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Operation Bojinka on 9/11- UA805 HKG-SIN and UA897 NRT-SIN

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PostPosted: Wed May 29, 2019 9:27 pm    Post subject: Operation Bojinka on 9/11- UA805 HKG-SIN and UA897 NRT-SIN Reply with quote

Project Bojinka was a plan to blow up 11 U.S. airliners over the Pacific in a day of rage at the United States. According to investigators, it called for five Muslim terrorists to plant virtually undetectable bombs aboard the planes, all jumbo jets, in an intricately synchronized plan that had the bombers changing planes as many as four times in a day.

1. Seoul to San Francisco
1. Taipei to Bangkok
2. Tokyo to Chicago
2. Hong Kong to New York
3. Hong Kong to L.A.
3. Singapore to Hong Kong
4. Tokyo to L.A.
4. Tokyo to New York
5. Tokyo to L.A.
5. Taipei to U.S.
5. Bangkok to U.S.

"When we interrogated Murad, he mentioned that he was a skilled pilot, trained in the US, in Afghanistan and also here in the Philippines, who was recruited to undertake a suicide mission," Razon said.
"He was committed to ... fly a plane and ram it into some targets," Razon said, adding that information from a laptop computer seized from Murad indicated one target was CIA headquarters. "There was mention of about a dozen" trained pilots to be recruited for such attacks.
"I didn't imagine that they would ram a 757 aircraft into the World Trade Center. I thought the suicide mission [would involve] a Cessna light aircraft loaded with several kilos of explosives, like a Japanese Kamikaze World War II pilot diving into a target," he said.
Yousef and his group allegedly planned to bomb 11 US commercial aircraft under "Project Bojinka." But Murad's arrest foiled the plan, Razon said.


Take a look at the ACARS-Document from the FBI: Link
On Page 59 is a blackened message:

With a closer look you can recognize 1358 FLT189 at Time and MSG from. Then type in 189 at the Search(SRG+F) and you will get a message at 1335 from A.Baumgardt to Aircraft N189UA Flight 805 with Route HKG-SIN and message "There has..":

That would mean a Boeing 747(N189UA), United 805 from Hongkong to Singapore is in the american airspace!

Take a look at BTS departures to United Air. at JFK airport on 9/11:

There is a United Flight 805 from JFK to SFO with Tail Number N611UA, wheels off at 08:12.
That means there are two different flights (HKG-SIN N189UA and JFK-SFO N611UA) with the same flight number (UA805).

If you type in now "N611UA" to the ACARS-Dokument, you will get messages to flight United 8146 from JFK-SFO. This flight UA 8146 is NOT listed at BTS! How is this possible? Did N611UA changed the flight number during the flight?

There was a flight United 805 JFK-HKG, but this flight ended at August 2001:
Official: UA`s JFK-HKG Is A Goner.
Last flight will be August 30.
Today, UA 805 is flying SFO-ICN.

The same phenomenon occurs at United 897 JFK-LAX(N619UA Boeing 767). Wheels off at 07:31, in ACARS it became flight UA 8151.
United 897 is N185UA NRT-SIN, a Boeing 747.
In 2001, UA 897 was flying from LAX-NRT https://www.airliners.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=73959

Searching in the ACARS-Dokument with A. Baumgardt, you will get messages to United 875 NRT-BKK and United 883 NRT-ICN.
So there are at least four flights from Asia in the US Airspace on the morning of 9/11.
There are two "Pazific Flights" - UA 805 and UA 897, which same fllight numbers are started in New York JFK domestically.

My first thought:
The "Pazific Flights" 805 and 897 were supposed to fly with passengers from New York to San Francisco-Hongkong-Singapore and New York to L. A.-Tokyo-Singapore. Both flights became part of the military exercise(Operation Bojinka with hijacked planes) on the morning of 9/11. The two domestic flights JFK-SFO and JFK-LAX(805 and 897) started without passengers, remotely controlled and became full part of the exercise as hijacked planes(switched flight numbers to 8146 and 8151). Flight JFK-LAX(8151) crashed into the South Tower and was labeled "United 175". Flight JFK-SFO(8146) was labeled "United 93".
Flight 805 JFK-SFO-HKG-SIN(N189UA) could have been confused with Delta 1989.(Thought to be hijacked, landing in Cleveland)

Maybe the same scheme was used for the American Airlines Flights:
Domestic flight AA 59 JFK-SFO and pacific flight AA 59 LAX-KOA.
Domestic flight AA 281 JFK-SAN and pacific flight AA 281 DFW-ICN.

Does anybody have another explanation?
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