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9/11 - The Bangor Cell and Portland

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PostPosted: Tue May 14, 2019 10:04 pm    Post subject: 9/11 - The Bangor Cell and Portland Reply with quote

Hello, I recently found a statement of the Hotwire-Chief Rascoff and reconstructed from that the Atta/Portland/Suqami-Story:

And then to make matters worse, as you alluded to, Hotwire actually sold some of the tickets to the hijackers.
Shontell: How did you realize that? And what was it like when you put that together?
Rascoff: Not that it makes much difference, but it wasn't the September 11 flights, it was the flights a couple of days earlier that put the team in place in Bangor, Maine, and then they flew from Bangor to Logan.


That would mean Atta, Abdulaziz Alomari, Suqami and the Alshehris were flying from Fort Lauderdale via Boston to Bangor.

Attas flights from Fort Lauderdale
According to the official story the Alshehris flew on 05.09. and Alomari and Suqami on 06.09. from FLL to Boston. On the 07.09.01, Atta flew from FLL to BWI with US Airways 2698 and on 09.09. he flew from BWI to BOS with US 2979.

But for Atta this is not possible. Atta was seen at Shuckums Bar in Hollywood on 07.09.01.
Atta did not appear unduly worried. Nine days ago, he spent Friday afternoon drinking with Marwan al-Shehri and a third man in Shuckums Oyster Pub and Seafood Grill in Hollywood, a small town 30 miles from Miami.
Look at BTS.
According to BTS, Flight US 2698 on 07.09. was departing at 06:24am, but Atta was seen in the afternoon at Shuckums.
The next problem is Attas arrivel time in Boston from BWI on 09.09.01. According to BTS the time was 08:52am. He was seen by Janice Shineman before his arrival time:
Shineman, who was about to board American’s early-morning, Los Angeles-bound Flight 11, said Atta stood in front of the gate agents, took notes and stared through a window into the jet’s cockpit.
In this FBI-Document, its still written on 09/07/01 Ft. Lauderdale to Boston
http://www.vaed.uscourts.gov/notablecases/moussaoui/exhibits/prosecuti on/OG00020-01.pdf(Page 2)

Attas stay in Baltimore
Attas Western Union-Transfers, made in Laurel/Baltimore, are very questionalble too. According to the FBI, the Original(!) Receipts are found in the trash at the Comfort Inn in Portland.
FBI(line 3196)
This signature is not matching with Attas documents of his lost bag.
Everything can be seen here:
http://www.vaed.uscourts.gov/notablecases/moussaoui/exhibits/prosecuti on.html

I think its allowed to say that Atta was NOT in Baltimore. According to Rascoff, its conclusive to assume that Atta was flying to Bangor.
Accordiing to BTS, a Delta flight was departing on 07.09.01 at 07:10pm from FLL. From Shuckums to Fort Lauderdale Airport its around 15 minutes with car.

The Bangor Cell
From a enlightening topic of JohnDoeII: Link
“Bangor Daily News” from October 13, 2001
Ten days before the attack, (Laura) Monteith said, she was driving for Paul's Taxi and picked up three men at about 12:45 a.m. outside Jimmy V's, a Bangor bar and restaurant. (…) She said she can't forget the face or words of the man who sat in the front seat with her. Shown separate pictures of the hijackers, she identified Mohamed Atta

According to the Gazette, Cannistraro said the group drove to Bangor where they "boarded a feeder plane, but only three of them could get on board because it was full and the other two went on to Portland and got a flight from Portland."

The men then phoned the Bangor airport trying to get a flight to Boston but were told there was no flight that matched their desired departure time, the authorities said. The men then phoned Portland International Jetport, where two of them apparently made reservations for a flight to Boston on Tuesday morning.
New York Times

Two hijackers drove from Bangor to Portland and then flew witch Colgan Air from Portland to Boston. But I dont think Atta was there:

Attas lost bag
On 09.09. he was seen by Janice Shineman(link above)
Shineman says she last saw Atta at the gate from which her flight was scheduled to depart. He held a red file folder and wore pink and blue flowered gym pants, she said. The back of his purple T-shirt read, “Nantucket.”

Indication for his lost luggage:
-pink and blue flowered gym pants and purple T-shirt read, “Nantucket”
-on 09.09. call from Delta Baggage Terminal (from Fayez)
-on 09.09. call with Baggage Claim at Delta Terminal
FBI (Line 3249 and 3251)

I think he was coming from Bangor and maybe via Nantucket/Marthas Winyard to Boston to get his lost bag from Flight FLL-BOS-Bangor.
On 09/09/2001 Abdul Aziz al-Omari returned to Logan Airport, and the AmericanAirlines counter to pick up his replacement ticket for American Airlines Flight 11 FBI
Speculation: Atta paid Alomaris ticket with his credit card(official version) and perhaps he must sign for this(?). Abdulrahman Alomari, Abduaziz`s brother could have received this ticket(Ticketname: Abdul Alomari)

What could have been the reason for the lost luggage?
As reported, he was drunken from Shukums. Maybe he checked in his luggage incorrectly or it was just a mistake from the airline or airport.

If Attas lost baggage made it to Bangor as planned, logically Suqami and Alomari must have went to Portland with Attas baggage and their own.

Indication that Suqami was in Portland at Comfort Inn:
This was found in the trash at the Comfort Inn Portland
-Twenty five (25) pieces of a torn Delta airline receipt in the name

-Four (4) pieces of two (2) baggage stickers, #DL43378 and #DL43379 with the names of ALSUQUAMI/SATAMMA

-Security camera photo from Jet Tech gas station(Date 11-10-01) shows Atta. This is a strong indication that this photo is a fake - if Atta indeed was in Portland - why they have to fake?
http://www.vaed.uscourts.gov/notablecases/moussaoui/exhibits/ (FO07011)

Indication that Suqami was on Colgan Air 5930:
personal description of co-pilot Anderson: Eyes: Brown, with glasses - Neither Abdulaziz Alomari nor Atta wear glasses, Suqami did. FBI
(Page 11)

Indication that Suqami was at Boston/Logan:

“The ticket agent said that when she went to do the security questions on him – you know, ‘Have you left your bags unattended at any time’ – he claimed he didn’t understand because he didn’t speak English,” the American employee said.
Al Suqami received "intermediate" education and speaks little or no English.

This must be Suqami - Abdulaziz, graduate of Imam Mohamed Bin Saud University Link and brother of Saudi Airlines pilot Abdulrahman should speak English very well. Atta is known to speak English.

-Boarding time of Suqami:
Atta 7:38:42, Abdulaziz Alomari 7:39, Suqami 7:39 FBI

This was just before the actual departure time of 07:45am.
Lynn Howland witnessed Atta at the gate around 07:00 - 07:20am
He apparently was waiting for Suqami and Alomari at Gate 32.

-Suqamis passport - Official version: It was found at the World Trade Center, dropped out from Flight 11 when crashing - this is nonens.
Speculation: I think Suqamis passport was found in his own bag(as Alomaris -official version), that didn`t got Flight Ameridan 11.

Attas and Alomaris bag didn`t got Flight 11, because it was not enough time.
Both bags were found at the Logan airport. (official version)

All of the hijackers(Flight 11) went to Bangor. Atta lost his luggage on his flight from Fort Lauderdale to Bangor. Atta went back to Boston on 09.09.01(because replacement ticket or lost luggage). His luggage went to Bangor around 10.09.01. Suqami and Alomari went to Portland with Attas bag and flew from there to Boston for the connecting flight American 11 to LAX. Suqami /Alomaris and Attas bag didn`t make it für Flight 11. Suqamis and Alomaris passport and other evidence was found in these bags.
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