E-Cat. Also, I would like to thank Andrea Rossi for sacrificing his businesses, his home, and years of his life developing this technology. The world owes him a big thank you for the many benefits his technology is going to provide our planet.

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews and Examiner.
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http://pesn.com/2012/01/12/9602009_NASA_Admits_LENR_Cold_Fusion_Game_C hanger/

NASA Calls Cold Fusion (LENR) a Game Changer

NASA's Technology Gateway has posted a two-minute video that summarizes the emerging LENR field and the hope it brings for a world of clean, affordable energy. The overview features senior research scientist at NASA Langley, Joseph Zawodny describing a near future of home power devices.

By Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

A two-minute, non-technical video clip on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR), previously called "cold fusion", has been uploaded to the NASA technology gateway website. It features senior research scientist at NASA Langley, Joseph Zawodny describing the new world that is possible from the Ni and H fusion science presently emerging.

Here's my favorite part:
Dr. Zawodny: "It has the demonstrated ability to produce excess amounts of energy, cleanly, without hazardous ionizing radiation, without producing nasty waste."

Narrator: "This clean form of energy is also power, able to support everything from transportation systems to infrastructure."

Dr. Zawodny: "The easiest implementation of this would be for the home. You would have a unit that would replace your water heater. And you would have some sort of cycle to derive electrical energy from that. And then it would dump its waste heat into the water or air handing system for the building. So it would be a dual use thing. It would be sitting there producing heat; [and] you'd drive electricity from it to run your electronics, power the house, power the building, power the lights. And then the waste heat would be used for environmental control [e.g. heat pump / air conditioning] and warm water."

Here's the video, as uploaded by FreeEnergyTruth to their YouTube channel.


Widom Larsen Ho Hum

I should mention that my associate, Hank Mills, is not at all happy with this video pushing the Widom Larsen theory. He think scientists are jumping on the WL theory because it makes this a non-fusion event, as a graceful way to let off the scientific community who has poo poed the cold fusion field this all these years.

Here are the stories we've published previously at PESN where Hank has talked about what considers to be inadequacies of the WL theory:

Cold Fusion #1 Claims NASA Chief (May 31, 2011) - nearly the entire article relates to the theory's inadequacies
Black Light Power vs. Rossi's Cold Fusion - Related Technologies? (February 8, 2011)
Randy Hekman Suffers E-Cat Denial While Promoting LENR (January 3, 2012)

Overall a Great Development

Theory aside (all that can be haggled over by scientists for the next decade), I think this plug of LENR by NASA is a great development, lending credibility to the field in general, while specifically mentioning that excess heat has been generated from Nickel and Hydrogen, which is what several groups are pursuing, including Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat, Defkalion and their Hyperion, Piantelli, Celani, Ahern, and more.

You and I, out here in the fringe, might wonder why NASA plays UFO cover-up role (not to mention sequestering the reverse engineered technologies for their black budget operations which are of no benefit to the lay population other than to keep us enslaved), when they surely know they are for real. But the lay population puts NASA on a high pedestal, so a thumbs up from NASA on cold fusion is great news from that perspective. And that they would come out in favor, shows that times are changing.

The dike is cracking. The era of suppression of free energy technologies is coming to and end. As the days of the suppressors comes to an end, apparently NASA doesn't want to go down as having been a hold-out to the bitter end. There are good guys among them (about the same ratio as good guys in Congress [e.g. very few]), albeit trying to spin this as "not fusion" to give their colleagues a break from the anger that will erupt when people realize we could have had this technology two decades ago if it were not for the corrupt establishment, including the likes of MIT, NASA, and others, who called this "junk science" for political reasons, not scientific. Those who have been paraded as benevolent masters will be seen as the filthy overlords that they really have been. It's time for "power to the people", literally and figuratively.

I solute those in NASA who have come forward in favor of these breakthroughs.

Rossi comment

This just in

[5:45:23 PM] Babcat: Andrea Rossi
January 12th, 2012 at 5:42 PM

Dear Hanz Jager:
The fact that NASA is trying to copy my work honours me. But their theory is wrong. We will beat them, as well as all the other Competitors with our E-Cats: the E-Cats will have a too low price to allow NASA or anybody else to compete with us. They are Goliath, very big and strong, we are David…
Warm Regards,

And now...

Hank Mill's Commentary:
Appended Jan. 12, 2012, 10:30 pm MST
(Question: Should I leave this as an appendix, or post it as a separate feature, without my warm-up above?)
Is NASA's LENR endorsement merely a spin cycle to attempt to clean their hands of past suppression?

Hank's Preface / Disclaimer: The following commentary is very harsh against NASA and other entities. For the record, I want to make it clear that I do not think every single employee of these organizations has been actively working to suppress cold fusion research. However, I think it is obvious many highly influential and powerful individuals in these agencies have been doing so, along with certain of their underlings who do not oppose the agenda they are told to follow. If I ever hear a prominent NASA scientist openly condemn the suppression of cold fusion research (while using the term cold fusion) that has taken place for the past twenty years, I will adjust my views about that specific individual's motives.

After over twenty years of successful cold fusion experiments (numbering in the thousands) being performed by hundreds of scientists around the world, it seems NASA has finally started the process of lifting their heads out of the sand about the phenomena. However, it seems obvious to me they did not "wake up" on their own accord, but were suddenly jolted to alertness by the reality of Andrea Rossi's E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) technology, which began to emerge into public awareness almost exactly a year ago.

Now, as we speak, Andrea Rossi is preparing for the launch of one million E-Cat units, designed for use in homes and businesses beginning this next Autumn. At the same time, he is continuing to complete the order for 13 one megawatt systems for an undisclosed branch of the US military. Also, there are multiple competitors in the fray as well, some trying to to figure out how his reactors work, some developing their own variations, and some modifying his system market as their own. From what I can gather from my sources, some people within NASA -- Never A Straight Answer -- have been in that fray, and the institution at large has begun to take notice about what is taking place. If they did not, they would eventually face massive criticism for ignoring such developments.

Regardless of the fact that NASA likes to represent itself as an open and honest agency that has the public's best interests in mind, they are part of the military-industrial complex. Many of their employees also have direct connections to the mainstream scientific community, and modern academia. Historically, these cult-like entities have been involved in the suppression of cold fusion technology ever since the era of Pons and Fleishman.

If it were not for the direct efforts of suppression by academic institutions such as MIT [see our story], government agencies like the Department of Energy, and hot fusion scientists desperate to maintain their careers; cold fusion technologies like the E-Cat could have already been on the market a decade or more ago. Instead, our civilization has been forced to continually depend on expensive and polluting energy sources -- at the cost of human lives. It's hard now to put numbers to such things because we don't yet know fully how much of a difference these technologies will make, and we won't know until they reach market penetration. Then it will become obvious how much better life could have been, so much sooner, had these things not been suppressed. The individuals and entities that have contributed to the suppression of cold fusion technology have blood on their hands. How much, will be for future tribunals to determine.

These crimson stains are not going to wash off easily. The repeated and ongoing efforts to suppress cold fusion are well documented. However, NASA is already scrubbing furiously to remove them, by promoting the "Widom-Larsen" theory. By advocating this unproven, highly disputed, and illogical theory, they can falsely assert that there are no "fusion" processes taking place in "cold fusion" systems. By doing so, it may be possible for them to distract the public from looking at the history of the situation. Even more importantly, they may be able to avoid reaping the consequences of their actions, or in some cases, inactions. In addition, by giving cold fusion a very different sounding name (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions), they can further avoid people finding out about their past deeds.

When you combine their tactics of promoting a highly disputed theory (which is only one such theory out of many possible theories) with their usage of the term LENR, their agenda becomes pretty clear. The following is a list of what I think they are trying to achieve by desperately trying to take the "fusion" out of cold fusion.

Erase the history of cold fusion suppression by MIT and other academic institutions. For example, the use of biased hot fusion scientists to perform tests, the altering of data, parties to support the "death" of cold fusion before replication attempts were even complete, etc. (Link)
Prevent the public from realizing that while futile "hot fusion" research obtained billions of dollars of funding, the DOD and DOE refused to provide funding for cold fusion research.
Stop the public from realizing the extent of "pathological skepticism" in the scientific community, which has contributed to the suppression of cold fusion technology.
Protect the jobs of thousands of hot fusion researchers. The fact is with cheap cold fusion technology, there is no reason for billion dollar hot fusion research to continue. By using the term LENR and promoting a theory that indicates there is no fusion in "cold fusion", they can try to protect these jobs.
Try to wipe clean the blood stains on the hands of the academic world, government agencies, and the military-industrial complex. They don't want the masses to realize that countless human deaths are the result of their suppression of cold fusion technology. Of course human deaths are not the only consequence. They are also partly to blame for high energy prices, the current global recession, and the massive amount of pollution that has been emitted into the biosphere.

The motivations of NASA are not so mysterious to some who are familiar with the history of cold fusion. They are perfectly happy with the status quo, and would not be investigating cold fusion (what they call LENR) if they had not been forced to do so by some of the white-hats among them. Since they have no other choice, they are trying to "spin" the reality of cold fusion in a way that will benefit them the most, and conceal the past.

If the space agency was truly composed of open minded scientists who supported the advancement of technology (especially those that hold the promise of improving our civilization) they would not have waited this long to admit the reality of cold fusion. Instead, they are only now coming around to taking it seriously, after years of suppression. If cold fusion is going to emerge, they want it to be on their terms.

If it were not for Andrea Rossi's efforts to turn cold fusion technology into a practical technology capable of producing large amounts of output, I don't think there would currently be a fraction of the interest in the phenomena. The entire alternative energy community owes him a great debt for the sacrifices he has made and his courage and tenacity in the process of developing and doggedly pursuing the technology.

Let's hope the public will not be manipulated by NASA and other entities that do not have their best interests at heart. We must remember the past, and hold those who have suppressed cold fusion accountable, in a peaceful and lawful way. We must not let the forces of darkness take the fusion, out of cold fusion.
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2012 11:14 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


The One Hundred and Thirty Eight Million -- A Cold Fusion Holocaust

The suppression of cold fusion and other exotic energy technologies has killed millions of men, women, and children across the globe. Every day, tens of thousands of deaths occur that are directly related to high energy costs. When will the killing spree end?

By Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

Earth is not a pleasant home for around a billion or more of its inhabitants. For many humans, it can be difficult or impossible to obtain the necessities of life -- food, clean water, healthcare, and shelter. This challenge is made far worse by high energy prices that boost the price of all these commodities. As a result, millions of individuals die agonizing deaths from starvation, hunger, disease, and exposure to the elements. If exotic energy technologies such as cold fusion had not been suppressed for the past twenty years, many of these human lives could have been saved.

When many financially stable individuals think about death, they imagine living into old age and peacefully slipping away to eternity in their sleep. At worst, they may imagine being surrounded by their family members in a hospital, after an age related disease has overwhelmed them. Unfortunately, the majority of deaths in the world do not happen in such a way. Most of our fellow sentient beings on this planet die from the agonizing processes of starvation, thirst, disease, or exposure to the elements. Often, they endure a combination of these processes, while watching loved ones suffer the same fate.

By doing just a little research on the internet I found some staggering numbers. Approximately 15 million children die of hunger related deaths each year. In fact, there are more childhood deaths from hunger than adult deaths. Also, approximately 1.7 million individuals of all ages die each year from a lack of clean water, or proper sanitation. If these numbers are not enough to startle you, here are some more. In 2002 alone, over a million children under the age of five died of diseases that could have been prevented by simple inoculations. Finally, consider that in England alone, a study determined 2,700 (two thousand seven hundred) individuals died due to the inability to afford the high price of energy to keep their homes warm.

In addition to all the above deaths, many others suffer pain and agony without actually dying. These individuals endure day after day of poverty, just barely surviving. They may obtain enough food to survive, but may suffer malnutrition. Although they may obtain enough water to avoid death, the contaminants in the water may infect them with parasites. Even if they do not freeze to death in winter (or bake to death in the summer due to a lack of air conditioning), they are continually uncomfortable and prone to illness.

Many of these deaths could have been prevented, if cold fusion and/or other exotic free energy technologies had been allowed to proliferate in the past. Instead, technologies like cold fusion were suppressed for many reasons including the protection of careers, defense of the status quo, the continuation of dogmatic beliefs, and simple greed.

Cheap, clean, and plentiful source of energy could have prevented these deaths and so much suffering via many different ways.

Access to Food

Currently, food production, processing, and transport on this planet requires large amounts of oil and fossil fuels. In every step of production, energy is used to produce the food that we consume, and most of that energy comes from fossil fuels. Without these fossil fuels -- unless a world wide agricultural revolution took place -- food production would come to a near total halt.

One example of how food production requires large amounts of fossil fuels is the usage of fertilizer. Modern agriculture requires massive quantities of fertilizer to increase crop yields. Most of this fertilizer is synthesized using fossil fuels. One study indicated that 40% of the energy used by the food system goes into producing fertilizer and pesticides. So when the price of fossil fuels goes up, so does the price of fertilizer. This makes the farmer pay more to grow his crop. If he cannot afford the fertilizer, his crop yield will be much less. Due to the increase in energy costs, the consumer pays more.

Of course the farmer also uses fossil fuels to power the equipment he uses. The planting machines, tractors, and harvesters all consume fuel. Even the power consumed by the irrigation system has a price. When the price of oil goes up, the farmer pays more, and it is passed along to the consumer.

Transportation and processing are two factors in the cost equation also that must be considered. After the food is harvested, it must be transported to a processing plant. The trucks or trains that do the transporting consume fuel. Also, the processing plant then consumes energy, which also has a cost. Once the food is processed, it is loaded onto additional trucks to be sent to warehouses, and then to grocery stores or restaurants. This adds more cost to the final product.

If cold fusion had been allowed to proliferate twenty years ago, the price of oil could be a tiny fraction of what it is today. It's possible it could be as low as twenty dollars or less. Instead of being concerned about energy costs, farmers could just focus on growing as much food as possible. Instead of being expensive, the fertilizer could be much cheaper, to the point of almost being a non-issue. The transport of the food (perhaps by cold fusion powered vehicles) would also be much cheaper. When the food reached the processing plant, powered with cheap electricity generated by cold fusion, the energy cost involved would be tremendously reduced.

In a world with cold fusion technology widely proliferated, the cost of food would be dramatically less. This is because the energy used at each stage of production, processing, and transport would be dramatically less. However, due to the suppression of cold fusion and other exotic energy technologies, the price of food has continually increased. This has resulted in massive human suffering and death.

Access to Water

Fresh water is critical to human survival. A human can live for weeks without food (or longer), but will die in a matter of days without water. Right now, hundreds of millions of people do not have proper access to fresh, clean water. A cheap, clean, and abundant source of energy -- like cold fusion -- could make access to fresh water much easier.

A cheap source of energy could provide the power for pumps that draw water out of wells. This is one method of obtaining access to water, but there are other methods too. With a technology like cold fusion, water desalinization could become very affordable. Any nation with access to any body of water -- even salt water -- could purify it for human use. The reason why water desalinization is not more widely used today is that it requires a large amount of energy, making the water produced very expensive. It would be cheap with exotic energy technologies.

Another source of water is humidity from the atmosphere. There are machines that can extract water from the atmosphere. This water can then be used for human consumption. Once again, the biggest issue here is energy cost. These machines consume a large amount of energy, which is expensive. However, if cold fusion had proliferated far and wide, land locked nations could have built devices to extract water from the atmosphere.

In some poor regions of the world there is water available, but it needs to be boiled to kill pathogens. Sadly, this often does not take place, because of reasons as simple as a shortage of firewood. The result is that people get sick or die from germs and parasites in the water. If cheap cold fusion generators had been widely proliferated over the past twenty years, people in these areas could have had a cost effective solution to treat their water supply.

By preventing a solution to the water crisis from proliferating, those who have suppressed cold fusion and other exotic technologies are guilty of harming, or even killing, human beings.

Access to Healthcare

In a world with reduced energy costs, it would be far simpler and cheaper to provide basic health care to the poor. First of all, the price of manufacturing medicines and vaccines would be reduced, due to the lower price of energy. Secondly, transporting these supplies to different areas of the world would be cheaper. Basically, every dollar spent by charitable organizations would have gone much further. If a million dollars in charitable donations could save a thousand lives in a world without cheap energy, it could probably save double that many lives with cheap energy.

Sometimes the issue is not getting medicine to sick people, but getting very ill individuals to medical professionals. Currently, there are people dying in remote regions that could be saved by a simple trip to a health clinic, dozens or hundreds of miles away. But these poor individuals cannot afford transportation, and are too sick to walk. In a world with cheap energy, a bus or airline ticket could be a tiny fraction of what it is today, and these lives could be saved.

Yet another issue is that in regions with a prosperous economy (due to low cost energy) there would probably be more medical services and doctors available. With jobs available, individuals would be able to afford these medical services. If they were one of the few without an income, their friends and neighbors (with incomes) would be more able to help contribute towards their medical care. When a whole region is poor due to high energy costs and an awful economy, everyone suffers.

Although I am not a fan of socialized medicine, I must mention that nations with a more robust economy could afford to provide better free healthcare services to their citizens. If the proliferation of exotic energy technologies leads to the development of other breakthroughs -- such as gravity control or reactionless thrust -- civilization may change in very radical ways. Perhaps we will even develop a post scarcity society in which the cost of production is so low, everyone's basic needs could be provided for with pocket change.

Such a fantastic future world will not come to pass without exotic energy technologies. The suppression of cold fusion and other technologies has prevented such a society from developing.

Access to Shelter

Many people in this world don't have proper shelter from the elements. Perhaps a billion people live in homes that don't have heating or cooling, don't have running water, and don't have proper sanitary measures. These individuals get wet when it rains, freeze in winter, and bake in the summer. Also, exposed to high winds or an earthquake, many of these homes collapse, potentially killing those inside.

With exotic energy technologies, the price of production of materials would drop. A home could be constructed at a lower cost. Also, it would be cheaper to heat and cool homes. Since the powers that be have suppressed exotic energy technologies, the price of materials remains high. A decent quality home is just too expensive for many people on this planet.

Tens of thousands of people die each year from a lack of a safe and well designed home. Many of these deaths could have been avoided if cold fusion technology had not been suppressed.

Other Sources of Death

There are many other ways in which people have died due to a lack of clean and cheap energy. A few I can think of are exposure to pollution, deaths due to extreme weather from climate change, and the hundreds of thousands of deaths from wars related to energy issues.

The Deaths Add Up

When you add together all the deaths that have occurred in the past several years due to a lack of food, water, shelter, and medicine, the number is very high. Let's try to do a little math, and determine just how many human beings have died to the suppression of exotic technologies.

Assumption #1 Cold fusion emerged on the scene in 1989, and was immediately suppressed. If it had not been suppressed, it could have developed rapidly. Let's assume that if it had not been suppressed, that cold fusion devices would have been broadly proliferated by the year 2000.

Assumption #2 Let's assume that all lives after the wide proliferation of cold fusion were saved, and that no lives were saved before. [Of course in reality the implementation would be more incremental.] This is the year 2012, so a total of 12 years has passed since the year 2000.

Assumption #3 Let's add together *some* of the deaths that take place each year due to a lack of cheap energy. Let's use the rough figures of 20 million deaths a year from hunger, 2 million deaths a year from thirst, and a million deaths from other causes. This adds up to 23 million deaths a year. The true total is probably much higher. Multiply 23 million by 12. This equals 276 million deaths over the last 12 years.

Assumption #4 Realize that even with cold fusion technology not all deaths from hunger, thirst, disease, and other causes would have been prevented. Let's say that 50% of these deaths would have been prevented. The resulting number is 138 million deaths.


That's right; a rough estimate of the death toll from the suppression of cold fusion could be 138 million human beings killed. If you consider other exotic energy technologies that have been suppressed since the time of Tesla, this number could go into the billions.

When I say the powers that be including MIT, NASA, the DOE, and other organizations have blood on their hands, I am serious. Those that have ignored cold fusion, mocked those who researched cold fusion, and suppressed cold fusion are responsible for millions of deaths.

Just imagine that if cold fusion had not been suppressed, there could be 138 million individuals alive today. What if....

-- One of these individuals would have been the next Tesla?

-- One of these individuals had made a breakthrough that could allow for control of gravity?

-- One of these individuals had found a cure for the aging process?

Of course every life is important. Even those who are not geniuses are unique individuals that deserve a chance at life. None of the 138 million killed deserved to die.

As cold fusion emerges into the market place, let's hold those that suppressed cold fusion accountable for their actions. We cannot let the world forget that 138 million deaths did not have to happen.
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http://coldfusionnow.wordpress.com/2012/02/01/successful-cold-fusionla nr-demonstration-at-mit-again/

Successful Cold Fusion/LANR Demonstration at MIT – Again

February 1, 2012

by Ruby Carat

Jet Energy, Inc.“Cambridge, MA – The IAP Short Course (7 days) on Cold Fusion and Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions [at Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT] has meticulously developed the salient point that skeptics of cold fusion were wrong, and that scientific theories do exist for understanding the difficult to achieve reactions.”Dr. Mitchell Swartz

Dr. Mitchell Swartz of JET Energy, Inc and Dr. Peter Hagelstein of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science collaborated on the Short Course, held between semesters, which offered students a full one-week introduction to the discipline of condensed matter nuclear science.

Given the potential for new discoveries in this field, skilled scientists, engineers, and inventors in condensed matter nuclear science stand to be at the forefront in creating an entire new economy based on clean, abundant energy.

New jobs from an entirely new industry will need an educated group to carry the development forward. Which institutions of higher learning will be the first to begin programs in this area?

Bachelor of Science in Condensed Matter Nuclear Science, anyone?

Read more at Cold Fusion Times.
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http://pesn.com/2012/06/06/9602103_Why_doesnt_Utah_media_cover_latest_ cold_fusion_developments/


Why doesn't Utah media cover the latest cold fusion developments?

Since Andrea Rossi's press conference in Italy in January 2011 demonstrating a several kilowatt heat capacity of his E-Cat, with several other companies also being in process of taking product to market, not one Utah mainstream news outlet, including newspaper or television website has given this any coverage. Why?

The above 1 megawatt module is presently for sale from Leonardo Corporation, and the first unit sold (from Oct, 2011) has finally had the bugs removed and the unit has been fully installed for the customer last month.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
The following is an email I sent to one of the Salt Lake Tribune staff. He declines to respond on behalf of the paper because he's not administration. Managing Editor, Tim Fitzpatrick, who covered cold fusion back in the day, blew me off when I tried to talk to him yesterday. I later sent a link to this story to most everyone at the Tribune, hoping that there might be someone there with a pulse, who could give a good reason for their silence in the past 1.5 years+ even as several companies are gearing up to take cold fusion products market.

I'm subscribed to Google News email alerts that let me know when any coverage occurs, and according to that feed, the mainstream press in Utah has been silent.

Hi Tony,

I'm writing to inquire as to why the Salt Lake Tribune has been silent on the issue of the many companies in process of taking cold fusion technology to market.

For good or for bad, people expect Utah to weigh in on this, since Utahan's Pons and Fleishmann (along with Steven E. Jones of BYU) made cold fusion a household word 23 years ago.

Perhaps you yourself are not aware of the great strides being made in this field, since very few mainstream news agencies have been giving it any coverage. But I've sent plenty of emails and notices to the Tribune in the past 1.5 years to notify them about the developments; and they all get ignored. No response. No coverage. Nothing.

I don't get it. Some people who know about the breakthroughs think you folks in the mainstream media is so busy being lap dogs for the establishment and their bad news about energy shortages and dependence on foreign oil and bringing us down into economic collapse to turn us all into slaves that you can't spare the print space for some possibly game-changing news about solutions on the horizon. It certainly appears that way to me as well.

Let me briefly describe what is happening in this field, as one who has been publishing a weekly review of the field since November of last year; and as one who has been providing a leading news and directory service on all things exotic clean energy for the past decade. In the past 2-3 years I've been posting and actively updating a list of the "Top 5" most promising exotic clean energy technologies closest to market. Three of those are cold-fusion technologies. (Number 3 is not cold fusion, but happens to be located in SLC; but what do you care?)

Exhibit 1

At MIT, the same institution that lambasted cold fusion as "junk science" 23 years ago, a label that came from a group with vested interest in hot fusion funding, and threw a "wake" even before their experiments were completed, and then cooked the books on their data about cold fusion (story); yes, at MIT, one of the leading proponents of cold fusion and organizers of an annual conference at MIT on cold fusion beginning 23 years ago, Professor Mitch Swartz has been demonstrating a cold fusion system running continuously since January of this year, without stopping, and putting out 7-10 times more energy than is required to run it. He's launched a company, NANOR, for moving his technology to market.

Exhibit 2

NASA has been publishing several interesting statements regarding the promise of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) [the more scientifically accepted phraseology for cold fusion]. I've personally been involved in making some introductions. Under the radar, they're also tracking some of the leading companies, interested in getting behind them.

Exhibit 3

5 kW E-Cat concept image by Jim Rodney of New Energy Systems Trust

Andrea Rossi of Leonardo Corporation appears to be leading the pack in the race to market. One could argue that he's already made it to market, having sold his first 1 MW heat plant last October at a demonstration I attended in Bologna, Italy showing nearly 500kW of heat being produced in "self-sustain" mode for several hours. The final tweaks were completed and that unit was installed for the first customer last month. In addition to selling 1 MW plants, Rossi is also involved in ramping up for production of 5kW systems for home heat, hoping to have these commercially available in about a year from now. He's submitted his technology to U.L. to begin establishing testing protocols for their signing off on this genre of technology. Last week he announced being able to achieve stable temperatures in the range of 600 degrees C, which is more than ample to power an electrical generator.

Here I am standing next to the Hyperion at Defkalion Green Technologies, February 13, 2012

Exhibit 4

Defkalion, of Greece, as a spin-off from Rossi, is also nearing the market. They recently completed a month of third party testing by at least seven different groups interested in licensing the technology for manufacturing. The results are expected to be published in August in conjunction with a major European trade show. I saw their laboratory set up in Athens last February. They have around 50 professionals working full-time in their operation and are presently fitting a plant for manufacturing their cold fusion heaters. They may beat Rossi to bringing the smaller size modules into production. They also have high heat output capability for electricity generation.

Exhibit 5

Brillouin Energy Corporation of Berkeley, CA (yes, has some association with the school that has some credibility last I checked) just closed on a $2 million contract, and is scheduled to begin testing at SRI (Stanford Research International) to test and improve their prototypes in mid-June. They claim to have an understanding of the process and therefore total control over the triggering of the reaction to turn it on and off and to ramp it up and down. They also have lower heat and higher heat prototypes. They think their understanding of the processes involved will give them an edge to be able to beat the others to market, looking at a year from now conservatively.

- - - -

Do I have your attention yet? Do you have any pulse? Or are you a zombie dead puppet only able to do the bidding your controllers and nothing else? Are you beginning to see why I would be astonished that the mainstream media in Utah has totally been ignoring all of these developments? Not a peep. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Exhibit 6

On May 22, BlackLight Power announced that six leading academic and industry experts have validated BackLight's new process that directly produces electric energy from the conversion of water vapor to a new, more stable form of Hydrogen. Experts agree that BlackLight's 'Hydrino theory', which many recognize as a variation of LENR, represents a fundamental breakthrough in clean energy technology.

click for enlargement
Nanospire Experimental Temperature Data, 2009, showing ~800 Watts in with ~3000 Watts out.

Exhibit 7

Nanospire, Inc. of Maine claims to have refined a process involving cavitation that produces copious amounts of energy. They seem to think that the science of LENR can be understood in terms of cavitation. They claim third-party testing from a couple of groups. They say that cavitation will be to the 21st century what electricity has been to the past century, and they are on the cusp of bringing it forward in some of the first commercial versions; but eventually every industry will be impacted profoundly by the benefits that cavitation can bring them, everything from microsurgury to element creation, cheaply and cleanly.


As these various milestones have emerged, in some ways resembling a drama of the century, we at PES Network, and many others in the alternative media, have been right there to cover them for the alternative community who knows better than to expect the mainstream media to be keyed into things of such significance that would make their paymasters obsolete.

The longer you wait to weigh in on this, the more irrelevant you are going to prove yourself to be when the population at large finally gets wind of these developments and realizes that the mainstream media are total sell-outs to the powers that be. Don't wonder why people are turning to alternative media. It's no mystery to me. I benefit from their defection. Their traffic is what helps me stay in business.
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Rossi's E-Cat Hits 1000 Degrees Celsius

Andrea Rossi's E-Cat technology is rapidly evolving, with breakthroughs taking place on a regular basis. Today he announced that the new high temperature E-Cat is now capable of producing temperatures of over 1,000ºC with total stability.

By Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

The E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) is a technology invented and developed by Andrea Rossi that allows for massive production of energy from cheap nickel powder and hydrogen gas via a cold fusion or LENR process. Since January of 2011, when Rossi first publicly announced this technology, it has been evolving and improving, but now its development has accelerated. Only months ago it was announced that a new high temperature E-Cat had been developed that was capable of producing stable temperatures of above 600 degrees Celsius. Now due to a Q&A posted to E-CatWorld, we hear that the E-Cat can now produce stable temperatures of over 1,000ºC.

This is apparently the major breakthrough he referred to last Thursday when he said: "In this week we got momentous events."

This is astounding news for many reasons. Temperatures of over 1,000ºC with total stability would allow for easier compatibility with devices that could allow for a direct conversion of heat into electricity. For example, thermo electric generators (TEGs) and thermo photo voltaic devices (TPVs). With these technologies, heat can be converted directly to electricity without steam being generated or any moving parts required. However, they require high temperatures to efficiently convert heat into electricity. The good news is that temperatures of over 1,000ºC should be more than high enough to be compatible with them.

Can you imagine having an electric car that never needed to be recharged, because an E-Cat was constantly charging your battery? This could become a reality. In fact, during the short Q&A, Rossi indicated he is considering using such devices to convert the heat from E-Cats into electricity.

A car with such a power source built in could have an almost infinite range. Also, when you are not driving it, you could hook it up to your house to provide power for your home. The possibilities of such a "solid state" system are amazing.

There are many industrial processes that could utilize a source of cheap, 1,000ºC heat. Ore processing, high temperature electrolysis, oil refining, and many other processes would benefit greatly from such a technology.

It was also mentioned during the Q&A that the report on the extended test of the high temperature E-Cats should be posted within September. Of course some individuals will say that it is stupid to get excited about Rossi's claims before seeing the test data, and will attack him by saying he is either lying or incompetent. However, I think when it comes to his technology, he is a very straightforward person, and I do not think he is incompetent. If he claims that 1000ºC temps are being produced with total stability, I believe him. Why? Because of his track record!

For example, he made specific claims about his tech in January of 2011, and throughout that year E-Cat modules were tested a dozen times -- by many different researchers and scientists --and the results indicated he was telling the truth. The tests may not have been quite as detailed or academically rigorous as some would prefer, but they were more than good enough to show a huge amount of excess heat. Also, he claimed he would build a one megawatt plant and test it, and he did so!

The simple fact is that if Rossi claims he is going to do something, he does his absolute best to do it.

In the following weeks and months I think a lot of additional information will come out about the high temperature E-Cat. I suggest everyone pay attention. This technology is nothing less than a total solution to the energy crisis.
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http://blog.newenergytimes.com/2012/08/04/fleischmann-dead-at-85-end-o f-an-era/

Martin Fleischmann, co-discoverer with B. Stanley Pons of a phenomenon they initially attributed to nuclear fusion, is dead at 85.

Martin Fleischmann, Edmonton, Canada, 2005 (Photo Credit: H. Rees)

Fleischmann died Aug. 3 at his home in Tisbury, U.K., in the presence of his family. He suffered from numerous health problems for many years, including Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and heart disease. He was bedridden for the last few months. He is survived by his wife, Sheila, son, Nicholas, daughter, Vanessa, and eight grandchildren. A third child, Charlotte, died several years ago.

Today, Nicholas told me, “Until the very end, my father remained stoic, as ever, not a word of any complaint.”

“He might shout and carry on about topics of science but not about himself,” Nicholas said. “It’s the end of an era.”

Fleischmann was regarded as one of the world’s top electrochemists. He was known for his driving passion for discovery and for breaking new ground, which other scientists then followed to great commercial success.

He was a Fellow of the Royal Society and by the age of 40 was named chair of the Electrochemistry Department at the University of Southampton. Fleischmann won the Royal Society of Chemistry’s medal for Electrochemistry and Thermodynamics in 1979. He was president of the International Society of Electrochemistry (1970-1972). In 1985, he was awarded the Palladium Medal by the U.S. Electrochemical Society.

When he and Pons claimed to discover a new, cheaper way to create controlled nuclear fusion energy in a test-tube on March 23, 1989, everything changed for him. The personal and scientific fallout from the announcement was a burden he bore for the rest of his life.

I met and interviewed Martin for the first time Aug. 24, 2003.

“Have you always been a heretic?” I asked.

“Oh, yes, I’ve always worked on the outside,” Fleischmann said. “Very frequently, my things have been taken over by other people and become mainstream – but not a thing of this magnitude.”

Here is a link to the audio recording of that interview and his biography, excerpted from my book, The Rebirth of Cold Fusion.

On Aug. 19, 2004, Fleischmann told me about his family background. He was born on March 29, 1927, in Czechoslovakia. His mother was a Roman Catholic.

Steven B. Krivit with Martin Fleischmann, ICCF-11, Marseilles, France, 2004 (Photo Credit: F. Gordon)

“There is a considerable mystery about my paternal grandfather,” Fleischmann wrote. “I have heard him described both as a Slovak and a Hungarian. There is no doubt that he came from Banska Štiavnica in Slovakia (or its environs) and that he was an orphan. He was adopted by a Jewish family called Fleischmann; his first name was Maximillian.”

The last time I spoke with Martin was June 3, 2009. He expressed his regret about calling his and Pons’ discovery “cold fusion.” He acknowledged for the first time that neutrons must be the key to understanding low-energy nuclear reactions, rather than the hypothesis of deuterons or protons somehow overcoming the extremely energetic Coulomb barrier at room temperature.

Here is a link to that interview and audio recording.

Thank you, Martin. It was an honor and a privilege to know you and learn about science from you.

Postscript: Fleischmann stayed involved in the field, to the best of his ability, to the end. He followed developments, went to conferences and openly discussed LENR science with many people.

Pons left the field in the late 1990s and elected to remain out of the public spotlight and unaffiliated with the field. For this reason, their followers during the past decade looked at Fleischmann as the inspirational leader. To my knowledge, Pons is well and living in the south of France teaching mathematics for chemistry.
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http://pesn.com/2012/08/08/9602156_Mainstream_Coverage_of_Fleischmanns _Death_Mentions_Nothing_of_Technology_Nearing_Marketplace/

Mainstream Coverage of Fleischmann's Death Mentions Nothing of Technology Nearing Marketplace

In eulogizing the cold fusion pioneer, not only did AP writer, Peter Svensson, who I met at the October 28 demonstration of Andrea Rossi's 1 Megawatt cold fusion plant in Bologna not mention any of the present developments in the field, but he said merely: "Research on 'cold fusion' persists on the fringes of the scientific world."

By Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

With the passing of Martin Fleischmann on August 3, I thought for sure we would have an opportunity to see the mainstream media say a few things about cold fusion / LENR and possibly even mention some of the recent breakthroughs, and the fact that several companies are in process of taking cold fusion technology to market.

I sent the following email to some of the Utah media outlets:
From: Sterling Allan
To: SL Tribune News ; Deseret News ; KSL
Cc: Peter Svensson ; Mark Gibbs
Sent: Saturday, August 04, 2012 3:05 PM
Subject: Fleischmann dead at 85 -- end of an era

http://blog.newenergytimes.com/2012/08/04/fleischmann-dead-at-85-end-o f-an-era/

In mentioning this in your news, I hope you will also mention some of the follow-up that has come on the scene lately

See: http://peswiki.com/index.php/News:Cold_Fusion

Around a dozen companies are presently in process of taking cold fusion devices to market.
The leader of these is Leonardo Corporation with their E-Cat. They sold a 1 MW device, the demonstration of which I attended in Bologna, Italy on October 28, 2011. That device was fully installed in around March. Leonardo Corp is in process of preparing to mass produce a 10 kW home heat system, expected to be ready within about a year.
NASA has taken a large interest in cold fusion, filing a patent recently.
National Instruments is involved in providing testing equipment for the many groups.

Considering these monumental develops, and this Cold Fusion era launching in Utah with Pons and Fleishmann, the utter silence of the Utah mainstream media has deafening. I hope you'll at least give it a peep with this significant development.

Hank Mills later corrected me:

"The 10kW home heating system is already 'ready', it simply awaits certification. Rossi claims to have already purchased the robotics for the plant. He just has to get the certification to install the robots and start manufacturing."

Peter Svensson and myself at the October 28, 2011 demonstration of Andrea Rossi's 1 Megawatt cold fusion E-Cat plant in Bologna, Italy for the first customer.

I also sent the email to Peter Svensson, the Associated Press writer who I met in Bologna for the October 28 demonstration of Andrea Rossi's 1 Megawatt plant. (Story) He seemed friendly enough to the cause, but thought he might have a problem getting it past his editors.

It turns out that he never did publish anything about that, or since, on the subject. A few months later when I inquired about it, he said that there was basically "nothing to write about." That despite telling me in Bologna that he had been following the developments of the past year with great interest.

In response to my notification of Fleischmann's passing, he wrote: "Thanks, I will see what we can do about this here."

I thought this might be an opportunity for him to shine.

Boy, was I wrong. He only reinforced the mainstream mantras of "junk science" / "fringe". "Nothing here, folks, move along."

Most all of the mainstream coverage on the topic has been of his article. Isn't the AP supposed to be the pinnacle of journalism?

In an August 7 AP article, Svensson made it sound like Fleischmann was a good scientist with a bad idea. And here is all Svensson had to say about the present state of the field:

"Research on 'cold fusion' persists on the fringes of the scientific world."

That's it?!!! That's all you're going to say?!!!

At least he could have put a skeptical spin on the recent developments, and at least say that there is some major effort under way, with astonishing claims of copious amounts of useful energy being consistently produced. But no, not a peep. Nothing other than the seemingly disparaging aforementioned quote.

Maybe that's all his editors let past. If he doesn't resign his post in protest, then he's complicit in their nefarious deeds.

In my opinion, this is the worst possible form of cover-up. He isn't just a skeptic. He's a willful agent of the machine that is destroying civilization, using the media to keep people in the dark. People are trained to trust the media, and the media is used as propaganda to condition the people to think the way the conspirators want them to think.

The Utah coverage was equally pathetic in this regard.

Salt Lake Tribune
Deseret News
KSL (a portion of the AP article)
Daily Herald (AP snippet)

Remember, I notified these groups about the passing of Fleischmann, and gave them some tips about the recent developments, but they ignored those developments completely. A reporter from the Deseret News called me on Monday, and she seemed amenable to what I was saying, and even asked permission to quote me in the article. None of that appeared. Perhaps a follow-up piece is yet pending, but I doubt it.

It's hard for me to become more jaded than I already am about the mainstream press, but the more I see of them missing key developments and only printing the spin that the powers that be approve, the more disgusted I become. The are total sellouts to the establishment. "Presstitutes" is what Gerald Celente aptly names them.

What should be the criminal sentence for this kind of breach of trust and conspiratorial cover-up of transformational technologies?

One of the few exceptions I can think of was Fox News' recent piece on the Federal Reserve. It was phenomenal. Here's the bullet I put in our news on Aug. 4.

Conspiracy >
A first: Mainstream media exposes Federal Reserve - Amazing, it only took 100 years for the mainstream press to get it right. Citing "The Creature from Jekyl Island", in this very clear, brief, and stunning piece, Ben Swann of Fox News' Reality Check program exposes the Fed as conspiracy-born and propagated outside of the constraints of the Constitution as part of a royal scam on the American people. (RumorMillNews; August 1, 2012)

If you happen to find a mainstream press article about Flieschmann's death that actually broaches the subject of the recent advancements in the field, let me know. I've not seen any in the searching I've done.

Here is the latest, breaking news in the field of cold fusion. The following photo was sent to me from the NIWeek (National Instruments, who is creating instrumentation for LENR research) conference presently taking place in Austin, Texas, USA.

August 5, 2012
From Left to Right: Alexandros Xanthoulis, founder of Defkalion Green technologies; Frank Gorden (SPAWAR); Andrea Aparo (Ansaldo Energia); Peter Hagelstein; Dr. James G Truchard (CEO National Instruments); Michael McKubre (Stanford Research Institute); [unknown]; Robert Godes (Brillouin Energy); ( Dr. James Brother in law?)

There you see several leaders of the LENR field who are involved in taking the technology to market. Each of their distinguished biographies would take several pages. Though several of them are "competitors", here you see them getting along well together. May that be the future state of all "competitor" free energy technologies.

On the NIWeek brochure, under "Big Physics and Science", you see the following entry on page 29.
Commercialization of LENR Technology
Wednesday, August 8 > 4:00–4:30 p.m. > Ballroom E
Robert Godes, Brillouin Energy Corporation
In the quest for alternative energy, researchers have tried to understand the intense heat release of Pd-D or Ni-H reactions. By understanding the physics behind this lower energy nuclear reaction phenomenon, researchers can control the reaction. Explore how Brillouin Energy Corporation has demonstrated
control over the reaction, who the early adopters are likely to be, the types of systems that will be commercialized, and the applications these systems will address.

And earlier in the brochure near the beginning of the "Big Physics and Science" section, page 25, is this entry under "Panel Discussion":
The Quest for Alternative Energy—Anomalous Heat
Effect (a.k.a. Cold Fusion)
Tuesday, August 7 > 4:45–5:45 p.m. > Ballroom E
Andrea Aparo, PhD, Ansaldo Energia Spa;
Robert Duncan, PhD, University of Missouri;
Robert E. Godes, Brillouin Energy Corp.;
Michael McKubre, PhD, SRI International; and
Akito Takahashi, PhD, Osaka University and Technova Inc.
Several labs around the world are trying to replicate the phenomenon known as “cold fusion.” While the term has evoked controversy, many research facilities have observed over 200 instances of intense heat. This demonstrates either an unknown physical event or a need for better measurement and control tools. In both cases, NI can provide the tools to accelerate innovation and scientific discovery. The Big Physics and Science Summit brings together experts to discuss these anomalous heat effects, the status of theoretical research, experimental results, and the prospect of commercializing this technology for daily energy needs.

Don't you think that is deserving of some press?

Also, news is percolating that two separate third party validations have been done recently on Rossi's 600 - 1200ºC reactor, which will be published soon.

The following is what my associate has proffered on this topic:
A Tragic Loss of a Scientific Pioneer

by Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

The death of a brilliant scientist is always accompanied with a heavy feeling of loss. One reason for this is because, as a species at a crossroads, we need as many bright, creative, and open-minded scientists as possible to help us overcome the challenges that threaten our continued existence on this planet. The passing of Martin Fleischmann comes with an especially painful sting, because his life's work is a superb example of scientific excellence.

As one of the discoverers and early pioneers of cold fusion research, he utilized his critical thinking skills and well-trained intellect to uncover a previously unknown nuclear phenomenon. Despite the instant opposition he and his associate, Stanley Pons, faced when revealing their discovery to the world, he did not flinch. Showing a fortitude of will rarely demonstrated in today's scientific community, he stood by the evidence that provided proof of his discovery.

For making a stand for a discovery that has become widely accepted as scientific truth, he was mocked, ridiculed, and attacked. Most of these attacks came by biased individuals in the scientific community who were directly threatened by the potential of the discovery. A form of nuclear reaction that could be researched on a table top (on a meager budget) instead of requiring millions or billions of dollars in funding was simply unacceptable to these pseudo-scientists, who put their own personal careers ahead of humanity's future.

The evidence supporting cold fusion was sound, and therefore it had to be falsely debunked, stigmatized, and dismissed. To accomplish this, funeral "wakes" for cold fusion were held at MIT (by biased hot fusion scientists), false accusations of scientific misconduct were made, papers were not accepted for publication, and test data was even altered to try and make excess heat -- one of the hallmarks of cold fusion -- disappear. (Story) This effort was largely successful, for a time, and a game changing technology was suppressed. And the energy crisis, the age of fossil fuels, and needless human suffering due to the high cost of energy were allowed to continue.

As the years went by, researchers around the world continued trying to replicate the cold fusion effect, with many successful experiments being the result. Many researchers around the world, many of them professional academics with a background in hard science, recognized that the effect was 100% real due to the results of their own experiments.

By the early years of this century, thousands of successful cold fusion tests had been performed utilizing many different setups and materials. All the claims of Pons and Fleischman were vindicated a thousand times over. Still, the mainstream media and scientific community ignored the reality of cold fusion, and often criticized those that supported research in the field. To suppress the development of the technology even further, cold fusion was typically denied government funding, and a policy of denying any cold-fusion-related patent was adopted by the US Patent Office. (Story)

In the past few years, the rate of advancement in the field of cold fusion has increased dramatically. Inventors like Andrea Rossi have repeatedly demonstrated cold fusion systems (such as the E-Cat or Energy Catalyzer) that can produce kilowatts of output. In addition, instead of expensive palladium and deuterium being used -- as in the early experiments -- massive amounts of excess heat can be obtained with cheap nickel powder and ordinary "light" hydrogen gas. This makes cold fusion technology not only powerful and totally real, but beyond any doubt, economically viable.

Sadly, Martin Fleischmann did not live long enough to see his life's work publicly vindicated. He died only weeks or months before major announcements of cold fusion breakthroughs are expected to be made (by companies like Leonardo Corporation) that have the potential to change the world's view of cold fusion, forever.

If he had only lived another six months to a year, perhaps in death, the mainstream media would have paid him a little more respect. Instead of repeating the same propaganda about cold fusion that has been spread ever since 1989 -- that the phenomena is impossible according to the laws of physics -- they could have described him as one of the inventors of a technology that is set to change the world.

I only hope that wherever Martin Fleischmann currently resides, that he is able to watch the events that are about to unfold on our planet over the next several months. Things are about to get exciting, and it's all because two men refused to back down to a cult-like scientific community.
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http://pesn.com/2011/06/23/9501856_Nobel_laureate_touts_E-Cat_cold_fus ion/


Dr. Brian Josephson, winner of the 1973 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on superconductivity, has recently released a YouTube video of an interview of himself conducted by Judith Driscoll, Professor of Materials Science at Cambridge University.

by Ivy Matt for Cold Fusion News

Dr. Brian Josephson, winner of the 1973 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on superconductivity, has recently released a YouTube video of an interview of himself conducted by Judith Driscoll, Professor of Materials Science at Cambridge University. The video is also published on the Cambridge University website. The stated purpose of the video is to wake up the media to the E-Cat story, which has not been widely reported on in the mainstream media of the English-speaking world. While some cold fusion advocates hypothesize the existence of a conspiracy of silence to suppress news with such important implications, Josephson suggests the silence is more due to an unwillingness of the traditional media outlets (both general and scientific) to risk appearing credulous by simply reporting on the story.


The content of the video is not really news for those who have been following the E-Cat story. Josephson himself is not likely privy to secret details of Andrea Rossi's work, although he has kept up with developments in his capacity as an editor of the "Energy Catalyzer" page on Wikipedia. The video appears intended as an introduction of the energy catalyzer to a general audience including, of course, those in the media. Josephson uses a number of simple analogies and illustrations to explain why he believes the E-Cat could work. One of his analogies addresses the lack of high-energy gamma rays produced by Rossi's device—a serious objection from a nuclear physics perspective if the device does indeed work by the fusion of nickel and hydrogen.

However, while he gives support for the idea that the E-Cat could work, Josephson doesn't offer his own hypothesis detailing how he believes it does work. Perhaps optimists and skeptics alike can at least agree that there is still too little known publicly about the E-Cat for anyone (except Rossi, perhaps) to develop a comprehensive theory on how it functions, if indeed it does. A comprehensive theory is not necessary for the commercial success of device: it just needs to work. But, if it does work, there will be a much stronger demand than there is even now among scientists for more details on the process so that it can be researched properly. Rossi's recent deal with the University of Bologna researchers is a positive development in that respect.

The imprimatur of a Nobel laureate in Physics may prove beneficial to Andrea Rossi, and to cold fusion research in general. In Dr. Josephson's case that benefit may be tempered by the fact that he has been known as a cold fusion advocate for years. And perhaps it would also be wise to recall that a Nobel laureate in Physics, Sir John Cockcroft, was involved in hot fusion's version of the Fleischmann-Pons story, so we have evidence, if we needed any, that a Nobel Prize in Physics doesn't prevent one from drawing wrong conclusions in the field of physics.

Still, if nothing else, Dr. Josephson's YouTube video and tomorrow's press conference in Greece may prove to be the catalysts that convince the mainstream media the time is right to start reporting this story. More media reporting on the story means a wider audience, and therefore more people talking about the E-Cat and cold fusion in general, and discussing whether it can be real. That seems to be precisely what Dr. Josephson is hoping to accomplish. We shall see if he is successful.
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Cold Fusion
Only a dork would fall for this

"The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which alienates the possessor from the community" Carl Jung
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Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2012 5:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Cold Fusion
Only a dork would fall for this

Like heavier than air flight? We will soon see if it is a scam. I prefer to keep an open mind rather than call names.
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Trustworthy Freedom Fighter

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 07, 2012 8:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Dork's debate Very Happy

http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F %2Fwww.cleanthinking.de%2FECAT-Woche-der-Wahrheit-fuer-LENR-Reaktor%2F 44115%2F

ECAT: Week of truth for Rossi's LENR reactor

Next Saturday is the day: The Thinking of Clean recently declared "Fall of the decision" about so-called "Low Energy Nuclear Reactions" technologies (LENR) by Andrea Rossi's Leonardo Corporation. will begin . The proponents of LENR reactor technology are invited to present to the world, act like the energy revolution is. On Saturday in Zurich begins a conference, which was themed " energy revolution is with E-CAT technology. " On organized several sales organizations of the E-CAT conference, inventor Andrea Rossi and engineer Fulvio Fabiani are on Saturday evening from 20 clock their presentations (see Notes on livestream below), and showcased the E-CAT-power plant, including some test results to the world .
ECAT 1 MW 300x239 ECAT: Woche der Wahrheit für Rossis LENR Reaktor

The inner workings of LENR reactor ECAT 1 MW (Source: www.ecat-deutschland.org)

Cleantech News / Zurich. "energy 100 percent environmentally friendly and 100 percent effective," promises the new, unfinished home of German Vertiebsorganisation the Leonardo Corp.. by Andrea Rossi, the company has moved its headquarters to Miami now. Responsible for the website is German Gerd Neumann from Kaufungen that. The German sales organization of Leonardo Corp. . directs addition to a 1-megawatt system for the industry, it will in future also be LENR reactors for domestic use: With a capacity of 10 kilowatts. Gives information on the small reactor is on the website still no.

A few technical details about the larger ECAT promises the website as follows: The thermal power output of 1 MW to be achieved by an electrical input power of 167 kW on average. The ECAT 1 Megwatt is reported to have made 52 individual modules that are connected in series. The warranty is 2 years, the life of "estimated" 30 years. The dimensions are 2.4 * 2.6 * denote 6 feet, that is a less-than gigantic. Price of ECAT reactor: 1.5 million U.S. dollars. Details on delivery times are currently lacking, a form to contact interested in buying it exists, however.
E-CAT: How the energy Catalysators still unclear
Homepage ecat deutschland 300x105 ECAT: Woche der Wahrheit für Rossis LENR Reaktor

Excerpt from the website www.ecat-deutschland.org

The functioning of the energy Catalysators (short E-CAT) one experiences on the website has only this: "It is neither a meltdown or a nuclear fission - it's a Umwanldung. They say transmutation, the power of atoms is used again. It is produced on "easiest" way heat. "Here there is no environmental impact. The effectiveness is attributed to the 100-fold


Zurich Conference Program

Posted by administrator on September 2, 2012 in Andrea Rossi, Cold Fusion, New Energy News · 1 Comments

Energy Turnaround with E-Cat Technology – Revolutionary environmentally friendly energy systems a.k.a. the Zurich Conference (during September 8-9 weekend) is right around the corner and everyone is excited to learn more about the e-cat technology, to here what Andrea Rossi has prepared, and to follow through latest development reports that will be released during the event.

The conference program is as follows:
Saturday, 8 September 2012

2.00 pm Opening and Overview
Adolf and Inge Schneider, TransAltec Inc., Zurich/CH
2.15 pm E-Cat Technology for Industrial and Home Applications
The alternative way to a sustainable and pollution-free Energy
Adolf Schneider, Dipl.-Ing., CEO/POB TransAltec Inc., Zurich/CH
3.15 pm History, Theory and Practice of Cold Fusion
Energy conversion via Weak Interaction processe s
Dr. sc.nat. Hans Weber, Dipl.-Physicist, London/GB and Zug/CH

4.30 pm Coffee Break

5.00 pm Profitability of 1 MW E-Cat Plants for Heat Generation
Central heating for small residental estates, hotels, industry and shopping centers etc..
Hartmut Dobler, CEO Dobler Heiztechnik, Weinstadt/GE
5.45 pm Advantages of 1 MW E-Cat-Plants for Process Heat Generation
Application Possibilities of E-Cat plants for industrial processes
Uta Stechl, Dipl.-Ing. (FH), Stechl GmbH, Tuessling/GE

6.30 pm Dinner

8.00 pm Development and Future Aspects of E-Cat Technology
- Overview about the environmentally friendly Nickel-Hydrogen technology
Magnus Holm, CEO Hydrofusion, Great Britain and Sweden
- Test results of the 600 degree E-Cat, report from an impartial testing company
Andrea Rossi, CEO Leonardo Corporation Inc., Miami/USA and Bologna/IT
- Parameters of the automatized E-Cat control system
Fulvio Fabiani, Engineer, Leonardo Corporation, Miami/USA
Sunday, 9 September 2012

10.00 am Strategies and Concepts of Licensees in Europe
Web appearance and introduction of E-Cat in the markets of Scandinavia
Magnus Holm, CEO Hydrofusion, Great Britain and Sweden
10.30 am Potential markets of the E-Cat-Technology in Switzerland and Liechtenstein
Adolf Schneider, Dipl.-Ing., CEO/POB TransAltec AG, Zürich/CH
11.15 am Potential markets of the E-Cat-Technology in Germany
Gerd Neumann, New Man Consult, Kaufungen/GE

12.00 am Lunch

1.30 pm Application of the Nickel-Hydrogen Technology for Desalination Plants
Development of a conversion of heat into electrical energy for desalination plants
William Donovan, Chief Technical Advisor, E-Cat-Australia, USA
Roger Green, Managing Director, E-Cat-Australia, Australia
2.30 am Novel Concept for the Conversion of Heat into Electric Energy, with Demo
Highly efficient method for generating electricity from low temperature heat
Dr. sc.nat. Hans Weber, London/GB and Zug/CH
3.15 pm Alternative Primary Energy Resources for Heat and Electricity
Forecasts of the development of the energy markets with cold fusion technologies
Dr.rer.oec. Daniel Kellenberger, QM systems, Nürendorf/CH and Berlin/GE

4.00 pm Coffee Break

4.30 pm Panel Discussion with Andrea Rossi and other Speakers
Moderation: Dr.rer.oec. Daniel Kellenberger
5.30 pm Closing Address
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